Winter Wonderland

Tumblr — why?

Can I ask a dumb question to my smart audience? Many people out there keeps asking why I’m not on Tumblr. I’ve actually been too busy to figure out some good reasons for me to get on Tumblr too. Why should I? Are you? What’s your Tumblr address? What would I do there?

Daily Photo – Winter Wonderland

I was peeking back through my previous photos today for an unexpected reason and decided to put together some of my favorite winter photos today! I came across it because people sprinkle comments all over the 1000+ posts here on the blog every day. It’s very hard for me to keep up… I usually only get to respond to the most recent comments on newer posts, but I do go back on occasion. Anyway, it occurred to me, on one of these back-dives, that a lot of these older photos have probably not been seen by all the new people that have joined the blog in the past few years!

The first is from Kiev, the second is from Boston, and the third is from Iceland.

High Dynamic Range Photo

High Dynamic Range Photo

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Chris

    Tumblr is a short-form blogging service. I don’t know what you would do there that you’re not already accomplishing here. That’s my opinion, at least.

  • Don’t know about Tumbler lo but these photos are tremendous. Such detail is unreal πŸ™‚

  • I blog on tumblr because that’s where I started but would think it’s not that different to other blogging platforms except maybe easier to start plus easy following for other tumble folk. It does have a culture of reblogging not always with credit so images get a life of their own. Can’t see that it’s a must for you really. I like the way blogs can be combined with more site depth on other platforms.

  • The images above are just terrific!! =)
    tumblr is a really good, and simple way to blog on internet. I don’t see the reason why you should get on tumblr, unless that you want to reach a younger audience. You know, not all the public has a smugmug account or flickr account, specially when you’re a collage/high school student and all you what its a place where you can write, put videos, songs etc without affecting your budget and time. I’m on tumblr because I just wanted a simple way to put images on internet without all the marketing that is on facebook or flickr.
    Good speech given to the google people πŸ˜‰

  • Tumblr is just another blogging service, I don’t think it would offer you any advantages over what you have here. It was designed to allow you to quickly post different items with different styling. For example one visual style for your pictures, and another for your textual posts. However it’s not anything that you can’t do with WordPress on your own domain.

    I really don’t understand why people would be getting on you about joining Tumblr, there really is no reason other than some strange need to make an account on every service available. You are much better off having your blog on your own domain rather than in the hand of another company. A week ago Tumblr went down for close to two days, plus their customer service is non-existent. I’ve had a problem posting from their iPhone app for months, and have tried to get some advice and never even received an acknowledgement.

  • Gail in Montana

    I have no clue what Tumblr is and don’t want to have to go to another site, either Trey. Flickr, and facebook are enough for me. I loved all three photos, but not putting them on my desktop as I can see snow right out the door, lol. But they are beautiful. I found this neat photo on My Yahoo National Geographic Traveler group, of the Monument Valley, that is just beautiful. And they allowed sharing, which I don’t encounter very often on the flickr photos I look at. I usually just look at the small ones that I get when I put my cursor on the photos. I have 8 different catagories on My Yahoo home page, and once in a while a really good one comes up, so I’ll go and look at it on flickr. Mike McLeod, I hope I got the spelling right, is one that will share. I think Wolfgang might have been responsible for the one I am using right now, not sure, lol. There are so many names of there. But I haven’t seen any of your photos yet. Unless your name didn’t appear on the post, some of them are quite long. And some of them are HDR. Well, I think I’ve taken up enough space today!!!! Have a wonderful Sunday, all my fellow Trey fans, and Trey, too πŸ˜‰

  • The shot of the cathedral is stunning! Nice job! πŸ™‚

  • I don’t think that Tumblr brings anything that you don’t already provide on the blog. It’s like Posterous, a place to quickly post some content for those who don’t want to go through all of the trouble to stand-up a full CMS/Blog service and deal with hosting. You’ve already done that, so Tumblr would just be another place to replicate what you have here, only with less control.

  • casusan

    Love all of these photos Trey – awesome!

  • Thanks everyone – and thanks for the advice about Tumblr — the things you are saying are what I was expecting — I was afraid I was missing something critical (which often happens!)

  • Marc

    The last one is pretty cool! The blue color gives it a mystery character. Is this the stariway tio the Netherworld?

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  • I moved my iPhone Photography to Tumblr because I liked the presentation better than the Twitter image services. It integrated well with Twitter, but I don’t like to flood my twitter feed with TwitPics, so I can be selective about what gets posted to Twitter. It was also a bit of a challenge to find a platform that I could publish completely from my iPhone. Kind of my own experiment in media-minimalism. I was surprised by what I found on Tumblr, some pretty cool stuff.

    My tumblr address is:

  • These pictures are lovely.

  • I LOVE your older work – it keeps me sane over tedious lunch hours at work and gives me something to look forward to when I get those opportunities to head out with mt camera πŸ™‚

    I saw your post on facebook about the ‘Star Wars’ posters – very cool. Are you familiar with the work of Drew Struzan? I’m a big fan of his work and is one of my illustration heroes. If you don’t know him already he’s worth checking out, you’ll instantly recognise his work…..

  • John

    That Iceland photo is awesome!

  • Love the second shot! One of my favourites yet! Winter Wonderland indeed! The sky is fantastic, soft clouds, and captured just as the sun was setting. Great work!

  • The Iceland image is intriguing. The contrast in light an color between the stairwell and the street scene is beautiful, and it leads to the viewer conjuring up all kinds of dramatic scenarios about what might be going on “downstairs”. This is a nice break from so many of your “standard post card views”, as well executed as they are.

  • I don’t think your picture of the Lavra (1st picture) does it justice. Two other views…

  • great images! And happy holidays to you and yours!

  • Awesome, I cant wait for winter here in Queenstown… It’s usually quite majestic.

  • Thanks everyone!

    Yes the angle of using Tumblr to post some “special” iphone shots is intriguing… ! πŸ™‚

  • All beautiful, but the Boston shot is my immediate favorite! I’m a sucker for seemingly endless paths/roads like this.

  • Oh wow (that only what my mouth was spelling out quietly right after I saw the one from Iceland).
    It’s weird though, objectively speaking I wouldn’t say it’s one of my favorite shots from you, there are far cooler ones, but I guess my eyes just adore the angle and the color combination. Thanks for making my eyes happy Trey!

  • Simon Morris

    Thanks for digging out these ‘older photos’ Trey… I like the Iceland image, the warm glow from downstairs contrasting with the cold exterior look and tones of blue… amazing!

  • Awesome, Trey. Really like the first image from Kiev!

  • You have been to Kiev? I am so jealous…. one day soon I hope to go to the Ukraine and Russia. Are any of these prints for sale?

  • a second comment is that how tumblr pays for itself is a mystery since it keep growing but is strangely free – at the same time it has been more unstable lately so….I would feel more secure if my blog was on my own server than on tumblrs unstable one….I guess we have to watch and see what happens ahead with tumblr

  • Phil Garner

    Some of these pictures would have been nice if it weren’t for the extreme abuse of HDR. HDR is used by many as a crutch for bad composition and boring subject matter. People who tend to say “wow!” when they see these shots are usually not people knowledgeable about photography in the first place. Good photos stand on their own and don’t need excessive amounts of “clown vomit” to emphasize details and subject matter. It seems like subtlety has been completely thrown out the window in exchange for shock value and garishness.Henri Cartier-Bresson is not amused.

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