The Markets at Night

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Daily Photo – The Market at Night

I arrived in Barcelona very late. Actually, this may be the only time in which Barcelona even exists.

There is a fabulous market right in this very location that is apparently open in something called the ‘daytime”. The “daytime” is a mystical time that most people in Barcelona don’t even know exists.

I know this for sure because the next morning, at 9 AM on a WEEKDAY, I could not find any place open to buy coffee. People sleep in until approximately 3 PM. They then roll around in bed, thinking about getting up until 4 PM. They then get up, have some chocolate and churros, and then take a quick nap before it gets dark. And then they party.

Stuck in Customs

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • casusan

    Love this Trey- glowing – but interesting there are no people like you said! I’d like to visit there someday – sounds like my kind of schedule!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Nice angles on this one, Trey!

  • gernot

    wow nice shot & interesting atmosphere – and you know daytime is equal having siesta in spain 🙂

  • Simon Morris

    Hey, now that sounds like my kind of lifestyle 🙂
    This image has a spooky look to it, I’m also intrigued with the green light in each corner… aliens from outer space maybe!

  • I’ve been up since 6 waiting on a bus in the pouring rain so, yes, I envy the great people of Barcelona.

    The symmetry in this one is great and I agree with Simon, the B-Movie glows are very nice indeed 🙂

  • Austen

    This looks like Plaza Real?

  • Michele

    nope – it’s La Boqueria. Placa Reial is bigger and doesn’t have shops in the middle – only a fountain, palm trees and lamp posts designed by Gaudi!

  • Cris

    Trey, when you tried to get that coffee, are you sure that day was not a national holiday? We have had a couple of these this month…

  • Jim

    I just love that type of angle and once again you have made a night shot look easy. Here is my angle of the week shot.

  • This great shot makes we lust after the next one from Barcelona, I hope you will show us the Palau Güell!

  • This is an awesome shot Trey… I love the green to the end of either hallway, really draws the eye in. That and the texture is excellent!
    Speaking of late night shots, I went on a 2am photo-walk, followed by an intensive 4am editing session, haha… One of the results:

  • Gustavo

    …and if u are thinking of going partying there, u don’t go out at least until 11pm, and then the party doesn’t get going full steam until 2 am 🙂

  • I really like this one. Cool angle and great colors!
    Also, funny blogpost!

  • Nice once (again), Trey. I love the perspective and overall geometry of this shot.

  • Nigel

    another fine example of HDR at it’s best, great picture Trey!

  • Love this shot. Great capture. The textures, colors, composition. Thanks for this…

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo, Trey. Love the columns and the angles, plus the pretty colors on this one!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • La Boqueria without people – amazing! More of Barca please!

  • Jim

    Hey, Trey one more thing….. Merry CHRISTmas…. thanks for a great year of images and insight.
    In Tampa last year Trey told me something that has helped my outlook on this stuff. I told him about a client and how I needed them to help my photography and he turned to me and said, and I quote ” No, they need you “…. Words to learn from.

  • max

    Is there a good forum to ask HDR questions? It would be great Trey if you added one here. I’d like to understand how these programs blend the different exposures. What those different sliders actual do? Also, I’ve had great results on my first image, but I don’t like how the shy changes brightness behind the foreground object. And I don’t habe a clue how to adjust it. look:[email protected]/5267901822/in/photostream/

    I wish I could have the sky on the right look normal, not so dark. Thanks MAX

  • Thanks all.

    Jim — hehe yes I remember that.

    Max – we do have private forums here… I don’t have anything public I’m afraid — too much to manage! Did you see my HDR Tutorial here at ? ?

    Michele – you are right – this is La Boqueria !

  • Joined now to your facebook fan page!! Thanks for the hint…

  • Elisabet

    I’m from Barcelona and yes, this is La Boqueria. But you are wrong about people in Barcelona, it really hurts me to read those lines. We are not that way. I guess it was a national holiday because there are lots of coffee shops, bars and restaurants in La Rambla (where La Boqueria is located) opened all day. There is a Starbucks near there too. And yes, we do know what daytime is.
    Anyway, great shot.

