Journey of a Lifetime in Africa

Topaz Adjust Review and Problems

If you want to know more about how the photo below was made, and why it “pops” in that way, see my full Topaz Adjust Review.

So, I still use it from time to time to add some microcontrast to images, but I notice it is going super slow. Is anyone else having this problem? I have a pretty fast Mac Pro too… I just can’t figure it out. Also, I still have an old install of Topaz Adjust 3, which I tried out… but it crashes whenever I try to run it. What a pain!

Daily Photo – Journey of a Lifetime in Africa

I have never been to Africa, but it is very high on the list. Very very high. And I understand from many of my friends that it will get very deep into me, and I’ll want to go back many times. That’s okay… and I look forward to that feeling!

This photo below is taken in Disneyworld in the Animal Kingdom. The Imagineers run around and make everything look all Africa-ey and authentic… I don’t really know how authentic this is… but I certainly liked the feeling and style of this wall, so had to take a photo!

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • casusan

    I do like this – so clear you can actually read the posters and flyers! I’ve always wondered when you would plan a trip there – know you’ll have a super great time there!

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  • The wall gives a vintage-y poster feeling. Very nice click Trey πŸ™‚

  • Nick Cawood

    Trey if you are ever in Cape Town you are welcome to stay with me.

  • Simon Morris

    Trey – I use Topaz Labs software regularly… must say I’ve had no issues with Adjust, are you running version 4.1, as that’s the latest release and it may speed things up somewhat! The only bundle that does appear to run relatively slow is DeNoise but it doesn’t hinder my workflow.
    Just so you can compare like-for-like, I’m running a recently purchased iMac 27″ – 2.8GHz, i5 (quad-core), 4GB RAM, 1TB HD and it breezes through tasks with effortless ease… best of luck getting things sorted πŸ™‚

  • Haha yeah this one is cool – something a bit different. It reminds me of one I had taken in the Heineken Museum in Amsterdam with all the vintage beer posters. I might have to revisit that one and give it a wee bit of a facelift. If you hadn’t mentioned this was at Disney or that you hadn’t been to Africa, then I wouldn’t have known any different – great shot.

    As for Topaz Adjust i’m still using that pretty regularly. It’s running speed has been fairly erratic. My humble netbook PC only has 1GB of RAM so it’s not ideal but it has been running slower than usual. I don’t know if that’s just down to the fact I usually have PS CS4 bridge open at the same time – it’s a bit of a gas guzzler and tends to slow things down. Topaz Infocus is slow all the time though.

    Since we’re talking about Topaz Adjust it would only be fair to share one of my latest portrait images that got the Topaz Treatment. The guys will love this – don’t say i’m not good to y’all…..

  • Very cool… The way its laid out reminds me of some of the design work our company has done, that realistic textured look πŸ˜‰
    As far as Mac performance is concerned, try the usuals: Reset PRAM on Boot (hold Cmd+Opt+P=R until second boot tone is heard), repair permissions and repair disk if necessary… These aren’t usually the culprit but they help to eliminate the variables.
    I’m gonna ask a stupid question here Trey, you have maxed out your RAM to 8GB right? Just checking, haha…

  • Nice shot Trey, I actually thought it was a graphic design at first!

    I’m sure you’ll be in Africa very soon, And Topaz for me has always been a tad’ slow.

    Adjust seems normal, but de-noise is horrible, I have to wait around a minute and a half for that to finish, But then again I don’t have a fancy Mac! haha.

    Windows 7, 2.70 GHz Dual, 4 GB Ram and a decent GFX Card though. Maybe it was something you’ve installed/updated that bottlenecking it?.

    Have you done any Photoshop updates or anything?.

    P.S Andy that ‘girl’ looks scary! πŸ˜€

  • Actually your MacBook Pro may take up to 16GB… Depends on when it was purchased. Either way, fill it up πŸ˜‰

  • Funny, as a graphic designer I immediately thought it was a graphic created from many images. So I suppose it makes sense that, though a photo, it is a faux Disney collage. Really crisp, no doubt! Also, I have had no problems with Adjust. Maybe it needs reinstalled? Could be an issue with PS as well? Cheers!

