Young Schoolgirl Returning Home in Tokyo

Trey Ratcliff and the Beyond 6th Crew

Justin Arthur invited me downtown to be on the Beyond 6th podcast

Beyond 6th Podcast

The crew at a local podcast here in Austin called “Beyond 6th” invited me down a few weeks ago to sit in. It was a laid back discussion… cool people — happy to know them! It was strange because they had me read the “intro” — it was unexpected but I did my best! hehe… Click on the link there to have a listen.

Young Schoolgirl Returning Home in Tokyo

One thing I recommend to travelers as they go from point A to point B in an unpredictable manner. Whenever I want to hit an exact location, I tell the taxi to drop me off a few kilometers from the destination. Either that, or I exit the subway early. I then meander my way from street to street and feel my way to the final location. Usually, by taking these unpredictable paths, I end up seeing a lot of things that would have been left unseen.

That is how I found this little schoolgirl in Tokyo. I ended up on a busy street in the late afternoon, just as kids were running back to their homes.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • casusan

    Cute little girl and nice capture Trey – love her uniform! Alot of these kids you’ve taken photos of in Asia seem to always wear these different uniforms – seems unusual to me. Cool podcast – you did great – tell them I said ‘nice name’ for the podcast!

  • Aldo

    That´s a great picture! i really can feel it!!! i love it!!! can i get poster of this picture!!! great job… congratulations from Monterrey Mexico!

  • Simon Morris

    Nice shot Trey… I like the different intensity of reds on the various subjects, excellent!
    As for the wee girl, it looks like she’s had a bad day at the office, completely stressed out… either that or she’s got the world smallest mobile phone pressed to her ear 😉

  • Col

    Great shot. Loving the Red bag and scarf.. Love the capture angle. Cheers. C

  • Wow – I LOVE this shot Trey. The angle’s great, and the colours. I particularly like the depth of field and the almost-bokeh of the shop signs in the background. P

  • Travel in unpredictable ways – right out of the CIA training. She looks like she has something on her mind.

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo, Trey. I agree with what Simon posted. She looks a wee bit unhappy. Thanks for sharing. I don’t have any of the things necessary to listen to the podcast 🙁 . But it looks like you were having fun!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  • Julie

    Reminds me of my days in Okinawa. These children in their uniforms seem so photogenic.

  • Z

    Wonderful shot. She looks tired after a long day at school.

  • Thanks!

  • Great photo. Not just ones on this post, all of them on your whole site. They provoke my emotions. Thanks for them…

  • Great street shot Trey, she’s so tiny. Red purse & red scarf how lucky can you get!!!

  • Louis

    Holy **** this is the best shot I’ve seen in months, my favourite I’ve seen on your site! The editing is well balanced, the frame is perfect, subject is awesome and IQ is as usual great!

  • Thanks!

    Louis – very kind of you – appreciate it 🙂

  • Jeremy

    I knew you were going to say Iceland and New Zealand for your favorite spots on the podcast. Lol.

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