Amazing Year – Thanks For Joining Me!

Over 50 Million Views!

I started on SmugMug in Dec of 2009. We

I am always shocked when I look at these numbers.  I’m very hard on myself when it comes to photography, and I feel like I rarely ever reach that “nirvana” point in a photo.  But I do like to try — and I enjoy sharing and getting your thoughts.  It helps give me energy to keep on trying!

These stats are a good indication of how much energy you are giving me!  We just passed 50 million views — at least this is the official number that we can count through SmugMug and Flickr.  The photos are spread far and wide beyond that, but I can’t include them in the official count.

I find it remarkable that I started hosting photos on SmugMug (see SmugMug Review) in December of 2009, and we already have about 30 million views.  It’s been about five years on Flickr and we are at 22 million views.  I still post my photos over there, but I just don’t link there from the blog — and so many of my friends are still on Flickr.  I wish I had more time to surf around and see their work!  This is just too hard for me sometimes with a busy schedule, family, and this sort of thing.

It took about five years to break 20 million on Flickr. I still enjoy Flickr and use it daily, however!

Anyway, thank you so much!

Prints on Paper, Canvas, or Metal!

Our print sales did pretty well over the holidays! Maybe I should have mentioned them beforehand… I don’t think I’ve talked about them in about two months. Anyway, we just did a printing of this work below. It was sent to a good friend for a special Christmas gift. We had it done up on High White Gloss Aluminum. They are super-expensive, frankly, but they are beyond belief…. they look like giant 40″ LCD screens! There’s something about the white base of the metal that helps everything glow.

Daily Photo – Time in London

I had many highlights of the year… one of them was certainly that amazing huge photowalk in London.  I enjoyed meeting so many people… it’s amazing how many “lurkers” there are out there!  You guys and gals are too shy on the Internet!

A pretty good example (and what I’ve grown to expect) is gents like Andy Bird.  I find that generally interesting and awesome people just end up enjoying this sort of thing!  He came up to me, wearing a Joss Whedon t-shirt, so I knew there was something of interest in the works.  And then I found out it was long-time commenter Andy Bird!  What a cool guy…  and, I’m always impressed (and not surprised) when I end up meeting frequent (or infrequent!) members of the community.  Anyway, while I was looking at this photo, I came to think of that nice photowalk in London.

Speaking of that, when I set up for this shot in particular, I spent some time talking about the composition… Big Ben, the lights, the bridge, etc etc.  And then, right when I was taking the shot, another photographer got right in front of me!  hehe… well, these things happen.  But, it helped me decide on a nice treatment for the photo — to keep the emphasis on the shapes rather than the interloper.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • casusan

    Wonderful shot Trey – beautiful sky and you are right the shapes are amazing! Congrats on a super good year – you work hard – Happy New Year and thanks for all the great traveling and photos – it’s fun to come here every day!

  • ditto Casusan’s comments. Thanks for giving me reason to check your page every night, it rarely disappoints and often inspires. Happy new year!

  • Thanks for the inspiration this past year! Always a pleasure viewing your photos – Happy New Years to you and the family and here’s to a prosperous and creative 2011!

  • Trey,ETA visas is an electronic visa that allows tourists to go to Australia for up to 3 months.This is done automatically prior to travel in USA but some places like when you are in transit they will not let you out. I know its late but checking with a travel agent when you were in New Zealand may have solved the problem.There is an old saying about thought. thought,thought that if he planted an egg a chicken would grow. We all learn this is part of life as frustrating as it may seem.
    God speed

  • Amazing – this shot rekindles some great photo-memories! This was the one where you set up and gave us the chance to look through your viewfinder at the settings on your camera. This was also when our tripod-army temporarily blocked off Westminster Bridge hehe!

