Austin PhotoWalk at SXSW

The Big Austin PhotoWalk – Don’t miss it!

Come join us at SXSW for great night of fun photography. All skill levels are invited! Join the Plancast event and/or the Facebook Event.  We’ll be meeting at the gorgeous and famous Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin, which has always been very nice to me in the past… so they get a big thumbs up in my book.

  • All skill levels invited – from beginner to beyond
  • Great prizes for you!  My friend Jack Hollingsworth is coordinating all of this, so more news to come
  • Is it your first PhotoWalk?  Don’t be scared!  Come along with whatever camera you wish.  There will be all kinds of coaches and other nice photographers to help you out.

We recently had an amazing PhotoWalk in London – check that one out and you can see a video, photos, and more.

Daily Photo – In Old China

I was nursing my cracked ribs at this point after my clumsy slip down by the boats. But I had a bit of that post-accident adrenaline that numbed it enough to keep shooting a bit. Also, I think I was a bit loopy because of the pain, but that can make for good artistic endeavors, I think. When I remember walking around this area, it’s all a bit more foggy than some of my other experiences, which are more crystal-clear. In some ways, I almost feel like I didn’t take these photos, even though I know I did. It’s strange thinking about it now.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • “The” Gino

    Really looking forward to the SouthBy photowalk. The last time at the Driskell it was packed. With SXSW in town it’s going to be insane. Insanely cool!! I can’t sign up due to having no Twitter or Facebook page. (I’m holding out until I get a better offer from Zuckerberg) But I’ll be there.

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  • the foggy background made this picture look a bit surreal. love it.

  • casusan

    Beautiful Trey – my favorite color of blue here – so unlike you to be ‘foggy’ – nice result though!

  • Simon Morris

    Wonderful shot Trey… I like the reflections on the river and subtle house detail, excellent!

  • The water is lovely, and there is great detail in the wood. Nice!

  • Great foggy shot and texture on the pillars! Shooting HDR with cracked ribs, man you are really into this! 🙂 I belive it was you who said something like “no shot is worth dying” ! So be careful next time! 😉

  • Excellent colors in this shot, the combination of reds in the foreground and cold blues in the background work really well. And of course excellent reflections.

  • Superb texture on that wood. Superb.

  • Thank you!

    Filip – yes – I agree hehe… my little accident happened in a pretty low-threat area… which made me feel even more stupid

  • That is too bad about the ribs! This shot did give me some dire inspiration for Korea. Just love the colors and the aging on the pillars. Great post again.

  • The water on the left hand side of the image is making the buildings look almost like miniatures in a tilt shift photo – i love that optical illusion.

  • Patrick Ahles

    No wonder it’s all a bit foggy, it WAS a bit foggy! 😉

    Beautiful composition.

  • Timor Moogabba

    My traveling brought me again to western country, this time Israel, and will continue from here
    to China for our organization annual convention. I will have time to travel through China, and would like to visit some of the places you shared with us.
    May I please ask, where exactly in China this photo taken. It seems like a nice traditional place
    I would like to see.


    T. Moogabba.

  • Gail in Montana

    LOL, Trey, great job for being “foggy” !!! Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Have a great day. 🙂

  • Lisa B

    Hey Trey, this photo is not linking to Smugmug for some reason. It just shows up by itself in a new window.

    Looking forward to the SXSW photo walk!! So excited, especially since I missed the last one here in ATX!

  • See you at the photowalk.

  • Hey Trey, great shot. Absolutely love it! Sorry about the whole rib thing, but clearly it didn’t keep you down too long!

    I love the huge depth of field in this picture. Must have been a really small aperture. Do you recall where you focused? Was it right in the center on those houses? I just love how the porch you’re standing on is still very clear.


  • Frank

    Hi Trey,
    I am starting to learn about HDR thanks to your website and newsletters. I was wondering what the story was behind the website name “”? I’m sure others would be interested as well. Could you relate that story? I’ll bet it is very interesting!

  • Thanks all!

    Frank – Well I used the name StuckInCustoms both because it has a travel-feel to it, and because I realize that as I see other customs that I am stuck in my own. But no one ever gets that bit… it’s too hidden in the meaning.

    Lisa – I will fix that !

    Timor – This is in Phoenix City.

  • Hi Trey, fog is my favorite element. It’s always a surprise to me if/how it turns out. This image turned out great..well done.

  • Roger

    You do have a great eye. I would bet that 99% of the shots taken from this platform are from that opening in the railing of just the buildings. That I believe is the lesson of this photo and I will take it with me when I pick up my camera in the future. Thanks, Rog

  • I agree with Roger, the compostion here is awesome and the colors fantastic!

  • Any chance of having a photo walk in Orlando? 😉

  • Orlando would be cool – maybe some day Kiran! 🙂

  • Wow awesome determination! Great photo 🙂

  • Lesa

    Gorgeous shot even if you don’t remember taking it… I can get lost in it.

  • Rolf

    Hey Trey,

    those colours are just wonderful. Do you think there is any chance that I could get a copy of the original pictures? I’d very much love to compare the picture (which is how you remember the scene, i guess) with the output from the camera. (I admit to belonging to the group of rather technical connoisseurs… ;))
    No matter what your answer should be, thanks for reading and please keep up your superb work!

    Cheers, Rolf

  • THanks — no it is too hard to get original stuff up for the 365 I post per year in addition to all the other stuff I have going on

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