Student Interview Part 2

Miss Part 1?

Last time, I put up a little bit of part 1 from our YouTube channel. But, YouTube really limits the length, so there is really a longer part 1. To see the whole thing, go to Part 1 of 3 here on Vimeo.

Part 2 of the Student Interview

And, below is part 2 which gets started on question 11, where I discuss the following:

  • Tell me about your company there at Stuck In Customs…
  • Do your friends treat you differently now?
  • Do other photographers get mad when you give away secrets?
  • The eBook business compared to the traditional ebook business
  • How did you take that HDR of the fireworks that was in the Smithsonian?
  • Archiving and organizing photos

Daily Photo – Blue Metal and Light

Many regulars know that I like to get “lost” in cities and find little secrets here or there. But, that’s often in the older, charming part of cities. I rarely go into the commercial or mega-residential areas because sometimes they are more sterile or less interesting. Well, this part of Beijing is sort of a neo-industrial jungle of wild architecture and unexpected forms of light. There are dozens of brand-new buildings, each with interesting designs and countless angles. I ended up staying in this area deep into the night.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • casusan

    Beautiful shot Trey – all ‘glowing’! Part II was great – would love to see that student reaction to some of your answers!

  • I took a look at this in the Clubhouse, very cool! But I just noticed the crane in the distance, sort of ghostly, haha.
    Student interview was fantastic, there were several questions in there I forgot to ask back in October, hehe.
    Speaking of blue, I put up a bit of a ‘risky’ shot today… I say risky because its a bit outside my normal editing comfort zone…
    ‘Azure and Crimson Twilight’ —

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  • Simon Morris

    Nice shot Trey… to me it portrays a moody, yet at the same time, vibrant scene. I also like the light peeping over the ‘cheese grater’ effect wall… wonderful urban image, excellent!

  • Love this image, twilight is my favorite time of night when the sky has that deep blue color, so beautiful. I really enjoyed your Student interviews! I also like sharing ideas, if an idea helps someone create a wonderful photo I think that’s great!

  • Very cool urban shot as always Trey – I’ve got one with a ‘Metal and light’ theme that I took recently which came out an absolute treat. Once i’ve uploaded them i’ll share with the troops. I need to redeem myself after posting that photo of the scary lady wrestler yesterday – apologies to anyone who had nightmares last night as a result haha!

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo, Trey. Lovely colors. I noticed the ghostly crane right away, too, Eden!! I wasn’t going to post much today, but….. They tore down our old high school, which was used as the junior high in the last years, a couple of weeks ago. If you go to Shadowlands website and look at Stevensville in Montana, it tells about a little girl ghost that haunts that very building. I asked my friend who works there if she is still around. She said, “Yes, she is even more active now, slamming doors, turning off lights, causing static on land phone lines, etc.” Who says there are no ghosts. I’ve have heard of so many ghostly happenings in the past 20 years, now I’m a believer!!! I apologize for the lengthy post, but wanted to share that with you all. Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing, Trey!!! 🙂

  • Really love the blue light and the reflection of the trees in the glass. The steps going down look kind of like piano keys.

  • Thanks!

    Keith – they do look like piano keys…. never thought of that

  • the photo is WOW , wonderful is not enought !

  • Excellent Trey!!! Love the glowing effects of the photo 🙂

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