The Azure Cathedral

Getting Back to Spain

I need this to happen!  I had a great time while in Barcelona, and I need to spend more time in the country.  Plus, I know there are many other places…  a few days was not enough.  It’s like a tapas sampler plate… literally. Tonight, my friend Jack Hollingsworth (@PhotoJack) told me about a pretty awesome area of Madrid I need to visit!

Daily Photo – The Azure Cathedral

While walking through the streets around the edges of Las Ramblas, I found this secret place.  I’m not sure I could even find it again.  Maybe one of our smart readers knows exactly where it is.  Anyway, the place was quite beautiful, as you can see.  It was also pretty much empty, so I had no trouble moving around to find the interesting shots.

High Dynamic Range Photo
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  • casusan

    Beautiful cathedral Trey – gorgeous blues! I am always surprised when there are no other people in these fantastic places you visit!

  • Absolutely breath-taking cathedral Trey, and what a great shot 🙂

  • Wes

    Hey Trey, I love all the lines and symmetry going on in this shot. The colors are great as well, as usual. One critique I’d make is that the composition appears to be a bit off, though I can’t exactly put my finger on it. Seems like it would have been a difficult shot to compose, as certain things seem to be just slightly in the wrong place – like the blue vase/posts for the rope. Overall nice shot though, it has good depth and doesn’t seem flat.

  • Trey you were pleading with china the other day as to what you have not done or what ever .well if you want there backing now is the time. Its their New Year and what about greating them and saying to them KONG HEI FAT CHOY. See and wait you will get feedback There New year lasts for10 days.I’m and old man but wisdom comes with age and not how good, smart,indiferent you are but how humble. Keep up the good work you may yet learn a thing or 2 yet from this oldy. Ha! Ha!

  • Great shot – the paintings at the sides are like an extra spicy sausage on an already awesome plate of tapas – excellent!

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  • Simon Morris

    Nice shot Trey… wonderful detail on the walls and ceiling, superb! Are you still using Topaz InFocus for sharpening?

  • Patrick Ahles

    Great shot, Trey. I walked on Las Ramblas once, but that is more than 25 years ago. Can’t remember that much about it. 😛

  • Niner

    Trey – love the site and pics. If possible, it would be great if you could include the shot details under or somewhere linked to the picture. You already include: File Under – D3X, but it would be nice to know the lens, aperature, etc. Especially the lens. Just a thought. Keep up the good work. Niner

  • Gail in Montana

    Beautiful photo of the cathedral, Trey. The colors are so stunning!! Love all the details! Thanks for sharing!! Hope you are staying warm if you are at home, that Monster storm hit Austin, too. :-O

  • Excellent image. I have to agree with Andy, the paintings really attracted my eye. I can’t believe the color of this…a blue cathedral…awesome.

  • Thanks!

    Niner – I have all that info if you click through to the SmugMug – click the little blue i on the mouseover for the details

  • Spain and tapas ! I think that Trey has been seduced by Spanish Gastronomy ;-). They are so much zones in Madrid for this, but in any case the most famous for ‘guiris’- how we call to foreigners are more expensive. If you want to visit Spain again and look for great, big and free tapas with your drink, go to Granada. And besides, you have great place to visit like La Alhambra. In any case, Trey, you know that I live between Andalusia and Madrid. So you can check some of my pics for inspiration at my flickr page or blog.

  • Amy

    Speaking of cathedrals, I stumbled on this crazy awesome HDR time-lapse video of an old Polish cathedral, and thought you might appreciate it.


  • Dylan Alvarez

    @Amy, wow. That video was spectacular, the first HDR “video” I’ve seen. The quality was great and so smooth it almost could’ve been regular video. It’ll be interesting to see how this idea progresses. Trey, beautiful shot… The absence of people was probably from the crazy schedule the Spanish have, eh? 🙂

  • Simon Morris

    Trey – I can echo Sergio’s excellent suggestion of visiting La Alhambra Palace, Granada… it’s an enchanting place and a photographers paradise! The old city of Granada is also wonderful… highly recommended!

  • Love the symmetry in this one! just beautiful

  • Stunning, love the colors!

  • This is so lovely! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of such beauty through your photos.

  • Hello, the church is the one of San Jaime (James) near the Ramblas in Barcelona. I let the link (sorry only in Spanish) Now you can’t say you could not find it again.

    This is my first comment but just to say I am addicted to all of your photos, keep doing this excellent work.

  • Thanks!

    Sergio – yes I do love the Spanish food for sure!

    Simon – that place sergio described does sound cool.

    Mmoariomm – thank you!

  • Really nice shot today Trey!

  • I have not been in Granada and Alhambra since a lot of years, cos I went to Madrid when I had 17 years for my studies and I am currently working here in Madrid. My childhood town is at only 50 Km from this City. In any case, they are so much beautiful cities in Andalusia, like Córdoba, Ronda, Seville or Granada … And so much great natural places like Sierra Cazorla, Grazalema, Almería Desert (where so much western movies were filmed), beautiful Cádiz beaches ( see the work from alonsodr in Flickr) , Rio Tinto ( a river with water like wine) mines, Doñana National Park. You may want to do a visit to the South of Spain in the next trip here. In any case, it would be difficult to see all. There is a lot of of biodiversity in Andalusia, with different climate and in general in Spain. In any case, let me know if you come to Madrid. And of course, we have the food, and if it is on you taste … perfect ;-).

    Nice weekend,


  • It is ridiculous….. Fabulous!!! I LOVE IT!!! It is so much fun to see how you view the world and I adore the fact that you share. Thank you!!!

  • Anish

    Love this shot.. Took your advise on smugmug, and I am sooo happy I did.

    Thanks again

  • Don’t even think of coming to Madrid without contacting me, Trey!
    As Sergio commented, there is a world to explore in the gastronomy field…
    And a huge amount of places to photograph!
    Let me be your host.

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