The Beachcomber Motel

Why 3D Doesn’t Work And Never Will

I saw Roger Ebert put up a very interesting article entitled “Why 3D Doesn’t Work and Never Will”. It makes a really good case… I think about this stuff all the time too. I have a disadvantage, since I can’t see 3D anyway, so I don’t really know what I am missing… but I can understand as much as possible… and the article seems to make solid points. Thanks Brainpickings for the link! What do you think?

Daily Photo – The Beachcomber Motel

When I was in San Clemente, I walked up the road to visit the Beachcomber Motel.  Even though I stayed in a friend’s place on the beach, I was getting kicked out the last night.  So I walked up here to check on accommodations.  It looked quite perfect!  I set up to take some photos, and management came out to stop me.  I had to do some fast-talking to let them know I was not a threat.  I have a certain boyish charm at times, but only at times.  In this case, it just barely worked.  I promised I would send the photos after I got them processed, which I finally have.  And here it is.

High Dynamic Range Pho
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  • casusan

    Beautiful Trey – this is the scene we all picture when we are on vacation – on our veranda and looking out at this fantastic sunset!

  • Beautiful shot Trey! The green grass really stands out. Great color in the sky as well!

  • Trey,

    This is a beautiful scene. I do have a question, however. To me this looks like almaost like a CGI, which I am certain it is not. I have seen a small handfull of HDR pics that I have felt the same way about. Any idea why that is? I can’t decide if it is the different way that it is post processed, or the way my brain processes the image? Please don’t misunderstand me… I think the image is awesome, but something about it looks illustrated to me. I am just learning photography and HDR as well, so I really want to put my finger on this. Thanks.

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  • Such a beautiful scenery and relaxing mood!

  • Sergio García

    Nice shot! I love the light and the grass.

  • araisikewai

    this definitely goes to their brochure… 🙂

  • Simon Morris

    You charmer, anyone else would have had a spade dunked over their head by ‘Norman’ the Motel owner 😉
    Gorgeous scene and composition Trey… love the sunset reflection on the windows, excellent!

  • I love today’s photo – i don’t know if it was deliberate but there’s a symmetry between the sky and the buildings which is great.

    I recall asking you the question about 3D a few months back. Since then i’ve decided that i’m not a fan of it. I’ve seen one or two movies where it’s looked okay but the majority of the time I feel that it’s just a selling point for products which are essentially lame – has anyone seen ‘Pirahna 3D’? I have and thats the best example I can give about how 3D is a medium that is overused and overrated – I even hear that Justin Bieber is releasing a docu-film in 3D….why?

    On another recent topic – Topaz Detail – here’s one of my first ever HDR’s that I revived using Topaz Detail. I know that Detail got mixed responses but I reckon it’s done a good job here, There’s a link to the ‘before’ image there aswell for comparison.

  • Gail in Montana

    I read Roger Ebert’s article on 3D as it’s on My Yahoo Home Page news. I added his blog recently. So I don’t feel I’m missing anything by not seeing movies in 3D. I don’t think I ever have! Today’s photo is beautiful. Would love to visit the motel, too!! Looks very inviting and great job capturing that invitation!! Thanks for sharing, have a great day 🙂

  • I don’t know. I’m still baffled 3D is actually making a comeback. It’s just another form of advertisement to rack up ticket costs, and tvs. Come on, somebody is actually going to pay $150 for a pair of 3D glasses for there 3D tv? Outrageous! I’d rather stare at HDR all day and take in great photo-graphic light and colors. BTW Trey, I understand that your blind in one eye, is that the reason why? Apologize if I seem a bit noisy. Cheers!

  • Pirahna 3D is an example of how MOVIES can be overused and overrated. Would THAT movie be better in 2D? I think 3D is like anything else (including HDR) — it can be done well or poorly, or just so-so. When it is done well, it works just fine. See How to Train Your Dragon or Tangled for the evidence. I usually agree with Ebert on his reviews, but I can’t stand behind him on this one (not that he’s concerned). When it is done well — to add dimensionality and depth — I like it. When it is used just to pop things out of the screen at the audience and try to make them jump, it gets tiresome.

