The London Underground – Piccadilly

#1 Question about the Camera App

Thanks for all the feedback on 100 Cameras in 1! Just wait till you see what secret stuff is coming in the NEXT version. You’ve given me amazing ideas — so thank you!

The biggest question I get is “Is it coming to Android?” The answer is YES! It’s in development right now, but it will take a while. Personally, I have an Android phone, so I’m very excited about it too. It’s actually pretty hard to develop for Android…harder than the iPhone.  Actually, none of this stuff is easy or cheap (hmmm… college fund for the kids, a mid-sized German car, or an app? Let’s bet the farm honey! hehe)…

Daily Photo – The London Underground – Piccadilly

Piccadilly Circus is one of the most popular places in London for tourists. I don’t like to always hit all the obvious places, but, then again, I kind of have to hit the obvious places, yes? So, when I went to this famous spot, I tried my best to find some interesting angles and compositions.

This was a standard HDR shot – five exposures from -2 to +2.  To fix the ghosting problem with the people, I did the same thing I always do!  I think that’s on page 2 or 3 of the HDR Tutorial…  (maybe that is the #1 Question about HDR!)

High Dynamic Range Photography

  • casusan

    This is beautiful Trey – I remember being there many years ago – love the blue tones and the sky-super shot!

  • Simon Morris

    Excellent shot Trey… I like the angle and composition, also like the ‘Underground’ sign acting like a frame for the buildings in the background… gives a feeling of depth to the image! 🙂

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  • Ahhh as you know this is one of my favourite locations in London.

    This is a very difficult place to get an original image of but this one looks pretty fresh to me – superb work.

  • Very Nice!! I’m follow your travel blog almost a years, and really admire with your HDR image but i found that almost all your architecture landscape lean in wiers position, why dont give your hand try the tilt n shift lens? (Nikon have really wonderful Tilt n Shif lens) I think its could be really nice…..(sorry for my english)

  • Patrick Ahles

    Nice POV and colors!

  • Beautiful!

  • Jen

    This is absolutely gorgeous. What a photo! The colours are what do it for me. So very well brought out.

  • Great shot Trey – certainly an original angle, very clean. Tones are beautiful as well.

  • Thanks all! Lin – I don’t use tilt shift bc the leaning lines don’t bother me. In fact, I find them quite interesting and my brain enjoys working it out.

  • I like the colors and the blur adds to the image I think.

  • I like the distortion I get from my lenses – not sure why, I think it gives the leaning lines added interest plus it reminds me of the exaggerated, dramatic way buildings are drawn in comic books which I find kind of cool.

  • Anthony

    Wow, how did you manage to get a tripod set up without the melee of people bumping into it all the time? Great composition, and a refreshingly different angle on this landmark.

  • Very vibrant. It’s not just the colors, but even the surface textures really pop in this one. As for the ghosting, I’ve come to the conclusion that it works in scenes where people are moving because…people are moving. My mind accepts it and translates it into fluid motion.

  • James C Brayshaw

    Wow, Thats fantastic.
    Found this site after Kotaku gave a shoutout of sort
    Really glad I did, you take some amazing photos good sir. I love contrast of subjects in this photo with the rat race of people and calm dusky sky.

  • Very cool shot, Trey! Motion always sparks a extra interest.
    Always a treat when you share the break down of the shots and exposure range on your HDR.

  • jon

    crikey, Trey – thats so similar to a shot I took last year at the same spot, I thought you’d posted my photo! Which I’m sure would have done wonders for my profile!

  • Great photo Trey!

  • Thanks all!

    James – yes I saw that too -it sent a lot of traffic over! Glad to see you here! 🙂

    jon – hehe small world!

  • Gorgeous capture and processing, Trey!

  • I have London models come to NYC just to be shot by me. They say NYC is hott. I ask about Picadilly and they say “Eh…” I say “There is no place like home”

  • Jake

    Fantabulous photo! Is it true that if you use a tripod when you’re actually down in the underground you can get fined?

  • THey are pretty tough on you there for sure!

  • Love the contrast between super sharp railings and the motion blur!

  • Jake – pretty unlikely to be fined, though London is tough on tripod touters as many here will testify. You’ll most likely be asked to move on in the name of crowd control (it is pretty crowded on the Underground). something that is genuinely a problem is tourists taking pictures of incoming trains, because they don’t turn off their flash (always makes me laugh that!) it can disorientate the driver. now you know.

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo, Trey!! Love all the colors, WTG. Now on to the next post. 🙂

  • Woween

    True, they fine you for tripods.

    Trey, I keep coming back to look at this just because it is so absurdly nostalgic. Love it.

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