A Child in Tiananmen Square

Game of Thrones

I’m so excited! This is my favorite series of fantasy books in the world… I think George RR Martin is pure greatness. I heard HBO was making this series, and I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting. They just came out with a behind-the-scenes preview of the first season. See the preview here on YouTube!

Fail Pictures

My friend John P over at One Man’s Blog put together the best Fail Pictures. Nothing can make you feel better than some idiot doing something stupid. ย And I’m not talking about John P there.

Daily Photo – A Child in Tiananmen Square

After I left the exciting-sounding (but actually cool) Beijing City Planning museum, I walked under the street to get to Tiananmen Square. There were thousands of people out celebrating a national holiday. Kids, parents, families, and all sorts of festive activity. Asian kids are always cute aren’t they? You just can’t get away from it…

I found this little one with a busy mom snapping away nearby. Everyone was taking photos everywhere…. it was kind of crazy. I knelt down to grab this one before moving on to find more cute kids.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Great capture! I like the tilt on this one and the mother in the back really adds character. Here are my latest http://timetotakepictures.blogspot.com let me know what you think!

  • casusan

    Cute alright….you know when I first looked at this I thought it was a boy – but after further study I think it’s a girl! Whatever….love the expression in the eyes!

  • They have a planning museum!!?? As a Town Planner here in the UK that makes me feel kind of better!

  • Very excited about the George RR Martins TV series too – although i’ve never read the books there’s alot of talk about it in my office and it sounds pretty cool.

    The fail photos were also very funny – the very last one involving my favourite wrestler Shawn Michaels was a hoot! Thanks John P! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh great portrait work as always – i like his peace sign!

  • @Trey:
    The mother in the background makes a big difference to this motive. The kid is cute. But without the tie to the real world / other people makes the child not lonely and not exposed but protected and put into context.

    I know you were not inviting me to check out your blog. But one glance at it made me turn a Follower. I may well leave comments. (Just so you know where they come from, I joined under my blog name “Trans Pond” (as in my blog name, linked above)

  • Simon Morris

    Nice portrait Trey… I like the focal point/sharpness on the child’s ‘peace sign’… cool, I also like the post-processing of making the colours pop ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Gail in Montana

    Cute photo of the little girl! Were you in the ladies photo, lol

  • Dad’s Dad

    The “fails” are classic.

  • Nice composition of the shot, although is it just me or is there some serious purple fringing around the whites in this picture ?

  • Thanks!

    Keith – thanks for dropping links to your work in here – they are always welcome!

    Matt – yes look at my other photos from Beijing – I have photos from the planning museum!

    Frauke – thanks yes I like that mom in there too.

  • Great picture as usual. As for the Game of Thrones, too bad he’ll stop it before season five ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Amber

    Love the daily photo and I cannot wait for Game of Thrones…..I just wish the man would get the books finished though!!!

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  • so cute that little girl look… great portrait Trey ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Great portrait Trey! Look at the cutie ๐Ÿ™‚

  • raunak

    Great capture, Trey. That’s the thing that always strikes me about your photos. .great composition. .On another note, when I look at the full res image it looks like the focus is not on the girls eyes but a little further back. .also there is a lot of CA happening. .

  • Trishie

    There is a look of uncertain hope on her face that makes it an exhilarating image. This could be on the front of any serious magazine. And who could not wish for peace when you look at that face and symbol.

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