Lonely in London – and Free Google Chrome Themes

10 Google Chrome Themes – Free!

A big thanks to Cyborg who whipped up 10 great Google Chrome Themes using my images. I think they came out really amazing. Β You can visit Cyborg’s site to see some of his other cool themes as well.

They are available in the Chrome Web Store, but all are free for now. All readers here on the blog are welcome to jump on there and grab them! I hope it makes popping open a new tab more fun! πŸ™‚ I put a few of the best google chrome themes here on the site.

Remember back in the day when we surfed before tabs? How did we do it? Ahhhh sweet innocence.

Daily Photo – Lonely in London

I flew to London directly from Burning Man. I was tired, dirty, very tired, and very dirty. But that didn’t stop me from adventuring out! It was still a bit before my friend Scott arrived, and still many days before my wife and others arrived… so I spent some time wandering the London streets at night. You never know when the muse is gonna visit, so you have to go out and wander when she does!

These red phone booths are perfect little specimen for photography, no? I’m trying to remember the first time I ever saw one. It was probably when I was a kid, watching Monty Python with my dad on PBS. Speaking of that, I recently listened to the Michael Palin autobiography on Audible (try them out – I love Audible!). I didn’t realize the show was kind of floundering in the UK when it really hit big in the US. It sounds like the whole crew was surprised how popular the show was in America. All I can imagine is that their behavior must have just seemed perfectly mundane and normal in England.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey – I remember these when I visited so many years ago – just try to find a phone booth in the US now – impossible! Brought back lots of memories – thanks Trey!

  • There’s one just round the road from my house and I remember the time when they replaced all these style phone boxes with the horrible glass and metal BT ones – it was a sad day.

    One of the reasons i love London is that they stay true to the things that are synonimous with the city. It’s great to go down there and still see things like this as they should be. I also love the black cabs, tacky souvenier shops and of course the London Underground iconography.

  • Simon Morris

    Nice shot Trey, the colour of the telephone box really pops and looks great against the textured paving stones.
    One question I’ve been meaning to ask… do you set your camera up for manual focus or continuous auto-focus?

  • Lovely shot. There is a very distinctive and warming glow about the scene here. But please I insist that you call it a Telephone Box – what with me being British and all : )

  • Looking good Trey, You should pop down to the South of the U.K when your around next! You’d be able to get some great country shots.

    As said before I like how the phone box pops out along with the floor detail, Shame about the tree’s, The colours great but I’m guessing it was windy? Damn weather.

  • That is so Dr Who, haha… I know, I know, the Tardis is a police box, but you get what I mean!
    I’ve gone on an uploading spree tonight, it seems that Aperture had been setting my photos to private for some crazy, unknown reason. Buggy software really isn’t Apple’s style πŸ™

  • A very fine one.

  • Marc

    Trey, how can you transform a friggin phone booth into a piece of art is beyond me! Wish I had half your talent…

    Superb work, perfect light!

  • Gail in Montana

    Holy Cow, Trey, they have a lot of your photos on google. I had to reset my password as I had forgotten my log in, but now my rememberer assistant will remember for me, lol. I hope to figure out how to make one of your photos the background eventually, lol. I’m old, remember. Love your story about how you were out and about and got the photo of the phone booth!! Great photo, thanks for sharing. Have a great Wednesday!!

  • Strange women in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government…I just love Monty Python! Great shot, well done Trey.

  • Trey, when you are out shooting, are you looking specifically for scenes that will translate well into HDR shots, or does the subject come first, and the HDR possibilities are a bonus.

  • Dad’s Dad


  • Those phone booths are cool.

  • Ah … Beautiful

    Alway wanted to get one for our home when our 5 kids were in there teens … And not a cell phone in site …

  • Thanks!

    Simon, I set the focus on one spot, and I leave it there for all the shots. Also, usually my fstop is high enough where everything is in focus anyway

  • Your photos always look so cool and sharp.
    As much as I try I can never achieve 1/5 of that result..

  • Simon Morris

    Thanks Trey, would that be manual or auto focus? I tend to manual focus (set to infinity) with Canon’s 10-22mm lens, with f8 being good for it’s ‘sweet spot’.

  • Simon – Auto Focus

  • Simon Morris

    Thanks Trey πŸ˜‰

  • Maria

    Im sure you get this comment all the time but i think your work is amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen something I do not like from this website! πŸ™‚ i would also love to see what type of lenses you use for each picture maybe in future blogs πŸ™‚ great job!

  • Thanks!

    Maria – if you click on each photo, you can get the info from Smugmug about the focal length – that can usually give you a clue as to the lens.

  • Maria

    Ahhh! Ok! πŸ™‚ thanks!

  • Trey – great phone booth shot! In fact, it’s the very same phone booth that I took a photo of in 2007. Very cool! I’m sure of all the phone booths we both saw during our trips, it’s odd and very cool that we saw art in the exact same phone booth but from our own unique angles.

    Here’s my version: http://flic.kr/p/7wMA1q

  • I love the London shot…but I am psyched about the Google Chrome themes. Best out there! I just installed the Lotus Sunrise over Angkor Wat theme..when I went to Angkor the sunrise was no good, but this makes up for it a wee bit πŸ˜‰

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