New Amazing eBook!

New eBook for Canon Shooters!

This brand new 100+ page eBook from Joseph Linaschke (get it on Flatbooks) is amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It is just now available, and if you have a Canon camera, this has to be part of your world.

Joseph has really raised the bar on these eBooks. He’s making me look bad! Besides the length of the book, it’s full of great tips and ideas whether you just got your Canon or if you’ve had it for a while. Trust me – you’ll love it.

Daily Photo – The Love Locks in Paris

There is a little bridge in Paris – maybe you have heard of it – where starcrossed lovers visit. They bring tiny padlocks with them. Sometimes they are decorated, and sometimes they are just fanciful. They affix them to the bridge that overlooks the Seine. Now, the bridge has thousands of these little love locks… It’s all very nice, and perfect for some low f-stop photography, of course!

High Dynamic Range Photo

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  • casusan

    I’ve heard of this place – I guess each one tells a story – what a great book that would be! Thanks for sharing as always Trey.

  • Ben

    Cool shot – I love seeing a good use of DoF in shot. I’m finding that a lot of the shots I’ve made have a small DoF – nothing like good bokeh..

  • Thats excellent! There is a similar thing on the way to Wanaka, about 45 minutes from Queenstown…
    Except here they display various underwear garments along a long stretch of back country fence.
    Similar concept I guess, haha.

  • “New eBook for Canon Shooters!”
    What the hell is this Trey? Stay away from the dark side!!
    Love the shot, but maybe you could set the aperture a bit higher.

  • Lay off the Canon users – we are good people – I love my 1000D :p

    Once again a very clever shot and a great example of how DOF can be our friend.

  • Simon Morris

    Trey, I take it you’ve been converted to Canon then… good man! 😉
    LOOOOOVE todays image… LOOOOOVELY (in my deepest Barry White voice possible) 😉

  • Great picture !!! a really nice one ! One of the best I have seen so far on Love Padlocks !!! I would love to use it for my website …. contact me if you are up for that Trey !

    About Love padlock tradition you can also to that on the Net now … feel free to visit

    With Love,


  • I know how hard that must of been posting the info on the Canon book Trey, Congratulations on biting your lip and going for it! Hahaha.

    Andy I have the 1000D too :), I cant wait till I have enough £ for the 7D though, Now that’s a camera worth saying about :).

    I’ll purchase the E-book as it’s a good price and I just read the preview book and found it easy to follow, so thanks for sharing Trey.

    As for the locks in Paris, AWESOME.
    When I see the Love lock it reminds me of the ‘companion cube’ in the Game PORTAL. ( ) lol.


  • Gail in Montana

    Neat photo, Trey. Love the padlock with the heart!! Great photo for Valentine’s Day!!! thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Love your image!

  • Trey, really love this image. I’ve seen the love locks on other streams but have to say this rendition is perfect. Well done!

  • Thanks!

    Ben – I like a good bokeh from time to time too… sort of a palette-cleanser!

    Filip & Dan – yes – it is painful…. but I do admit that Canon shooters exist. hehe

  • The bridge is Pont D’Arts crossing the Seine. It’s a popular spot for couples and groups of friends to picnic, sit and talk, play guitar, etc. You can get a good look in the last episode of Sex and the City when Carrie and Big walk across and kiss.

  • Very cool DOF shot Trey. Although, you should have saved this one for V-Day. Unless you got something more romantic up your sleeve!



  • Tricia – I’ll let you get away with mentioning Sex in the City on the blog this one time. But you’re on the official watch list now.

  • ”Trey Ratcliff

    Tricia – I’ll let you get away with mentioning Sex in the City on the blog this one time. But you’re on the official watch list now.”

    Haha! Nice to see we have a decent ‘moderator’! SITC…Ewww! 😀

  • hehe dan 🙂

  • Mmmmm, bokeh. I traveled to Europe for the first time this year and I saw love locks in Florence. I had no idea what these were until I did a little digging online. Here’s my shot of love locks in Florence:[email protected]/5010040909/in/set-72157624892935721/

  • Kiev’s got a place like this too. The Bridge of Love. Of course, they don’t use the English name. It’s either Міст кохання or Мост любви, depending on who you talk too. 🙂 🙂

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