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The International HDR Tutorial!

We have just added the Czech language! Thanks to Filip for the translation!

More languages are being added all the time! Speaking of today’s photo, where is our French translation from a savvy reader??? hehe… Now, the top of the HDR Tutorial reads:

Daily Photo – Paris HDR

I think this was my fifth trip to Paris, and the first time I actually got some Eiffel Tower shots that I find satisfactory!  I literally had to take thousands of shots of this thing before I found something that feels right to me.

The gardens that surround the Eiffel Tower are surprisingly empty.  Around dusk and sunset, it’s usually not too hard to find a nice bench to drink in the sights.  Or, barring that, there are plenty of spots in the grass where you can lay out a blanket and enjoy some amazing cheese and pastries…  and what is more wonderful than that?

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Beautiful with the lights and the sky – and sans people – amazing! Super one Trey!

  • Dayton

    Beautiful picture. Those thousands of tries paid off.

  • I wish I could go back here with the equipment and knowledge I have now – last time I went with a horrible Fuji compact that had a 1mb smartmedia memory card which at the time was pretty much cutting-edge technology! Great work – the motion in the clouds is working for me!

  • Aahh come on, how is this the best one after thousands of tries?! Honestly, it’s pretty ordinary. Nothing unusual, a boring snapshot, except for the HDR (which is not very unusual anymore). But I remember you had a superb pic of the tower a few months ago, from a very low angel behind some flowers.

  • NicoDem

    I am french, so I will try to make a french translation of your tutorial during my spare time……

    But it may take some time XD

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, wonderful photo of the Tower!!!! Thanks for sharing, Trey. I won’t be so wordy today. Packed and ready to go, just a few more things to get done before heading for WA tomorrow. Anyway, we have about 5 inches of snow on the ground, would you like me to send you some 😉 ? I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’m taking my laptop, so hope to keep in touch. Be well, everyone!!

  • Interesting. I wonder what makes it such a tough subject? This is a good one none the less 🙂

  • Enjoy the holidays Gail – hope Santa is good to you 🙂

  • Dad’s Dad

    Boom-Brings back a lot of memories. I think that is what HDR must be about-

  • Rob

    I love the 3d feel of this shot created by the hedges moving from foreground (emphasized by the lamp post) to background (emphasized by the radio post 😉 )

  • Thank you for continuously posting strong and amazing images everyday. I love it because it’s so possible yet many people struggle.

    Happy Holidays Trey

  • The colors are beautiful as Yellow and blue together always is. But the images is a bit fuzzy so I am not liking it

  • John Vito

    Nice… I bet it looks great in B&W too!

  • tower looking good , but not so much the typical photomatix-high-light-spots in the grass and on the way. easy to handle in PS on a layer with one of the underlying originals and masks.

    the bending street lamp caused by your wide angle lens is also not my taste, this you can avoid with a 35mm + lens and panorama stitching.. in this case vertical

  • fantastic photo of the Eiffel Tower… I hope to visit this year!!

  • I have a degree in French/Spanish so if I can help at all with translation of the tutorials, I’d be happy to help. Just email me if there’s anything I can do.

    Lovely picture! 🙂 Just got back from Geneva and Annecy so will put up my HDR attempts when I get time to process them.


  • I like the composition on this one and the clouds behind the lighted tower really make it pop.

  • Anish

    Hey Trey. I was wondering what the info what the Paris shot was.. F-stop, iso, speed etc. You should include that on all your shots, helps beginners like me.. 🙂 Great work by the way.

  • Anish – a lot of that info is on Smugmug if you click through. It’s hard for me to put that up manually 365 days a year with all the other things I am doing — my apologies

  • Simon Morris

    Nice shot Trey… wonderful detail on the Eiffel Tower, plus I like the use of the lamp post for distinguishing structure between the two objects. Reinhard may have a point regarding the ‘bending street lamp’ but personally I think it leads the viewers eye to the main focal point… the Eiffel Tower itself! It’s not just the lamp post which is aiding this, the trees on the left are also playing their part… nice lines of symmetry, works for me!
    If it was an architectural interior shot then the general rule is a no-no for converging or diverging lines however, it’s a landscape shot so rules can (and should) be broken! 😉

  • george jetson

    the hdr is good…but the composition is weak. Sorry….but my eye goes right to the glowing lamp post. Why would you ruin a shot by putting that in there as prominent as the tower??
    The attempt at leading lines is weak too, especially since it leads your eye right out of the picture.

    I’m a huge fan of hdr, but a bad shot can’t be saved by good hdr….start with solid imagery and then apply the technique. Just seems gimicky without a solid base.

  • I’m going to outsource all of my vacation shots to you, Trey. The wide angle really works here – I love the way everything kind of leans in…

  • Klaus Kopec

    Hi Trey,

    in case you are interested, I could provide you with a German translation (I’m a native speaker) of the tutorial.

    Best regards,

    PS: the lantern looks hilariously awesome!

  • tom

    Wow amazing photo. Well done

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