  • I just stumbled across your Flickr photostream, which lead me here. You have some really great photos, and staggering numbers of view on Flickr. Good stuff!

  • Me and my circunstances

    That comments reminds me the 19th century books about Spain,writers with a “romantic” idea about my country,Washington Irving for example.That leads me to thinking that the common places, and patronazing behaviours about Spain are never out of fashion.Come on Mr.Tray! you´re an intelligent guy,I can expect that from a regular guy not from an scientific mind like yours.
    Anyway,beautiful photo,as usual.
    Good bless the platitudes!.

  • You said: “The “daytime” is a mystical time that most people in Barcelona don’t even know exists”
    Really I do not think that statement is correct, and possibly what I can see looking at this picture of the Boqueria market I think you did not have any interest in visiting and know our city, you only made one photo a night market that has no charm and you didn’t want to take photos from other place of the city and visit other attractions as the Mediterranean Sea, the Olympic Village,( Barcelona92 Do you remenber?, (I think not)) the architectural work of Gaudí, etc, etc … I am not worth such American topics such as “siesta”and that Spain is not a Caribbean country where only think of sleeping , we are a European country, not the third world, expand your horizons Trey, your pictures are very good but go a culture little bit ….
    In Barcelona you can take a chocolate with churros when you please, we have a lot of cafes, bars, and restaurants open all day, until a Hard Rock Cafe, expand your mind again Trey, that in Barcelona we have the Internet and we know English to understand your stupid comments ..

  • Chistian you are right. Seguramente visito Barcelona por error, haciendo escala en uno de sus viajes al otro lado del mundo. Si hubiese tenido el tiempo suficiente, seguramente habría puesto alguna otra foto de esta fotogenica ciudad. Es una pena que seas tan buen fotografo y que tengas una mente tan corta.
    Te invito a que la próxima vez que visites mi ciudad me llames y podrás descubrir la ciudad que no has visto.

  • You Spaniards don’t have much of a sense of humor! Of course there is all kinds of daytime activity in Barcelona… I have a lot of that coming in future shots…

    You can’t deny, though… that Barcelona is one of the top places in the world for partying all night… or did I miss something here?

  • Barceloní

    Of course that Barcelona is one of the top places in the world for partying all night, but if this is your only coment about Barcelona it turns into a topic, and in my point of view a topic is a thing that must be avoided in a “Travel Photography blog”. You are introducing a city to thousands of people all over the world and you can choose between reinforce the topics or create a new and complex concept of that city. We have a huge sense of humor but your comments are really closer to offence. This is constructive criticism, please think twice before writing.

  • Barceloní

    Sorry, I meant platitude when I say topic in my previous comment.


    I actually don’t know whether Barcelona is one of the top places in the world for partying all night; so are London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Los Angeles, Moscow, etc. Barcelona is open 24/7 what is a great advantage for people loking at cities through their cameras’ lenses with clean eyes and open minds. You just have cameras……..

  • BCN-Pro

    I’ve lived in BCN for three years back in the 90’s, in fact my home was close to La Boqueria Market, the place you took this nice picture. I am dissappointed with your review of BCN, how could you estate there is no people in the streets at 9 am or that you cannot buy a coffee at that time of the day and that people in BCN sleep until 3 pm? This is completely false and ridiculous. Your notes are topics, I don’t understand why you travel, traveling just to tell topics is completely useless. BCN is one of the busiest cities in Europe, 24/7.

  • BCN-Pro

    Hey Trey, I was reading your comment Nr. 28. Since you screwed up this whole thing now you come up with “don’t have sense of humour”. Hohoho, wake up Trey, that’s a very poor resource, very poor indeed. What a shortsighted you are.

  • Jordi

    Another CATALAN (not spaniard) offended here. I’m just tired of all those topics that don’t belong to Barcelona and Catalonia. Night life? of course but plenty of tourists most of the time… Locals cannot do such a thing, we have to get up early and go to work…

  • Carlos Gardel

    I’m from Barcelona as well. I’m sorry to say that Trey is totally right, you guys don’t have a sense of humor. You should use your brain a little bit before you talk. Sisplau!

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