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Daily Photo – The Mega Lobby

They don’t love it when you take photos in Vegas, but I love to take photos in Vegas, so this causes a bit of a problem. Since I am not objective about the situation, I go ahead with my side of the story and take photos when and how I choose. At least, until the authorities show up… I then go into Michael Weston mode and talk my way out of the situation.

This is the lobby of the Venetian, and it looks amazing from almost any angle. Just outside, you can often hear the valets singing a bit of opera… it’s very strange but kind of nice!

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Hi Trey,
    great shot.
    Heading over from Australia to Vegas and also Wyoming in 3 weeks for the first time. Very much looking forward to capturing plenty of HDR. Any tips on do’s and dont’s for Vegas?

  • Mark Herring

    Hey this is great I really like the warmth in this shot and the distortion . It adds a really great feel to this one.

  • casusan

    Fun shot Trey – love this one – I remember the last one you did of the Venetian and that long and beautiful floor in the lobby – when I was there in June it looked just like that – although ‘full’ of people!

  • Ben

    Nice capture – got told off quite a few times in casinos for taking photos!

    Still, if anyone was interested the Venitian in Macau is pretty much identical to the one in Vagas. Thinking about that now, that really isn’t much of a suprise.

  • Amy

    This photo reminds me of the Ministry of Magic in the Harry Potter movies…
    I’m going to look into that now.

  • Zak

    Huh, I recognised this location from a page by Ken Rockwell describing how to use wide angle lenses.

    Possibly even very similar camera gear? (D3 + 14-24 2.8)

    Interesting to see two takes on the same subject by two photographers I admire

  • i took pictures at Caesar’s at 3am, and there was no one bothering me. it’s just timing, i guess.

  • Simon Morris

    Nice shot Trey… the place is positively glowing, also like the clarity of the walls… excellent!

  • So DaVinci wasnt available..:D
    but heck…its a feast for the eyes!

  • What an incredible lobby – very elaborate. I’d expect nothing less from a place as extreme as Vegas – great shot!

  • Will Zhao

    Apparantly Ken Rockwell isn’t a big fan of this composition πŸ˜€

    Scroll down to about a third

  • Will Zhao

    Just noticed Zak posted this before me =\

  • Love this shot… Composition wise I can see where Ken is coming from, but still a stunning place no matter how you look at it! I’ve taken a break from uploading HDRs today, instead I have two cool & completely different) shots of my friends mountain biking in Queenstown. Check it out!

  • I really like the processing in this photo, beautiful!

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  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, sorry we didn’t get into that lobby when we were in Vegas, it’s so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing it with us, great job. πŸ™‚ Chris, I hope you can get to Yellowstone when you are in Wyoming, it is beautiful in winter. We havent’ been there, but as we live in Montana, it’s on TV a lot here on our local channels. Enjoy your visit!!!
    Thanks again, Trey!! It is a lovely lobby for sure πŸ˜‰

  • I’d be a little paranoid with hidden cameras and security around. Great looking architecture and the Renaissance-style work. They build something like this and not expect anyone to snap a professional image for the world. Very cool.

  • Beautiful shot Trey! That long hallway looks amazing. The amount of detail in this is phenomenal. I just posted a shot from a hotel last night. Let me know what you think if get a chance. Thanks!

  • Thanks all!

    Chris – Well… no worries in Vegas… you’ll have a great time. If you get kicked out of one place, there are countless other photo ops!

    Ben – I’m surprised the Macau one is the exact same – I may check that out!

    Zak – Yes Ken Rockwell seems like a cool guy – I have never met him, but he has said nice things about my HDR, which he normally hates!

  • Such an awesome shot, thanks for sharing!

  • Julie

    Cool shot. The floor has a three dimensional feel to it that the HDR processing accentuates.

  • Nice. I was there just last year in that same spot. Nice little column to brace up against. Well I actually had my tripod here and no static. It was not until further in that security came over to discuss I could not use it. So I chatted it up with the lady security officer to allow the time to finish up the shots. πŸ™‚

  • Cat Girl 007

    Wow! What a place!!! I LOVE the floor!

  • Henry

    Great wide-angle shot! What lens & mm setting was used?

  • 14mm f/11 — btw all the EXIF is there – just click through then click the “i”

  • I thought you photo travelling types always stayed at cheap “back-packers”… now we know the luxury you’re used to. πŸ™‚

  • So much going on … where to look first … have it showing on 1 large LCD and 3 other screens at the same time (mirror Displays) … beautiful …

  • Casinos definitely do not like you taking photographs and I have been busted in a casino for it (but fortunately after I captured a usable image ). I have not been challenged when shooting in areas directly adjacent to the casino though
    ( ).

  • Z

    I really like the curves in the architecture and the golden glow of the hallway and the center fountain is gorgeous.

  • Nice image. I love the BURN NOTICE reference too. And I thought I was the only one that watched that show.

  • Thanks!

    Brandt – I love Burn Notice! πŸ™‚

  • I clicked through to Ken Rockwell’s site and looked around. I was disappointed to see a post (Death of Photography) that really rips HDR…I understand the point he is trying to make, but to characterize HDR as he does seems short sighted.

    There continue to be some out there that believe that whatever way they learned is “true” and everything else is “false” (good ol days mentality). I understand that art is subjective, but ignoring advances in technology is ignorant. Modern architecture can be beautiful, even though the technology has changed vastly over the centuries. Mud bricks and limestone can be beautiful AND glass and steel can also be beautiful. I can only imagine old photographer’s complaining about color film when black and white was all they had known.
    Sorry for the rant, preaching to the choir here I know.

  • Harmon Jones

    very nice shot like the wide effect supported by the tiles..interesting hallway on the left;-)

  • Mark

    I’ve found that when “officials” object to me taking photos, it’s really about the equipment. People all around me with point-and-shoots are snapping away, but when I pull out a 35mm DSLR out of my camera bag, they descend on me. (Especially if they saw me change lenses.) They don’t want good pictures of their place, only crappy ones.

  • I saw a similar photo this week while I was looking for ultra wide angle lenses…
    Great shot Trey… Simply stunning!!

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  • Sergio Basilioli

    Amazing shot mate!

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