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We’ve been having a lot of activity with the HDR Video Tutorial this week! Newsletter subscribers got a cool discount that expires at the end of the year. Even though the newsletter went out, the welcome email still has a link to #20. Enjoy!

New New Zealand

It’s no huge surprise that I’m enamored with the landscapes in New Zealand. So, today, I’m posting a new photo from the South Island.

There is a gondola ride that goes to the top of one of the mountains in Queenstown. It’s not one of the ski areas — just an area for hanging out, seeing the sites, the luge, dinner, and this sort of thing. But it’s always stunning. I went up there a few times.

They have one of those giant buffet dinners up there where I took the family. It’s one of those high-end ones where you try a little bit of everything and then realize that you are way too full and bloated… I tried to shake off the guilt by running outside at dusk to take this photo!

High Dynamic Range Photo

And here are bunch of other favorites from New Zealand, sticking with the “retrospective” theme of this week.

The Franz Josef Glacier

Tasman Sea at Dusk

HDR Photo

The Silent Tree

The Lonely Church


Fields of New Zealand



From My Forest Home

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

THe Old House

The Tolkien Bridge

  • Hard to pick a favorite out of these…so many amazing images.
    Here are a few new ones I recently took.

  • Andrea Boyle

    Beautiful shots, Trey…And speaking of Newletter discounts, I just ordered up the tutorial on Textures. If it is anything like your HDR one, I know I will like it and will learn a lot. I recently got CS5, so my learning curve is steep, but I figure if I can learn one or two things a week, all is good!

  • did I say a few days ago that your Argentina pics were the best? Well, your NZ photos are also uniformly stunning. Beautiful, Trey. And thanks for putting the names on the pics, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey great Andrea – you will love that one too. I guess I could have mentioned that too… but I actually (believe it or not!) — I don’t want to constantly mention everything that is for sale… I figure that most people can figure it out after a bit of poking around…! But anyway, I think you’ll really like that Textures Tutorial too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • casusan

    Oh wow – all of them are sooo beautiful – love the new one too with that pink reflection on the walkway – I think we can all see how much you love it there! I guess the possiblities are endless!

  • The Franz Josef glacier is amazing and The Tolkien bridge is pretty special too – i’m in the wrong country!

  • Simon Morris

    Wonderful images Trey… each one tells a different story of your travels. Having moved from the UK to NZ in March 2009, we feel incredibly fortunate to live in this amazing wonderland… trust your moving plans are progressing in the right direction ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Miles

    Wonderful shots, Trey. I signed up for the newsletter and the most recent newsletter linked in the welcome email was #18. I think you referred to #20 in your post above. Is there a way to get access to the more recent newsletters?

    Thanks again and have a great New Year’s.

  • Hi Trey ,you have done well to show the beauty of New Zealand.I’ve showed off your blog to a few friends and now they too are off on vocation to those very places in New Zealand. They all say thanks for sharing,have a goodly Year to your family and crew.

  • Hi Trey,

    I have been following your site for some time now and I have to say this set, is easily my favorite of all time. You create amazing art that inspires myself and my wife everyday to strive to take better photos.

    All the best for 2011,
    Schalk Neethling

  • That bridge one… wow!

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… It’s quite surreal having my backyard scenery admired by the masses, its a shame that living in a place like this somewhat desensitizes you to the sheer beauty of your surroundings. If anyone can capture the essence of this land, its Trey!
    Thanks again for visiting us in October Trey, was a blast! Look forward to seeing you & more of your amazing work in the new year.

  • Trey, these are great! The thing that amazes me is… the terrain looks a lot like where I live here in Southern Chile. I guess New Zealand has some temperate rainforest? I’ll have to look that up. I’m really enjoying your site, and your photos, well… what more can I say about those? Very Nice!

  • Lovely collection.

  • Dad’s Dad

    Great shots. Looking for a reason to travel to NZ. Will wait until you are there

  • Trey, this is an awesome photo and one of my favorites of yours from NZ. Such an amazing place, and top 3 on my wish-list for trips – along with Patagonia and Iceland – probably inspired by your photos! Thank you as always.

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photos again, Trey. I think I have most of these saved, but now have them all under one title. New Zealand is so very beautiful!!!! I know I’ve posted before that we would love to go there. Thanks for sharing such a nice group of photos everyday. Very nice way to end the year!!! Hope to see the site again tomorrow, storm coming in this afternoon, then below zero F for a couple of nights, brrrr. Kind of a shock after being in the 40’s and 50’s in the Seattle area. But that’s Montana for you. Definately a long winter this year!!! Have a wonderful day, everyone. Take care and God bless. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks all!

    Miles – wups! I fixed that problem — an oversight on my part!

  • Awesome shots! The landscape in NZ is very beautiful, this is definitely one of the places I plan to go see one day. I love the reflections of the bridge, beautiful!

  • EJ

    Trey, you probably get this specific question a lot but I thought I’ll ask again.

    I have never tried hand carrying a tripod with me; I’ve always check it in. Do you always hand-carry your tripod with you? Any problems?

  • Lisa

    I love your photos of my country, it’s a very photogenic place!

    I hope you get to explore the north island too … Amazing beaches and forest and also some wild places that don’t get the exposure of the south. The rangitikiei area is very ruggeded and has lots of abandoned old houses and then beautiful green pastures with deep valleys, well worth a look!

  • Hi

    Great captures from such a beautful place. I had a chance to travel there this July (Winter) and fell in love with the countryside and the super friendly people. Make sure to have a look at Mirror Lake on the south island on the way to Milford Sound. Here it is:

    Mirror Lake, New Zealand:

    Regards, Erik

  • Patrick Ahles

    Great shots, Trey! Beautiful scenery!

  • Thanks for showcasing our super country! We’re doing the big family road trip next week hitting (by the looks of it) the same route as you guys took. My favs are the bridge and the church. Lovely….

  • Buffet strategy: Always take a slow walk around the buffet scoping out what is being offered, then come back and pick and choose judiciously so you won’t waste valuable stomach space on anything less than a stellar tasting experience. (In other words, don’t load up on the unlimited cheese cubes to then realize you have no room for the caviar.)

    Buffett strategy: Consume copious amounts of frozen Margaritas.

  • EJ – Yes – I do hand-carry — no real problems.. one stickler said it was an inch too long… but that was only one time!

  • Z

    Love the new picture of New Zealand!

  • 35mm

    and i repeat for all photos on this site – like garlic, to much photoshop ruins the end product – can anyone actually take a decent photo anymore without over-enhancing it – none of these photos represent the true subject – what a hyped bunch of crap – the art of photography is lost on digital over-saturation.

  • Sarah Murray

    Hi Trey,
    I love your NZ photos. I am headed there for a month next February. I was wondering what you traveled around in? I was thinking of renting a campervan and just free camping as much as possible. What do you think? Also what time of the year were you there? I would also love to hear more about your time there. If there are any places you reccommend me seeing in the month I have there, i would love to hear! Thanks.

  • Sarah Murray

    One more question! What kind of camera/lenses were you using on this trip?

  • I mostly used my 28-300 — I’ve had a few trips – campervans work… I’d recommend spending most of your time in the south island !

  • Amazing Tolkien Bridge. Is that really what it’s called? Where is it in New Zealand? By the way, when you click on it, it links to the wrong photo.

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