The Mark Nason Bag

My New Laptop Bag!

This is one of my favorite Christmas presents!  For the full scoop, see my Mark Nason Bags review here on the site…  You can see Mark Nason’s store on Amazon here. — it’s kind of expensive, but you can check out the pros and cons for yourself on the review page.

Here are a few images of the bag…  I think I have six or so on the review page.

Mark Nason Bag Photo

One aspect this image doesn't portray is how soft this thing is. It is like a soft cuddly cow crawled up and died on your lap.

Mark Nason Bag Photo

The big pouch on the outside is too small for most of my guns (perhaps a small ladies' gun), but it does fit a ziplock full of pork and beans for those lonely nights on the range... This side pocket is pretty handy too for your mobile phone or 18th-century Western iPod.

Mark Nason Bag Photo

The bag is big enough for me to fit my 17" Macbook Pro. It's not big enough to also hold my camera equipment, but... that's not what I use it for...

Daily Photo – Liftoff at the Ranch

I ran out into the field to capture this just as the helicopter takes off after unloading another group of guests. The lighting and angle were perfect, so I was curious to see if I could catch the helicopter blade totally still. I did! A good experiment… note that many of my experiments fail… but this one worked out.

And yes, obviously, this is an HDR from a single RAW.

High Dynamic Range Photography

  • casusan

    Great capture of the helicopter Trey! Your new bag is cool – I use zappos for shoes b/c of free shipping back and forth but never thought of these there!

  • Love the one-shot HDR!

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  • Trey, that is VERY cool. Capturing the blade makes it look like it is hovering or something. Very high iso and shutter speed I assume?

  • Simon Morris

    Nice handbag, sorry notebook bag 😉
    Great shot of the helicopter Trey, with excellent DOF at f/2.8. I’m surprised to see from the image details that you’re in Aperture Priority… thought you’d be in Shutter Priority instead. Are you tracking the helicopter’s flight path whilst your finger is permanently on the trigger? If so, I guess you can then decide which image suits depending on the position of the rotor blade… just my assumption! 🙂

  • Great shot Trey, and I LOVE that bag!

  • I want that bag! Totally cool, haha…
    I remember this shot from the eBook, had you not posted it yet? I appreciate the bit about experimentation, it’s such a necessary tool and without it, well, shots such as yours would not exist! I’ve been out and about, life’s gotten a little crazy in recent months. But, here is a recent upload that (at the time it was taken) was also quite an experiment for me. Both in terms of capture and editing 🙂

  • Wow incredible laptop bag! I always mean to get a good one but can never afford it – it just kind of lives in my man-bag which has a dodgy zip.

    I like the helicopter shot aswell too – i’m trying to figure out how the ‘copter’s rotor blades were captured so perfectly while not affecting the rest of the exposure. Normally this would need a really fast shutter speed which might darken everything else….i’ll figure it out!

  • What a cool bag. I am horrible and just throw mine in my backpack like its a text book….
    And that HDR doesn’t even look like an HDR, but rather just a RAW image. Sometimes that’s how I prefer HDR images.

    One Word. One Photo. Everyday.

  • Gail in Montana

    Well, I guess you get our approval of you bag, lol. It’s very attractive, and your wife could always borrow it for a handbag, it is that nice looking ;-). But I don’t imagine you will give it up without a fight, lol. Very nice photo of the chopper bringing in more guests to the ranch at Yellowstone. Must have been a fun place to spend some time!! Thanks for sharing your “bag” and photo, have a great Sunday. Sure hope the news is better next week. Too many shootings here in the U.S. in the past week, very sad!! 🙁

  • Beautiful and looks very natural!

  • wil

    dude… let’s be honest…it’s a purse.

  • It’s a satchel…Indiana Jones had one.

  • What was the Shutter Speed on that shot? There is no blur on the helicopter blade at all. Love the shot though.

  • Thanks everyone!

    Damon – you can always zoom in and see the EXIF at SmugMug – shutter speed here was .0006 seconds — or 1/1500

    Simon – for focus, I was at infinity, which worked fine at that wide zoom level.

  • Ok, the bag ….. if you like it ….. the notebook looks not very protected, is there enough foam rubber padding or something inside to take a fall ? ….i heared you like to slip and hit the man nipple area… 😉

    what the others like….I don’t like at all…the rotor blades frozen …they should be blured !

    and for a hdr it is a little on the light side, the clouds and the white cloth of the people could have a bit more detail.
    there is also some noise in the sky and blue fringing(special on the heli)

    this motive didn’t need to have HDR ….. a little shadows/light in PS and would be good.

  • Don Eamon

    “It is like a soft cuddly cow crawled up and died on your lap.” I can’t say how much this would make a PETA person vomit. I LOVED it!”

  • Love it. Really Cool!!

  • soft cuddly cow… crawling… dying… hahahaha… funny

  • Trey,
    this shot is amazing! May I ask what’s the shutter speed you need to set for freezing the time this way? 🙂

    take care,

    Marco Famà Photography

  • up there in the comments – but it was .0009 seconds

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  • Trey,

    I spent a couple of years photographing of and from helicopters. I even had the opportunity to spend some time with the staff photog for Sikorsky in Phokipsee, NY (Yes, such jobs still exist).
    I love your work, but you have made a common mistake when photographing rotary aircraft. The high shutter speed freezes the main & tail rotors making the helicopter look like it should fall out of the sky! If you get another chance at a shot like this back off the shutter to 125-500th. The aircraft should still be sharp with a slight blur to the rotors. This is especially easy on hover, takeoff & landing when the aircraft is moving slowly.
    Here’s one at 125th (not my image):

  • Thanks for your feedback… I’m sure that I’m using improper techniques… I’m used to these things. I just thought it was cool how they were frozen in place.

  • Sure thing, it is still a lovely shot. It just looks like the guy standing under the helicopter is about to get squashed!

  • Dylan Alvarez

    Wow, that is exactly the kind of bag I’d want to carry my laptop in! Love the style. Contrary to what some people have been saying: I like that the helicopter’s blades are not spinning; normally with action like this you do want a little bit of blur to imply motion but in this case it works because it’s obvious that the blades are spinning. Really increases the “wow” factor. I have a question though… What is that that you have on your phone and computer? Looks almost like a personalized skin… Where’d you get it?

  • thx – got that at Gelaskins

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