100 Cameras in 1 – New Version!

100 Cameras in 1

New Version in App Store!

The new 100 Cameras in 1 is now available! Here are some of the new features:

? Control each effect with a granular slider! (See Screenshot Right)
? Moving the slider will change the effect of the texture using overlay, hardlight, luminosity, the texture itself, or other methods depending on the nature of each unique effect
? Add and layer multiple effects with new “Add Effect” button!
? Add favorites right from the My Creation screen (see upper right of the My Creation screen)
? Hi-res cropping after you take a photo
? Also hi-res cropping after you select an existing photo from your library
? iOS 4.2 – Now you can Print! Via Share to AirPrint
? Optimizations to share to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr
? B&W effect moved into first 10 effects
? Re-organized interface so that “Back” is always in the upper left
? Updated scoring feedback indicators
? Added new text to Effect #1 after you begin to “Add Effects” – now it says, “Original image with new effects”
? Removed “extra” pre-populated words when sharing to Facebook, Flickr, or Twitter. Now it just says, “My latest creation”
? Opt out of GameCenter whenever you click “Cancel” three times when it asks you to log in
? Increased rate with which the effect text fades from the My Creation screen
? “Saving” popup has been properly centered on the My Creation screen
? Adjusted GUI on Options screen
? Added user feedback when “Crop Image” is selected on Options screen

New Promo Video

I made a new version of the video that shows off the slider, multiple effects, and more. If you saw the previous video, then it’s not all that different except for those bits!

Daily Photo – The Orsay

One of my favorite museums! I’m a huge fan of Impressionism, and this museum has an amazing collection. It also houses one of the most famous paintings by Manet – Le dejeuner sur l’herbe (Wikipedia). I’ve always heard about and studied this painting, so it was of particular interest to me. When I saw it in person, it was absolutely striking… I did not expect to have a reaction like that.

Well, you aren’t supposed to take photos in here, but I just can’t help it. I think the rule is silly and somewhat insulting to he artist in me. I remember studying the Impressionists… Manet himself would come into museums and paint… so what is the difference? Nothing… I think my Impressionist heroes are looking down on me and smiling for defying such a silly rule. In this case, I did not use a tripod (would have been a bit obvious). So I cranked up the ISO on my camera to keep everything sharp. Also, I set my F stop at 2.8, which keeps a scene like this in focus when you’re using a wide angle lens, since everything is effectively at infinity.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Hi Trey you left the (T0 of in the Artist in me. Nice place to visit.
    Thanks for sharing

  • (T)

  • Mark Herring

    Wow great shot. I agree we should be able to take photos in these public places. Hope your enjoying NZ Trey.

  • I love tone mapped images – but this is so beautifully subtle – it shows what HDR is really about! Perfect exposure throughout the frame. Good one! Setting aside HDR talk it’s also a beautiful use of symmetry in composition.

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  • Chris

    Great picture Trey. . .
    One question. . .how do you achieve such depth of field with a 2.8 aperture?

  • webharvey

    Hm, nice App, but why ads when I pay for this? Thats not so fine….

  • Simon Morris

    WOW, incredible detail Trey… excellent! I also agree the rule is crazy regarding ‘no photography’ in these sort of places, the rule seriously needs changing!
    Chris – I was thinking the same… if I had to guess I’d have said around f/8 however, at f/2.8 it shows off Trey’s talent furthermore!

  • Chris Sproul

    2.8 but manual focus set to infinity.

  • That is indeed stunning for f/2.8… But thinking about it, it logically makes sense. I’ve been shooting different and more interesting scenes recently, forcing myself to adopt new settings and processing methods to achieve decent result… I’m coming up on 6 months since I took my first HDR, here is the latest:

  • foosion

    “In the interests of the safety of works and visitors, and to ensure a more pleasurable visit, photography and filming are no longer allowed in the museum galleries. This measure has been introduced in view of the increased number of visitors taking photographs “at arm’s length” using mobile phones. Reproductions of most of the works in the collections can be downloaded from the website”


    The last time I visited, there were a large number of people cataloging – systematically photographing each picture, without really looking at the painting directly. They used everything from mobile phones to DSLRs. I can understand the ban. The photographers were really interfering with those who wanted to actually see the art.

  • foosion

    BTW, the EXIF data says the aperture was 5.6

    Camera Model: NIKON D3X
    Lens: 14.0-24.0 mm f/2.8
    Image Date: 2010-09-16 09:27:26 +0000
    Focal Length: 16mm (35mm equivalent: 16mm)
    Focus Distance: Infinite
    Aperture: f/5.6
    Exposure Time: 0.0056 s (1/180)
    ISO equiv: 800
    Exposure Bias: -1.00 EV
    Metering Mode: Matrix
    Exposure: aperture priority (semi-auto)
    White Balance: Auto
    Flash Fired: No
    Orientation: Normal
    GPS Coordinate: undefined, undefined
    Photographer: Trey Ratcliff
    Caption: from the blog http://www.stuckincustoms.com

  • lis

    If it was available for android I’d get it!:)

  • One thing you didn’t mention is that the Gare d’Orsay itself is one of the museum’s greatest works of art! Coincidentally, I just wrote on the subject two days ago 🙂 Enjoy!


  • Cool shot and thanks for breaking the rules. If you didn’t we wouldn’t be enjoying the shot today.
    Here are my latest HDR’s let me know what you think. http://timetotakepictures.blogspot.com
    Have a great day everyone!

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, Trey, amazing camera and museum!!! Does make one want to go there, what a fantastic place. Thanks for another great photo!! Where is your Mom?? Hi Susan if you post after me 😉

  • That’s one heck of an update to 100camerasin1! I think that’s pretty much all the features I requested a few weeks ago when I gave you my initial thoughts on the first version. Thanks!!

