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Daily Photo – The Mystery of the Orient

The biggest mystery here, which you may have guessed by now, is that this is not in the orient at all. This is in the World Showcase area of Epcot. In some ways, I think, Epcot has the least exciting rides and attractions of the four Disney parks in Orlando. But what it lacks in rides, it makes up for in photo ops!

My best suggestion for photographers is the following. First, if you are staying in a Disney resort, then you get special “night hours” at different parks. Be there on the Epcot night, and make sure you are as far away from the exit as possible when the park closes. Then, you can take your time walking back to the entrance and take as many photos as you like! Everything is well lit, there is nobody around, and security doesn’t even seem to mind. No one rushes you out… it’s very relaxing and perfect. And, of course, the World Showcase has all sorts of cool buildings, architecture, and landscaping… countless opportunities for great compositions.

I took this photo right outside of a great Japanese restaurant. I forgot the name, but I had some pretty good sushi. I think this place and the California Grill have the best sushi at Disney, if you are into that sort of thing.

High Dynamic Range Photo

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  • casusan

    This restaurant looks super Trey – the warm tones of the wood with the lighting….beautiful!

  • Simon Morris

    Nice shot Trey, well balanced with good composition… I always get excited when post-processing images that contain wood (sad I know), it’s an area that Photomatix excels so well 🙂

  • Patrick Ahles

    Nice lighting on the buildings. Great tip for taking touristless pictures, btw!

  • Excellent park info – we’re off to Orlando in September for this year’s big adventure abroad and hopefully we’ll get to the Disney parks. I just wish I had known how to do HDR when I was there the last time. Was out in Glasgow on Friday night taking some shots and the old f-stop trick to eliminate people worked a treat.

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo, Trey. It sure looks like you are in Asia instead of Disney!!! Great job, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Thanks!

    Simon- I like the wood very much too!

  • Great shot Trey. I’m a sucker for shots like this! I’ve spent a lot of time at Epcot but never thought of this composition! I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure this image was taken on the second floor of this building: ??

  • Great job with this photo…sometimes it is hard to keep an advertisement or Disney sign out of these pictures. Great tip on leaving the park. We did that one year and apparently we were the last people in the whole place. Security actually followed us out, but they were pretty nice about it.

  • The restaurant name is Teppan Edo. Another tip. That restaurant platform is a great viewing spot for the Illuminations Fireworks show at EPCOT. They even have drink service out there. If you want to setup your tripod to shoot the fireworks, get there early as this space fills up with photographers looking to include the Tori Gate in their fireworks shots.

  • Great info and Great image,… Thanks Trey

  • Thanks!

    William – yes that is the name for sure…

  • Awesome shot. Disney is among my most favorite locations for photography. Just so much to choose from in such a centralized location. Great tips, by the way, on hanging the back of the park. Beats having to mask and clone the goofy hats out of my shots 🙂

    Thanks again Trey!

  • Excellent shot Trey! Epcot is my favorite place to shoot as well – definitely a photographer’s paradise! I took this picture there earlier this month.

  • wow… loved it!! breath taking photo..

  • Dylan Alvarez

    Nice little tip for late night shooting in the parks… I’ll have to make sure to try that next time. Quick question. How do you manage carrying around all your equipment throughout the park? Obviously they let you take it in but what do you do when you want to go on a ride? How many lenses and cameras do you take in? With the giant masses of people all over the place how do you carry your equipment when you’re not setting up for shots? Just curious since I’ll be going fairly soon and I’d love to try and capture some of these vivid colors. Thanks!

  • Dylan – I just carry my tripod everywhere…. not too hard really. I usually carry my 14-24 + one other lens in a little shoulder bag too

  • Joseph Vernuccio

    I guess you don’t worry to much about getting your equipment wet on some of the classic wet rides? Do you use a case or a back pack to carry your tripod or you just “free-gripping” that bad boy around the park? Because that could get pretty tiring, pretty fast.

  • Gr8Scot

    Seems like you’ve been to Disney a bunch of times now. Do you have any “Disney on a budget” tricks?

  • Love the gold and green combination here… Wicked!

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