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Angry Birds and the Evolution of Man

My friend Matt Ridley wrote this article in the WSJ called “Tracing Those Angry Birds to the Dawn of Man”. He was kind enough to mention me in the first paragraph – thanks! I have some of Matt’s books on Trey’s Book List page here on the site too that you may enjoy, if you’re into cross-over science kinda stuff.

Nikon 28-300 Review Additions

As is the usual case, I continue to add photos and info to reviews after they are posted. So, in case you missed it or are looking for an update, check out the Nikon 28-300 Review here on the site.

Reminder- Full Size Photos and Sharing

Many of the regular visitors (hi y’all!) already these tips about the site, but I wanted to restate them:

  • You can get the full size of any photo, just like the French train station below, by clicking on the photo, then clicking the tiny “O” (for Original) at the top
  • You can download and use the photos for wallpapers, personal use, and this sort of thing
  • You can use all the photos on your personal (non-commercial) websites, blogs, etc as long as you link back to and give credit – thanks!

Daily Photo – La Gare

I took the train from Paris to Nimes in the middle of the day, and ended up here with half an hour to spare. I had just enough time to get some pastries and some HDRs. What else does a man need in life?

Here is a little tip that I’m sure many of you already know… but I thought I would go ahead and say it anyway! If you want a symmetrical shot, get in the absolute center. And I mean absolute. Check your corners, count the girders, etc. You’ll have to get a little OCD if you want a perfectly centered shot!

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • casusan

    Awesome shot Trey – yes, it looks perfectly centered! Love all the life and activity here – bet the pastries were good too!

  • Ghislain

    I guess “Le Gard” is an attempt to say “La Gare”? Made me laugh 🙂 Great shot and thanks for the tip about symmetrical shots!

  • Dead centre indeed! Love the atmosphere in this one. Thanks Trey.

  • I like the hanging poster your eyes draw you in then when you finished looking you then brows deeper.Its some train station and a busy one at that well seen must have taken some time to locate the perfect spot. Thanks

  • Is this from a single shot

  • How did you deal with all the people?

    I spent about 2 hours dealing with a bunch of people in the latest photo – – I processed and there is half the amount of people in this.

    Looks like a nice sunny place!

  • Simon Morris

    Wonderful shot Trey… I like the subtle blues on the SNCF trains. There’s something about a historical train station… always a busy place, with people from all walks of life going about their day!

  • It’s interesting how much thought and prep we put into our setups… But despite the fact the outside world may not care for it, subconsciously thats the difference between a ‘meh’ shot and a ‘wow!’ shot 😉

    I’m yet to run into a situation where people get in my way… Rivers & landscapes are generally quite cooperative about staying still, haha —

  • Valentin

    “Le Gard” is the name of the “département” (a French territorial unit) where is located Nîmes, and “la gare” is the French for “the train station”, so maybe M. Ratcliffe got confused about that. Or maybe it was purposeful.
    Maybe this is just a feeling, but isn’t this shot slightly bending leftwards? And have you tried to do another exposure to get details in the overexposed area, in the distance, or would that seem too surreal?
    Anyway, great shot once again, it translates very well the busy feeling you get when you’re in this station!

  • haveacupoftea

    A little OCD… Yeah, I know that… And then, when you scrutinize a couple of test shots, you realize that the subject is not perfectly symmetrical, whether wanted by the architect, a construction mistake, or the effect and wear of time… Aarghh…

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo, Trey. And great job on centering, I imagine that did take a while to get it just right. Love all the colors, the trains, the girders, the poster hanging from the girders, and everything else in general!! You really have to study this one to get it all in, especially if you read the other comments and then you see even more!!!! Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful weekend!

  • I don’t know what the girl in the billboard is selling, but I’ll take two.

  • Nice shot and great tip on Symmetry. Thanks!

  • Thanks all.

    Louis and others – no this is from 7 exposures.

    And it is Le Gare ! My bad… I feel dumb!

  • I actually did count the girders – dead even! 🙂 Great shot!

  • Marc

    Pretty nice picture Trey. I prefer the Musée d’Orsay shot though, which was a great railway station before it was converted to a museum.

    @William Beem

    This is an ad for the SNCF, the French railroad network, so I’l guess you’ll have to buy a pair of train tickets on your next trip to France 😉

    BTW Trey, if you really want to use “Le Gard” as a title to a picture, may I suggest that you post a nice shot of the superb Pont du Gard as a future picture of the day…

  • Suzan

    Another wonderful shot, Trey. I don’t quite yet know how you do it with 7 exposures, but I know you are great!

  • Matt

    Nice, i didn’t have a tripod when I was there last and wanted to get this one.

  • I’m really digging some of your latest commuting architecture that you’ve put out on some of your lest posts….

  • I love the way the people “pop-out” in this – its hard to take a crowd shot that tells a story and doesn’t distract.

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