The Gladiator Arena at Sunset

Interiew with Fabien Barral

You guys know Fabien, yes? He’s the famous French graphic designer that I somehow convinced to help build this website. It went so well, in fact, that we’ve got a few other secret projects going on together! We cooked up some stuff when I went to go visit him in Nimes earlier this year.

Living Design recently interviewed Fabien all about design, his ideas, his thoughts, and this sort of thing. Go check it out if you want to learn more about Fabien!

Happy New Year!

I’m looking forward to spending this year with you! We’ve got all kinds of great stuff in store for you… I hope today’s photo is a good indication of things to come!

Daily Photo – The Gladiator Arena at Sunset

While visiting Fabien in Nimes, there was a bullfight going on inside this ancient Roman gladiator arena. The further south you go in France, the more likely you are to find the old influence of the Spanish bullfights. It’s pretty violent, yes? Yes. In fact, if you zoom in, you can still see blood that has been smeared across the arena by the smearing-truck.

Once the crowd started to clear out, a perfect sunset settled upon us. It was just Fabien, my wife, and I, and it was a very nice night. After the bullfight, we walked around to take a lot of photos of this amazing evening, Fabien took us to his favorite little secret French restaurant down one of the side streets. Perfect!

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • I don’t think I’d care to watch a bullfight, or a gladiator match, but I love the history of a place like this. Just got finished watching the DVDs for Spartacus: Blood & Sand. Very gory, very sexy. Horrible food, too. All that aside, I really love this image.

  • So dramatic – the blood stained ring and that blood red sky is just amazing! Lucky you..

  • Awesome sky! Awesome perspective!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Drop dead gorgeous! That sky is sooo beautiful! Sounds like a fun experience – great way to start the New Year Trey!

  • Ash

    Hey Trey,

    hope this is not too personal. Does your wife takes photos as well? Would love to see some of her work too. Just to compare between your computer science background with that of a ‘ladies touch’, given that you both visit the same places. HAppy new year too!


  • Chris

    Although i look every day i hardly ever comment Trey (lurking in the shadows!) but this picture is fantastic and deserves a huge thumbs up!
    Beautiful, stunning,fantastic!

  • Incredible perspective! Where are the cats? Happy New Year!

  • Trey, pretty damn good way to start 2011 my friend! That image is absolutely incredible. At first I was thinking you should of removed the truck out of the image, but the more I look at it the more I think it’s a good anchor to keep pulling me back in. Well done Trey!

  • Gail in Montana

    I agree with all the above, Trey!!! Would be a great place to visit when a bullfight wasn’t going on. Beautiful sky!!! The Roman’s made amazing constructions across Europe up into the UK. I imagine they used local people as slaves to make them. Aren’t we glad we live in this era in history, well sort of. Always something bad happening in this world. But we have to pray that 2011 is a better year for all. And thanks to Fabien for helping with your web design, great job!! -6 here this morning! Since the house only got up to 66 yesterday, it was 62 in here when I got up. So we are dressed for it, lol. Happy New Year, everyone, have a great weekend!!!! 🙂

  • Gail in Montana

    P.S. We are thankful we have a house over our heads in this economy!!!

  • I agree with Susan – a great image to kick off the new year!

    I love movies lke ‘Troy’ and ‘Gladiator’ and can only imagine the amazing, albeit bloody, spectacle you would have seen if you were part of a capacity crowd in a place like this – a great capture.

    All the best To you Trey and all the good followers here for 2011! 🙂

  • Thanks everyone!

    Ash – yes, she takes photos – but she likes taking photos of animals and stuff like that.

    Happy new year all!

  • my.

    Beautiful! Nice that you got the itty bitty guy in the photo — shows the magnificence of the place even more. Happy New Year!

    — Michelle

  • William – yes I saw Spartacus too – i really liked it. I could have used a little more sex, though.

  • Great Shot …
    Will place this in the ImageAMMO ‘WRAPPER’ for France.

  • Great picture, Trey. Looks like the Gladiatorial Zamboni’s doing donuts in the ring after work hours.

  • Bill Lott

    Great image Trey! I really like this one. Love the sky and the point of view.

  • Tom

    For once, I actually like this image. Why? Because the colours aren’t as over the top as most of the other tone-mapped stuff on your site. More realistic. More please.

  • Simon Morris

    Happy New Year Trey and all fellow ‘Stuck in Customs’ followers… all the best for 2011 🙂
    Great composition with this image, coupled with the stunning sunset, cloud cover and colour tones… excellent!

  • I like the depth of field in this photo! amazing view!

  • A blood smearing truck? I’m surprised no one else has asked about this…

  • Amazing and great image.

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