  • What I like about this is that it almost looks 3D. Some of the posters seem to almost hover out in front. Pretty cool.

  • This is a great photo! You can almost reach out and tear one of the posters off the wall. πŸ™‚

  • Gail in Montana

    That is a neat collage, Trey. And be sure and remember to obey that poster when you go over there, no poaching, lol. I don’t think they mean poached eggs either πŸ˜‰ . And, Andy, I agree with Dan, that girl does look scary, roflmbo!!!! Thanks for sharing your photos, everyone. So much talent in one blob!!!!! See what you started, Trey, lol. I love it!! Have a great day, everyone πŸ™‚

  • Hey Trey – you are welcome to visit Ghana in West Africa. I’m a Canadian but have been here 14 years! The photo looks much more like an East African wall though… just saying.

    Great photos – keep it up! πŸ™‚

  • Richard (oldhickory)

    I tried the newer Topaz (came out maybe 4 or 5 months ago? Version 4? Anyway, I didn’t like the interface so I reinstalled version 3. I’m using CS5 windows7 and have no problems. Runs pretty fast.

  • Hey, I know that wall. Seems like I’m at Animal Kingdom at least once a month and I shot that wall when I was testing my new Nikon P7000. One of the things I like about that park is that it just has so many scenes, many that people never even notice in some of the corners of the park. There’s a lot of detail to enjoy if you aren’t racing from one spot to another.

    As for Topaz Adjust, I can’t say that I’ve noticed any performance degradation lately.

  • Thanks!

    thx for feedback on Topaz too – I’ll try some of those things eden!

    And thx for the invites to stay with you in Africa!

  • Hey trey, nice shot! A question- are you runnning PS in 32 bit mode to support older plugins? I do this sometimes and forget to turn it off- makes some of the newer ones slow as molasses, even if they’re pretty spiffy in 64 bit mode.


  • Roger

    We have visited both ends of Africa, Egypt in 2001 and South Africa in 2007. The change in climate in S. Africa from north to south is amazing. Egypt is going through some changes too. When it calms down it is worth a visit for the historical sites along the Nile.

  • I am really not having issues with Topaz (I use it with different Windows Systems – XP and 7 64 bits) although I am using it less than before I do some months ago. The reason is that I am using Color Efex Pro with the combination of two presets: “Pro Contrast” and “Tonal Contrast” to enhance the micro-contrast. After the use of Topaz and CEP for several months, my conclusion is than CEP is most effective and produces less hues cast and give me more control with the use of highlight and shadows protection sliders.

  • Africa is absolutely amazing and there is nothing like the feeling that you get when you capture a beautiful wild animal up close in the perfect light. I’ve been to Africa 3 times with serious photographers and I can’t wait to go back. Here are a few of my favorite shots:

  • Make sure you visit Dakar, Senegal. You’ll meet lots of great people and hear lots of great music.

  • Phil Nelson


    I have been using Topaz Adjust for about two years, and like you I noticed a drastic slowdown with the latest version. I have left notices on the Topaz forum, and except for a couple of suggestions that did not solve the problem, I still am quite frustrated. You are the first person I have heard of who shares this issue. I wish I could provide a solution for both of us.

    Phil Nelson

  • Gr8Scot

    I had lots of issues with larger images or panoramas when using Adjust when I was 2GB in 32bit mode. Now I have 12GB on a 64bit Win7 machine and no issues with any size photo and it is almost instantaneous. Best move I have ever made. But I am totally screwed if I want to process on a laptop.

  • Interesting – thanks for all the comments… good stuff as always yall!

  • Trey,

    Within minutes you will find Africa creeping into your bones, making it very, very hard to leave.

    I came here (originally Johannesburg, now Cape Town) in 1974 on a two year contract and have been here ever since. I can’t think of living anywhere else. As the locals say pasop!

  • I really like the message board. That was a great find! makes you want to do all those things right away. It really takes you places.

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