The Prison of Marie Antoinette

Topaz Infocus Review

Cool! Check out my full Topaz Infocus Review. It’s the latest from that company, and you can grab it right from Topaz Software.

Finally! I think it’s been about four months since I posted a new software review. I do try tons and tons of software, but I only review stuff I actually use. It keeps things simple, and I figure you don’t have a lot of time to read reviews anyway. I could write up big reviews of all the stuff I don’t like and I don’t use (e.g. the Promote Control – I don’t like using that thing… but that’s just me… I know others do and that’s cool). Anyway, that is a bit of an aside there… a long way of saying this is why you don’t see a new review every few days!

High Dynamic Range Photo

In this photo from Notre Dame, I really wanted to accent the details of these incredible colors and shapes in one of the rear rooms. I couldn't get them right until I started experimenting with all the sliders until the right mix was achieved.

Daily Photo – The Prison of Marie Antoinette

What an amazing (and somewhat eerie) place this is! You all have heard of the famous Marie Antoinette and know of her fate… but maybe you’ve never seen her lavish French prison? It’s called the Conciergerie, and now it’s on my must-visit list! I got the hot tip from one of my workshop students in London… an unexpected find. Okay… I’ll be quiet and just let you enjoy this photo.

P.S. This was made from a single RAW… it was handheld.

High Dynamic Range Photography

  • That’s a cool shot of a cool place! 🙂 now it’s on my must-visit list too! have a great day.

  • casusan

    Oh wow – love this one Trey – the lines are cool and I love the way you shot it – beautiful place!

  • Yeah very nice indeed – i’m very impressed that this is taken from a single RAW image.

    This place is very similar to the older buildings at Glasgow University – a place that’s highly recommended should you ever visit Scotland/Glasgow :-

    I purchased Topaz Infocus In early December (i think) but haven’t really had the chance to put it through it’s paces yet. I’ll maybe dig out some older images and see if it can improve them in any way.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Spectacular shot! We’re planning on visiting Paris this year, and this will be on out list for sure!

  • Simon Morris

    Thanks Trey for the Topaz Labs ‘InFocus’ review… certainly a game saver for me at times!
    Nice shot of the ‘Prison’… I like the subtle light pouring through the windows on the left and onto the floor, gives that ‘eerie’ look and feel to the place.

  • Lovely image, interesting light~cool on the left from the windows and warm on the right from lamps. The building looks to be quite large. Very cool…Thanks.

  • Amazing light. What a great shot. Check out these HDR’s that I did recently at Thanks for looking!

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, pretty lavish prison is right, Trey! Great job on a raw photo. You must have a pretty steady hand!!! Thanks for sharing another pretty photo!!!! 🙂

  • I like the processing on this one. Although I think one person walking through would have been more intriguing. Possibly just a blur, but to add something to the image.


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  • Not to critizise your view, which is good but why do they feel every
    pillar has to be lighted like my mums x-mas tree…?

  • Jeremy

    Awesome shot. How would you compare the new version of Photomatix and Nik’s HDR software? I have the older version of Photomatix (bought off ebay and got screwed on the update) and I’m thinking about getting Nik’s software. Thanks.

  • Thanks all –

    Jeremy – I still mostly use Photomatix. I think Nik’s is pretty good, but my process involves a later cleanup in Photoshop, so photomatix fits better into my flow. I think Nik’s might be good if you don’t want to do any photoshop at all.

  • Great pic Trey! How do you get the shots with no people in it? After hours?

  • You have captured this Beautifully…what an awesome Architecture…

  • calvin lamont

    Amazing as usual!

  • Gorgeous shot, love the lighting and the pale blue coming through the windows.

  • Love the lighting … detail of the floors … all shined up … beautiful

  • 35mm

    like garlic, to much photoshop ruins the end product – can anyone actually take a decent photo anymore without over-enhancing it – none of these photos represent the true subject – what a hyped bunch of crap – the art of photography is lost on digital over-saturation.

  • Brian – I was really lucky… not too crowded!

  • This 35mm guy must live in a boring world. Yes, over enhancement does occur, but this scene in particular appears to be very accurate to the dynamic lighting present.

  • I walked in here back in November and got goosebumps gazing at the beautiful structure and how the shadows and light played with your mind… thanks for showing up my photos!! haha… thanks for the beauty in which you have captured.

  • Mary Arrasmith

    I really do love this photo. You’ve done it again, amazing!

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