Yellowstone Through the Years

Thanks SmugMug!

You guys know I love SmugMug, and we’ve sent thousands of people over there to share their photos online. If you want to learn more, see my SmugMug Review here on the site. They are great, even if they have that not-so-great Comic Sans font in their logo. Let’s all talk them into upgrading their logo! hehe…

A Painting of Yellowstone

In case you missed this earlier in the year – I did a painting of Yellowstone that I put below. If you want to see more, see “Yellowstone on Fire“.


  • I’m really enjoying your retrospective listings this week… any chance you can list the names of all of the images shown so conversation about them can happen easier? It would be easier than moving to smugmug with each to see the name listed. Otherwise, thanks for the art! Beautiful.

  • casusan

    Wow! these are all so gorgeous! So is the painting! I can see that hanging above my fireplace! The new one is super too – clouds and scenery are beautiful – and only you would appreciate those ruts in the road! This posting needs a ‘Gail’ title! Awesome Trey!

  • Thanks!

    Kelley – I added a few titles for you…. sorry i didn’t do that before.. a bit lazy of me. !

  • Simon Morris

    Wonderful shots Trey, I especially like the Morning. Coffee. Yellowstone image… majestic! πŸ™‚

  • Z

    Gorgeous. I can’t wait to visit Yellowstone next year

  • Great photo for today Trey. I love SmugMug too and have been using it before I discovered your blog. Also, thanks for that great tip about resizing the photos through SmugMug’s servers. It really helped!

  • Man…! These are super nice! I love your photos, and you paint too… Your site helps keep me inspired. Thanks! Keep it up. Also, if you ever want to shoot Patagonia from the “better” side, let me know, I’ll show you around.

  • My two favorites are “The Stable” and “Sun through the trees”. Very nice. Oddly enough I have a similar photo to your “Morning. Coffee. Yellowstone.” one, except its in Vermont and I didn’t have coffee.

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  • Your Yellowstone shots are probably my favorite out of all your trips. Glad you posted a nice photostream over the years.

  • Useful tip. I wonder if you can do the same with flickr? I resize all my pics in wordpress when I post them, but I guess that is making the browser do the work, eh?

  • Trey I really love your Yellowstone images! Stunningly beautiful work.

  • Great collection of photos. The yellowstone series has always been among my favorites. Thank you, Trey.

  • That painting at the end is making my fingers twitch – I really want to get my pencils out and do some drawing. It’s been so long since i’ve done anything – I shouldn’t really let those skills go to waste!

  • Josh B

    Beautiful photos. And THANK YOU for resizing the photos on your home page, much more professional web work!

    Though, even with a 16:10 widescreen monitor, the web page is still a tad bit wide…

  • Thank you everyone! πŸ™‚

    Josh – yes – you may have to pull the old Ctrl- or Command- to adjust the size a shade… πŸ™

    Andy – go for it! And be sure to share it back πŸ™‚

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, Trey, saw some I hadn’t had to privilege of seeing before!!!! I love your painting!!! One of my favorite places to go, as you know. We were there this summer to visit a classmate and her hubby that I hadn’t seen in 50 years!!! Had a great time. Got stuck in a Buffalo jam as it was during the mating season, but the park rangers did a good job trying to herd the Buffalo off the road. They were motorcycles and a convertable with it’s top down in the oncoming traffic!!! I probably posted all this before, lol.
    Thanks for sharing Yellowstone Through The Years!!!! 12 more photos in my file πŸ˜‰ ! Hope your week is going well. We are back home now, hoping to catch up on everything today and tomorrow. Praise God we made it over the three passes with no problems, from the Seattle area to home!!!
    Take care everyone, and have a great HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  • Gail in Montana

    *the privilege, didn’t proofread very well, lol πŸ˜‰

  • my.

    Trey, you never seize to amaze and inspire me with your photography. I would love to do a photographer spotlight on you on my new blog. I know your images are Creative Commons licensing for non-commercial use, but I wanted to run it by you first. I specifically would like to feature these two images from this post: Sun Through the Trees and Wall of Fog and maybe a few more after I go through more of your images. Please let me know! Thanks!

    – Michelle

  • Michelle – sure thing – go for it – I assume you are just using them on a blog or something for fun, personal use… no problem!

  • DonnaAnn Weatherman


  • Got Your Number

    Funny, my thought was, the way this Dad paints reminds of my kids paintings.

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