Ensared in Flame

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Daily Photo – Ensnared in Flame

On my first evening in Barcelona, I dumped my bags in the room them went right out to explore. Unpacking is so boring… let’s face it.

I started going down side-streets and back alleys to where I heard activity and motion. I was more or less zig-zagging my way to Las Ramblas, where there’s always a lot of activity. But I didn’t want to go right there. During the weaving, I found this enormous cathedral nestled between a square of classical looking Spanish buildings. A performer had lit a unique homemade contraption of flames and was whirling it about. I got back behind her and set up for this shot.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Beautiful shot Trey! Glad you were able to capture it.

  • Very cool! Fire is such a cool subject when it comes to long exposures… We did a long night of that a few months back, fireworks and cameras from 2am till 7am!

  • Thanks!

    Kiran – glad you like it… always good to see you in here! 🙂

    Eden – that sounds cool – maybe I can be there for the next one!

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  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey – this is one brave woman – hope the wind wasn’t blowing! Awesome newsletter too! Great job!

  • Great shot! Choosing to shoot from behind the performer really captures the interest of the onlookers. I love the glow on the street around the performer.

  • Not sure if you’ve seen this already but you must check out this video! It’s shot half in film and the other in HDR. The first time I’ve ever seen HDR so seamlessly put together. It will definitely blow your mind.


  • Rj

    Amazingly beautiful!

  • Excellent work – I always find street performers make excellent subject matter.

  • Wonderful capture Trey! The flames are fantastic!
    This is actually the Santa María del Mar Cathedral, a wonderful place to shoot inside. Take a look here http://www.flickr.com/photos/marcp_dmoz/4367726374/

  • Simon Morris

    Nice shot Trey, adds a new dimension to extreme busking… excellent!
    Thanks for the newsletter… great read as always 🙂

  • Wow Brandon! That video purely is unique! I’m baffled to how they done it lol.

    Cool shot Trey, I went down the Las Ramblas before and was getting some shots walking straight through the middle, Yeah I held my camera gear VERY close :).

    I don’t suppose you walked down the bottom over the Bridge ( Rambla Del Mar? ) and saw the the big shopping centre ( Maremagnum? ). I remember the front of the building being like a huge curved mirror.

    Also, Thanks for the freebie! 🙂


  • Michele

    This is our favourite church in Barcelona, and we go in here every week (and whenever we have visitors) when we buy our nuts and fruit from the shop nearby, as well as our organic bread in Calle de Princesa. Santa Maria del Mar inspired Ken Follett as he wrote “Pillars of the Earth”, and it’s the second-largest single-vaulted cathedral in the world; the largest being an hour up the road in Girona.

  • Michele

    @Marc (marcp_dmoz): that’s a great capture of the interior. You must have been there during a church service, because it’s the only time in which they turn on the lights!

  • Wow – I think this is one of my favorites! Great capture!

  • Michele

    @Brandon W: holy moly, that’s the best video of this type that I’ve seen in a long time! Thanks for sharing it. Also check out the “making of” video – it’s inspiring! http://vimeo.com/19107357

  • Thanks!

    Dan – no I did not see that place, but I DID take care of my stuff there….hehe

  • Gail in Montana

    Got the newsletter yesterday, Trey! Thanks for sharing. Today’s picture is very appropriate as there was a huge gas explosion in Allentown, PA last night. People killed, felt for blocks, please keep all these folks affected by the fire in your prayers. Beautiful photo, Trey, brave person under those flames!!! Thanks for sharing the photo, too. Take care and stay safe, well and warm!!!

  • Looks like some sort of magical fire umbrella. The texture in all the stone is really cool as well as the stained glass in the background.

  • @Trey, Ah well, you can see what it looks like in google images ”Maremagnum”, Its literally just down the end of the Ramblas :).

  • What a great picture! Weaving around like that is the best part of traveling.

  • @Michele: I’m glad you liked the interior shot. A wedding was about to start. When walking out, I took some pictures of the bride too…
    @Brandon: A truly fantastic video!

  • Great stuff! Brilliant picture.

  • Wes

    Trey – Just a heads up, it looks like your images are being used here without any link or credit back to this site:


  • casusan

    Brandon – that was a cool video!

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