    I was out this morning doing some night shots down at the River Clyde in Glasgow so i’ll post the links to them once i’ve done the business on them…..oh and well done on reaching the 50 million mark. I’ve been on Flickr 2 years now and hit 50,000 which is quite good for a minnow like me so a big new year thanks to everyone on here who has taken time out to look at and comment on my work 🙂

  • I smell “Glamour Glow” filter here. 🙂 I hope you’ll finally visit Prague in 2O11 so we can finally have some serious HDR shots of our town! 🙂 Happy New Year and thanks for … well, for everything. 🙂

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope everyone here have a wonderful time with family and friends!

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, congratulations, Trey!!! WTG!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year, may your dreams come true in 2011 🙂 . Thanks for sharing thru the years!!! I can’t even remember what year I started looking at StuckInCustoms. So glad yahoo suggested adding it, and I had to check it out. I look forward to your new photos in 2011!! 🙂 . BTW, today’s photo is wonderful. I love the colors of everything in it!! Thanks for sharing another beautiful photo! 🙂

  • The Photo walk was such a great evening. The guards over at Parliament should of seen us all coming from over Westminster Bridge. It was like the Invasion of tripods.

    A great shot as always Trey. Have a great New year

  • Cool shot – wish I had been in the UK for the photo walk. All the photos coming from that walk are pretty special. Well done on reaching 50 million mark!

  • Well it would be a lie if i didnt admit that u rocked my world!
    Seriously, you opened my eyes to a new kind of photography!
    Im not surprised that you had “some” views on your page…:D
    An eventfull and happy new year mr HDR-Ratcliff and keep
    up the good work!!!!!

  • Thanks! Hope you guys have a good new year too!

  • 50 million! Amazing. Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Trey,
    Congrats on the stats, that’s amazing, after a relatively short a time.
    Happy new year to you, and look forward to what 2011 brings.
    All the best

  • Lovely sky! Next time you’re in the UK you should come up to Liverpool to photograph the famous waterfront and docks here – esp. at night with some of the great reflections. 🙂

  • Beautiful shot… I remember standing on the other side of that bridge just a couple of weeks ago 🙂 All the best for 2011.

  • Stephen Clarke

    Hi Trey,
    Lovely job on the silhouettes ‘neath a foreboding sky. Having never been to London, to me this picture invokes a sense of the mysterious… what is inside those silhouetted buildings?… What have those wall witnessed?… I can imagine the last vestiges of sunlight disappearing through stained glass windows… gargoyles watching…
    Uhmmm, anyway… obviously I’m getting lost in the photo!

    Hope you had a beautiful Christmas together again with your family and I that the coming New Year is filled with much joy and happiness. May your viewfinder always be filled with sights wonderous to behold!

    All the best,

  • Mark C

    Hey Trey
    Your a real inspiration, dusting off my D70 as we speak and counting the couch cushion quarters for a new D90 😉 keep up the great work brother… Happy New Year!

    All the best


  • Damien

    Trey, Thanks for a great year of inspiration and laughs throughout the year. Enjoyed reading some of your humorous and witty comments. Are you sure your American haha . Keep up the good work and all the best to you and your Family for 2011.

    All the best

  • PeterG

    Happy New Innovative 2011, and thanks for the London photowalk. It was fun!

  • Thats an awesome shot Trey! I kinda got a similar one here: ( 5th one in ).

    Yeah, Yours is better lol.

  • My grandmother told me she grew up in the neighborhood near Big Ben. She saw this everyday as a child.. A nice image for me to start the new year ( I filled in the gap with my truth ). Thank You Trey

  • AJ

    Hi, I have always enjoyed your site! One thing that i thought I would point out is probably the reason for your lower flickr numbers. Flickr only counts views when a page at is loaded. That means views from your blog are not counted by flickr. If they were you would probably have a many more 10s of millions of views!!!

    Keep on the good work!

  • Woween

    Oh my god that sky!

  • In case you all care to see how this print turned out once it was printed on aluminum and hung on my office wall, check out

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  • I really like that. You touched my heart!

  • That was clever. I’ll be stopping back.

  • Kudos to that!

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