    And now, in the interest of giving you new ideas for the next version… how about some borders? Maybe a randomize button (like in PictureShow) Hmm.. ok, here’s one to stretch it. If possible, how about adding HDR? I’m sure you’ve played around with the HDRPro app. It’s my favorite, and the best in my opinion. but it has a lot of flaws… slow to take the exposures, and only 2 at that. (I suppose 2 might be a technical limit, but unsure.. clear cam is able to take 6 after all, before it combines them a into a 10 mp photo). The market is wide open for you to do your own. But maybe that’s a while different app. Anyways, those are just ideas, but thanks for this great update here!

    And great photo. Wonderfully clear and sharp for being handheld. Well done!

  • Thanks all!

    Chris – When you are using a wide-angle lens, like the 14-24 in this case, at 2.8, once everything is over 10 feet away, it all stays in focus. This has been my experience. I’m sure someone that is smarter about lenses can tell you exactly, but 10 feet seems about right to me.

    Lis & others – Android is in development! 🙂

    Gail – thanks! Well, I posted LATE last night because I was waiting on the app release… so I think she went to bed first!

  • Z

    This picture is very nice. I really like the symmetry.

  • Great update to the app! I’m with David, I’d like to see you release a full on HDR camera app. Those currently offered are pretty weak.

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  • casusan

    Awesome Trey! This museum is beautiful – congrats on the new app too- looks super!

  • Hampus R

    Hello Trey! I’ve been reading your Photography diary, blog, uh whatever it is.:)
    Your pictures are just incredible!

    There’s a thing i was thinking of.
    I’m using a Nikon D3000 camera, it’s my first camera, apart from a digital camera i used to photograph with. But i can’t find any BKT (Bracketing) button, so my question is, is there any other way to take HDR shots? Because i really would like to take some.

    Thanks on Beforehand.


  • Dylan Alvarez

    Hey Trey! I’ve got to agree, that museum is breathtaking. Visited it when I was in Paris a while back. Nice update, I look forward to playing around with it. I’ve got a suggestion, (and I know you probably get tons of these all the time) but I’d really like to be able to use the app on my photos without having to crop it, personally I don’t know too much about creating apps so I don’t know if this is much harder or not. Also, at what resolution does it save a standard 12MP photo? I’d like to be able to use the app on some of my shots to make some large prints.

  • Thanks for the f2.8 tip, I hadn’t thought of that but it does make sense. More fun things to learn…

  • Thanks all!

    Dylan – thanks for the feedback. We made the early decision just to go with the square crop. It may be different for the iPad in a later version…. we will see! 🙂

    Hampus – Thanks ! Welcome to the site! That D3000 — I don’t know off the top of my head if it does bracketing. But you can also do HDR with a single RAW

    Bill & David – I’ve looked at it… but I stopped working on an HDR App because I’m not convinced a good one can be made now. I don’t want to release something that sucks.

  • Simon Morris

    Ahhh, so it was taken at f/5.6… tack sharp, nice! 🙂

  • Dad’s Dad

    Great shot-Brings back memories.

  • Gr8Scot

    I hate calculating depth of field. I always have to run an on-line calculator to understand what is happening. One thing to note, if using a 14.4mm lens at f2.8 you’ll get great depth of field for a full frame but only about 50 ft of depth of field for a crop sensor.

    I wish I had a good depth of field chart or a better mental “feel” for DOF. I am usually a little wacked with what is in focus and what isn’t on my pics.

  • Trey, I am SO happy about the release of this photo…the Musée d’Orsay is my favourite museum, not just because of all the great art inside, also because of the art it is in itself. The architecture is stunning and thanks to you I have something I can hold on to until my next visit.

  • Anish

    How are you avioding noise when you shoot in such high ISO? I saw some pics of your daughter that you took with 82mm and you shot her at 3200 iso, and the photo has no noise. Whats your secret?

  • Hampus R

    Sorry to bother you again. But how do i do to photo HDR in one raw?:)

  • Yes – absolutely – many of my hdrs are from a single raw

  • Amazing photo Trey. I was just there a week ago, the guards are pretty vigilant, great job!
    Id also like more info on HDR one shot raw.

  • Any thoughts or plans to make a version of 100 Cameras in 1 for the Mac App Store? Pretty please. 🙂

  • …nice shot ….. not only would Manet paint in museums…he was also occasionally found heading towards works of his which had been purchased by these museums (this one included) with a pair of scissors, with the intention of doing a little on the spot “editing”.

  • Thanks !

    Aaron – this is planned indeed – yes! 🙂

  • Teddy

    Awesome app, a tad annoying considering I downloaded the old version not even a day before the updated version but still awesome!

  • Nik

    Great app Trey! Looking forward to the Mac App Store version as well.

  • Superb image!

  • JC

    Great shot as usual, but the title sould be “The Museum of Orsay ” because Orsay is a small city outside Paris that the train station used to link. The station is no longer active and it now holds the museum. Parisians like me are a bit nitpicking :p But great work as usual 😉

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  • Josef

    I am very disappointed with the fact that this app crops my photos. Actually I feel completely ripped off considering I paid for it. I really hope you fix this and allow previews on a small thumbnail before processing the original sized image!

    What’s the point of giving us an app that allows creative freedom when you put us in a box?

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  • Larry Cutler

    I’m really disappointed That 100 Cameras in 1 is an Iphone only app. I was using it for a few years on my laptop (Windows). I don’t have an Iphone. I don’t want to OWN an Iphone.

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