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A Tokyo Retrospective and Flipboard

Today we have a new photo from downtown Tokyo. By now, you have probably figured out that I just can’t get enough of these downtown shots. Each angle is nice and different in its own way. Sometimes I like to freeze the action, and sometimes I like to let it flow. It totally depends on my mood when I am shooting.

While I am there, I usually have a pretty good idea of how I want to execute the post-processing. It changes the way I take the shots. For example, if I want the action frozen, I’ll crank up the ISO so that the people don’t drag across the shutter too much. I have my 5 exposures so that the +2 (the longest) fires first. So I know if the middle exposure (the anchor, I call it) has a shutter that is open too long. I can just hear it. If it feels too long, I double the ISO and it halves the shutter speed of the anchor. This is always my action/reaction when shooting in aperture priority.

So, after the new photo of downtown Tokyo, I have a little surprise from Flipboard!

High Dynamic Range Photo

Featured on Flipboard

So, this week we are featured on Flipboard! How cool is that? If you don’t know what Flipboard is, and you have an iPad, well then you need to know! It’s amazing living magazine that alters and flexes as Twitter feeds change the shape and content of the magazine. It’s totally free, and so is the Stuck In Customs channel on there! Enjoy!

Japan Retrospective

And now, here are a bunch of other favorites from around Japan!

High Dynamic Range Photo

High Dynamic Range Photo

High Dynamic Range Photo

High Dynamic Range Photo

High Dynamic Range Photo

High Dynamic Range Photo

High Dynamic Range Photo

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • casusan

    Awesome new shot of Japan Trey – love your night scenes – the people all look like they are stopped in mid motion – very cool! Congrats on flipboard!

  • Amazing images!

  • Simon Morris

    Nice shots of Japan Trey, thanks. I appreciate your comments about adjusting ISO with multi exposures however, has the first image been processed from a single RAW file? If not, you’ve done amazing job of masking folk crossing the walkways… nightmare task if you ask me πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for the tip regarding ISO… made a mental note should I wish for the ‘action frozen’ look!

  • Merry Christmas Trey and all my friends here – hope Santa was good to y’all!

    Wow, the downtown shots with the light trails are terrific – i never get tired of those ones being posted!

    I definitely enjoy shooting urban scenes at night the most – i think mainly because of the challenges these scenes pose in post=processing. I liked combining the feeling of movement in elements of some of my images (like vehicles and clouds) with the static areas involving the pedestians.

    Here’s some examples of my stuff taken last month at Times Square in NYC – my favourite place to shoot HDR!

  • I would say that your Japan shots are your best… but I may be a bit biased…. aw what the heck — your Japan shots are your best! I especially love that nikko shot. I have tried textures many times, but I can never do them as well as you do. Very nice! The kiyomizu dera one is also amazing!

  • Thanks!

    Simon – yes – it is a bit of a nightmare – but I’ve had that nightmare so many times now, that I’m pretty fast at it! πŸ™‚

    Andy – Thanks for the cool links as always! πŸ™‚

    David – Glad you like Japan too – keep playing with the Textures – you will stumble on to formulas that work!

  • I still wonder HOW you can “freeze people” like that, during night shots Trey! I think I really need your HDR DVD Tutorials then πŸ™‚

    take good care and have a great family vacations

  • Absolutely stellar! I loved traveling to Japan back in 2007 and your photographs are warm reminders, but with sheer photographic excellence. I love that. Keep up the amazing work.

  • you crank up the ISO? the detail info says ISO 100…so where do you start πŸ˜‰ ISO 5? πŸ˜›

  • Gail in Montana

    OK, now I have all these saved, one of Tokyo, and the rest under Japan. Very nice photos, Trey, even if I’m not fond of big cities πŸ˜‰ . Yours are always so beautiful and colorful!!! Andy, you should be in NYC right now. Saw a gal on the news standing in front of a big pile of snow taller then her! They are getting up to 30″ !!!!! :-0 I’m going to try and talk my hubby into staying in WA until Thursday because of the snow expected in that dreaded pass. Don’t ask me how to spell it, lol. It’s world famous. Wish me luck. Glad I brought extra meds just in case.
    Anyway, thanks so much for sharing once again, Trey. Susan, I sent you a note on facebook just in case you look at this again. Trey might tell you if he has time to look at today’s posts. Stay safe, everyone who are in bad weather. It’s happening all over the globe in the Northern Hemisphere. Stay safe, well, and warm!!!!

  • Thanks all!

    iWant – hehe well… actually started at ISO 50 here. I was more referring to the general technique. In this case, this intersection is very well lit! Also, I think I shot this pretty wide open, so a lot of light came through the lens anyway.

  • stunning!! can’t tell which one i liked most.. they’re all great!

  • Wow that’s crazy Gail – we had about 24 inches here in Scotland and that was bad enough! I’m glad I managed to make it to NYC when I did.

  • Ted Bratton

    Seeing your photos of Japan brings back memories as I was stationed the 37 years ago. The photos are great!

  • Matthew Jamison

    Great shot Trey!!

    I see that your aperture was at 2.8. How did you keep everything in focus with such a large aperture? Do you set your focus to manual, and use live mode to set the focus point. Or do you set the focus ring to infinity??

  • Matthew – yes – at 2.8 with a wide- angle – most everything beyond 10 feet stays in focus at infinity

  • Simon Morris

    Thanks for confirming Trey… reckon I’ll be ordering one of your DVD’s shortly, getting to that stage now of wanting to push up a level πŸ™‚
    Glad to hear ‘Stuck in Customs’ folk are keeping safe during your winter weather… here in sunny NZ it’s currently 26 deg. C and very much enjoyed our BBQ on Christmas Day πŸ˜‰

  • Nicolas

    Truly wonderful! I have a doubt, how do you prevent lights (like the ones from cars) from being blown up?

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