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HDR Tutorial now in French

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The International HDR Tutorial!

Daily Photo – Sunday Brunch in London

I don’t know London very well at all. I can’t ever decide if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. It’s just a thing, I suppose. And it’s neither nor.

While walking through the streets you come across places that you should probably know what they are. Or maybe you see a charming old pub and you just assume that it’s quite famous. But I don’t know. I can’t tell one thing from the next…

But I did see this little restaurant one morning. The outside was covered in ivy and flowers, and this old couple was sitting outside on the bench. I don’t know why I set up for a picture… it was both mundane and not.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Definitely a great people photo. Is this one of your rare non-HDR’s?

  • Thanks! No – it is an HDR photo

  • If you look very carefully at the 2nd lower window pane from the right you can see Trey’s hand on the shutter release!!!

  • casusan

    What a lovely looking place Trey! I guess you were too busy – but I would have gone in and checked it out – lovely flowers – reminds me of CA in a way.

  • Wes

    Hah Scott, it’s like a Where’s Waldo!

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  • London is so hip – is it just me or is this photo like a window back to the flower Power of the swinging 1960’s? I think it might be the road in the foreground – it reminds me of the iconic cover of that Beatles album whose name escapes me right now. It could also be that man’s gaudy retro-looking suit hehe – great work!

  • Very nice image.

  • Nah, definitely not mundane. Quite spectacular, IF you should ask me!

  • Beautiful, both subtle and intense at the same time!

  • Love this scene and beautiful composition!

  • PhillyChef

    Outstanding….very soothing…I could look at this pic all day!

  • Gail in Montana

    Great Valentine’s photo, Trey. I have this on my desktop now for Valentine’s Day. How sweet with the older couple sitting on the love seat ;-). Love all the flowers, too. Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful day!!! 🙂

  • I love it! It’s just one of life’s moments in an interesting place. Very nice.

  • Clifford

    That’s a great pic.

  • Ernie

    Beautiful picture as always. I’m just curious, do you ever send the people in the picture a print?No, I don’t mean the girls in Japan 🙂

  • Hehe thanks…

    Well I hesitated a little before posting this one… it’s different… but I kinda felt a good vibe so I went with it!

  • Lovely, the elements in this image fit together so well. The couple bring it all together with a very nice look and feeling.

  • Anish

    Hi Trey,

    I am new to HDR, was wondering what you thought of my pics. http://www.anish.smugmug.com.
    I am all for criticism. Thanks.

  • That ivy is absolutely stunning! Though, the couple definitely makes the photo in my opinion, otherwise it would just ivy, with an old time-y feel, but they definitely are the cherry on top by pulling it all together 🙂

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  • Very colorful! Nice to see some color…especially during a rather dreary winter.

  • Simon Morris

    Nice image Trey… bags of colour, character and gorgeous composition 🙂

  • newelly

    very nice

  • Hampus R

    Wes: Not really, just open the picture in full size =)

  • Hampus R

    Oh and i really liked the colours in this picture

  • Sean Bespoke

    This lovely little place is just off Drury Lane/Kingsway in WC2 Covent Garden.

    Trey, if you in London again definetley have a vist to the less touristy East London. (Shorditch/Hoxton and Brick Lane) Lots of cool Banksy dotted about as well as lots of fashion and run down venues.

  • single image?

  • kay

    This website is really a great helper for me as a photographer…thanks a lot to the editor..you are great..thanks again

  • Simon Watts

    I love the way the lines in the road perfectly balance the number of windows.

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