  • David

    Why would management thing some dude with a camera would be a threat? Nikon loaded with C4?

  • I just love this image. Beautiful colors, very stunning.

  • Thanks!

    James – I am not sure why that is the case… I agree…

  • Love this photo. Make me want to live there… 🙂

  • Jeremy

    Nice shot. 3D is horrible so you aren’t missing much. It gives me a killer headache.

  • casusan … says it best …

  • Marea

    Beautiful picture! I can’t believe people are always trying to run you off! You’re stories always make me laugh.

  • Henry

    3-d ins’t new, little stereo print strips for a hand-held viewer were all the rage in the 1870s, got to see a collection from a friend’s great-grandfather one time of the Pyramids of Egypt, Venice, Paris, etc.

    The reflection in the window on the Beachcomber is a great touch. Hey, Trey, how about telling us what lens/setting you use on your pics?

  • First: I love how all the significant lines go towards the center – really pulls you in.

    Second: I *LOVE* 3D. I can’t state that strongly enough. It takes me abouta minute to adjust, and then I’m all in. It’s like looking through a window instead of at a projection on a wall. It’s a fantastic experience. I don’t have any problems with headaches or anything like that at all. I agree that 3D will never replace normal 2D cinema, because obviously a LOT of people have problems with it. However, for those of us not affected by these side-effects it’s a fantastically submersing experience, so I hope the tech won’t die out.

  • KDdoc in Houston

    Lovely shot, Trey. I have exactly this sort of shot in mind for my next trip to San Diego. Do you find that it’s the tripod that generates the negative attention? I’ve been nervous about walking around with one since moving to Texas.

  • Edouard Poor

    Beautiful shot Trey!

    As for 3D, it’s the same gimmick it was the last two times 3D got trendy (well, last two times I’ve been around for it). Works, but, well, mostly it’s a … gimmick.

    This time around, instead of just a way to sell cheap movies (Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare in 3D!) it started off with Avatar, which made a gazillion dollars. So every Hollywood exec and his dog wanted their next movie to be 3D. Because it must be the 3D that made all those people buy Avatar tickets, right?

    I did see Tron Legacy in 3D and it was awesome. Also, some of the IMAX 3D stuff is good. But for a normal movie, meh.

    One possible upside of 3D is that directors/cinematographers/editors can’t shake the damn camera around furiously as a substitute for “excitement” during the action scenes. So even if you can’t see 3D, that’s one indirect benefit for you right there 🙂

  • Josh B

    Thanks for this, Trey. I know I’m saying a subjective thing, but this is one of your best.

  • Chris

    3D is well-suited for some movies, when it’s used tastefully and without the gimmicks – it can enhance the movie the same way a movie is enhanced by a great soundtrack.

    I’ve never had headaches or any other trouble watching a 3D movie, so I don’t know what the guy in Ebert’s article is talking about.

  • Tom in BC

    The first movie I saw in 3D was Avatar, and I thought my brain was going to explode. In a good way! I was absolutely overwhelmed. It was beautiful! Then I was in an electronics store and put the glasses on for a couple of minutes and watched NFL in 3DHD… nice. I think the novelty will gradually wear off to some degree at least.
    This beautiful image looks darn near 3D just by doing the HDR the way it should be. This place needs this image for its brochures! Just stellar.

  • @Chris

    I must agree with you.

    CrunchGear has an interesting take on the whole 3D is never going to work thing:

  • OMG such a beautiful scenery and so beautiful colors. Amazing!

  • Rich

    Their loss that they didn’t want the free advertising, especially with such a great looking shot! Well they got it anyways I’m gonna check out that place.

  • Laura

    I’m not sure they will like my take on their no photo policy. If I can’t take pictures of where I’ve been, I’m not going to stay there. After all I would have been a PAYING guest, just as you were. Thanks for the info on that place.

  • Amazing shot! I would love to unwind in this kind of place…very relaxing 🙂

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