Sunset in the Hills

Painting the Monkeys

Erika Meijer, from Doetinchem, Netherlands, has taken my photograph of the monkey in the water from Japan and turned it into a painting! I get emails about this sort of thing quite a bit… rarely feature them on the website, but I should more! I think it’s great when people do this sort of thing. My work is Creative Commons Share-Alike (no commercial use), which means other artists are free to use them to do derivative works like this. Very cool!

See the Original Monkey Photo here.

Daily Photo – Sunset in the Hills

There is a long and somewhat barren road between Los Angeles and San Diego. It seems extra-barren because I was really thirsty before I entered the long-bit that had absolutely no place to stop for a drink! You know how sometimes you are driving along, kind of thirsty… not really being TOO picky, but kind of passing by places that look not-too-exciting? Well I did that one too many times then ended up having to drive for a lot longer before I found relief.

What compounded the problem (and made it better too) was that it was sunset time! That means I had to stop many times to drink the landscapes into the camera.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Trey – As usual your work is always amazing.
    I wanted to stop by to thank you for the inspiration and the training that I have received from you through the years. (Yes! It’s actually been “years” that I have been following/stalking you. And yes, I still loooooathe you!) In February my photographs are going up at the original Kerbey Lane for awhile. I know it’s not much, but it’s a start and the simple truth is that I mostly owe this to you. Your work has forced me to look at what I do and constantly try to take it to a higher level. So thanks mate. If I see you at Kerbey the pancakes are on me. 🙂

  • casusan

    Beautiful shot Trey! Love this of course with the mountains and water! Congrats to Thelonious! Send some links so we can check it out!

  • Absolutely gorgeous shot and processing!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Very nice scenery, Trey!

  • Crazy few weeks, cant believe things got in the way of me enjoying photography… Love this shot Trey, on first glance I thought it may have been coastal New Zealand. Speaking of which, I found iceland in Central Otago, haha… A few shots of that coming soon. In the mean time, here is my first upload of 2011, looking forward to many more… Happy new year everyone!
    On, and a quick video explaining my editing process for the above shot, for those who may be interested 🙂

  • Happy New Year, Trey. But I hope that you put better work than this during this year. There is nothing special in this picture. The sky is so boring and the tones look dirty !

  • Gail in Montana

    Beautiful photo of the Sunset in the Hills on the coast!!! I love this one. Congrats to Erika on the painting inspired by your photo and to Thelonious, too. You are inspiring a lot of people with your work. God richly bless you for being so generous and sharing your work with the world!!!!
    (((hugs))), Gail 🙂

  • Thanks all!

    Gonzo – good news – I never need an excuse to go to Kerbey’s — but that is great news!

  • SoCal Mike

    Are you sure this isn’t the road from LA to San Fran, not LA to San Diego? I wouldn’t want someone to drive the wrong way looking for these kinds of views, they’re North of LA, not South. The barren road from LA to San Diego is Camp Pendelton, and you’re not at the elevation above the Pacific that this shot shows.

  • Tray,
    your landscape shots keep on giving me a sense of tranquillity and peace. Thanks for sharing, hope you had a good year beginning..

    take care

  • Kaz

    Hi Trey,
    I think you’re mistaken on this location. It’s more like the road between LA and San Francisco, not San Diego. No mountains similar to this on the way to San Diego from LA.

    Great picture!!

  • It’s funny – there’s a California tourist board commercial on TV here in the UK poking fun at how we view California in the UK (Kim Kardashian reading a quantum physics book for example) and they are dead right! I would have never guessed that the California coastline would have been as interesting as this. I guess movies of people roller blading up and down the beachside and pumping iron has corrupted my mind somewhat – very cool shot though 🙂

    I love the painting by Erika – keep up the good work!

    So, I have just been trying out emulating tilt-shift on Photoshop with some old work (i’ve put the link below if you want to check it out) – is anyone else into this fun technique?

  • Jake

    Great shot dude!!! If it is in fact San Diego (as disputed above) that’s sick because it’s my home town. I will admit that it looks like the landscape of up north more, but either way, it’s a killer shot. Oh, and Servalpe is high.

  • Beautiful, makes me wanna go there now!

  • Thanks! Jake & Kaz — Hmmm !!! You may be right… let me think let me think…. hmmm… now I am not sure any more.

  • Very creative. I like it.

  • Simon Morris

    Nice shot Trey… I like the texture and clarity detail on the hillside, excellent!

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