Sunset in the Hills

Painting the Monkeys

Erika Meijer, from Doetinchem, Netherlands, has taken my photograph of the monkey in the water from Japan and turned it into a painting! I get emails about this sort of thing quite a bit… rarely feature them on the website, but I should more! I think it’s great when people do this sort of thing. My work is Creative Commons Share-Alike (no commercial use), which means other artists are free to use them to do derivative works like this. Very cool!

See the Original Monkey Photo here.

Daily Photo – Sunset in the Hills

There is a long and somewhat barren road between Los Angeles and San Diego. It seems extra-barren because I was really thirsty before I entered the long-bit that had absolutely no place to stop for a drink! You know how sometimes you are driving along, kind of thirsty… not really being TOO picky, but kind of passing by places that look not-too-exciting? Well I did that one too many times then ended up having to drive for a lot longer before I found relief.

What compounded the problem (and made it better too) was that it was sunset time! That means I had to stop many times to drink the landscapes into the camera.

High Dynamic Range Photo

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