Under the Eiffel

Nikon 14-24 Review Update

I keep updating the Nikon 14-24 Review as I find good uses for the lens. I always seem to! If you’ve ever been up underneath the Eiffel Tower, then you know how very very wide it is! Anyway, I thought this was a good example of what the lens can do.

Under the Eiffel

This time of night only lasts a fleeting five minutes. So, as a photographer in Paris, it’s a major commitment to get in place for that dire period. There’s never an easy decision, and… after all… it is Paris, so there is no “bad” place to be.

I’m glad it’s a city where many restaurants stay open late. I miss the “normal” dinner time, since those are the prime sunset hours. I usually try to grab a snack around 4 PM to carb-up for a busy shooting session. And then after I eek out every last minute of atmospheric light, I like to go to a late-night restaurant to edit photos and relax a little bit. Okay, actually I relax a lot.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Lovely! Clouds are really interesting too, with that barely there purple tone. The Eiffel Tower is so amazingly glowy- love it. Hard to get a unique shot of that but you nailed it.

  • Nice Trey!!!
    i cant help but feel there’s a trade secret or two that you didn’t elaborate on in the dvd set. I cant seem to get this much ‘pop’ in my pics 🙂

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  • gernot

    wow, that golden glow and the sky – brilliant!!

  • Simon Morris

    Unique angle Trey… nice capture and post-processing too!
    I can’t help but notice what look like ‘catch nets’ on the underside of the legs… was the tower undergoing some sort of restoration?

  • This an extraordinary, fantastic our of this world picture Trey!!
    This has become definetively a classic !!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Wonderful shot Trey – beautiful – it’s soooo tall-excellent shot of it!

  • Hello from Ireland Trey – lovely image. Just wondering – the top of the Eiffel is supposed to sway about a bit. Any ghosting?

    Keep up the great work,


  • Nice angle Trey! Awesome shot, I can see that lens is obviously great :).
    Is that lens flare I see? 😛 hehe

  • Gail in Montana

    Did you feel like you were under a giant monster when taking that, Trey? That’s what the Eiffel reminds me of at that angle. Great photo, love the purplish clouds, too. WTG on a good job. Have a nice Sunday 🙂

  • Michele

    @Simon – there always seems to be catch nets under the tower during winter – the curse of the photographers who travel out of season. However, they’re usually a putrid green colour which normally does not blend in with anything!

  • That 14-24 is a nice lens. I’ve only rented it a couple of times, but I love it. It’s nice to have that angle of view, particularly in limited space. It just provides a perspective that I haven’t found with other lenses. It’s on the list to get my own this year.

  • Good timing brother. Reminds me of the new National Geographic cover – Under Paris.

  • I love this shot. I am in the process of saving for the 14-24, and convincing my wife it is worth it…

  • Great shot Trey! Very whimsical!

  • Gorgeous shot, the lighting and composition and just superb.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Great shot, Trey! I hope I can go see the Eiffel tower in May again, and I sure hope I can do it at night. What an image!

  • Hampus R

    Incredible details on the building itself, but the sky looks abit noisy or so, like it doesn’t fit in the picture. Else it’s just great!

  • Thanks everyone… David – no ghosting…. did not see any sway there

  • Awesome shot, this is the sort of angle I really enjoy seeking… Fantastic!

  • Lisa

    Hello, downloaded your app and it’s absolutely a gem! On this pretext, I reckon this image will work better if the lights near the feet of the Eiffel towers was “erased”. Gorgeous photo though!

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