Arc de Triomphe

HDR Spotting

I check HDR Spotting almost every day to see some new works… really interesting stuff there so stop by if you need a bit of stimulation! There is a new editor joining up from DPS (Digital Photography School), so there’s a new sheriff in town! 🙂

New Theme for Chrome?

I love Google Chrome and use it all the time. I’m also enjoying the new Web App store. There are a ton of browser themes, and I wondered if anyone here wanted to create a “Stuck In Customs” theme. I’d of course give you credit and everything… but I think it would be fun for a lot of people! Drop me a comment or email if interested.

Daily Photo – Arc de Triomphe

This is a dangerous spot! But so pretty…

It was a cool night in Paris. It was a bit damp too, as if it might rain at any moment. So that kept me moving from spot to spot pretty quickly. I was secretly hoping for a bit of rain… Europe at night in a light rain is always kind of charming. I’m pretty sure that locals don’t find it charming… just annoying.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • This is awesome! you always find the perfect exposers for car lights.
    First time I saw a photo with no comments,

  • Fantastic Trey! I’ve been seeking a shot like this for some time, alas there doesn’t seem to be the right balance of traffic, light and scenery nearby…

  • casusan

    Awesome capture Trey – looks like you are in the middle of the road?? Excellent – keep up the great work!

  • You are indeed a brave man – it’s dangerous enough standing at the side of the road with French motorists in the vicinity but slap bang in the middle of the Champs Elysees verges on suicide. The Arc De Triomphe at rush hour might as well be a destruction derby.

  • Simon Morris

    Oh là là… c’est magnifique 🙂 Great work Trey, did this shot involve a lot of layer masking?

  • I can try it Trey, but I’ll need some original images used for your website design. BTW, I’ll send you the translation on friday. Excellent processing, I love the road texture!

  • Yeah you’re right… Rain is just a pain in the ***… :p
    Nice shot ! 🙂

  • Especially with these kind of shots, I’m wondering: The exposure time that is given on the info page over at SmugMug, is that the time of the “middle exposure”. I know you got a couple of single shot HDRs here, but I’m not sure what to make of the info with the multi-exposure shots… :-/

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, Trey, suicidal shot??? Amazing photo, just beautiful!!! I haven’t tried using google chrome yet, but you make it sound interesting, so I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks for sharing your photo and all the information. I like to show my hubby your pictures of Paris as he served most of his air force term in Laon France at an air base there as a dog handler. He enjoys seeing them and he said the same thing, standing in the middle of the road, scary, lol. Happy Sunday, all.

  • man, you are nuts, those traffic lights are like 2 feet away on each side, suicidal indeed. great capture though.

  • You are a brave man.

  • As others said, it can be very tough to control the amount of light from the cars. Usually takes me several attempts. There wasn’t much room for error standing on the tiny median. I think I’m going to get you one of those neon reflector jackets for xmas!

  • John F

    I remember trying to stand in that same or similar spot for a quick night shot several years ago. You got a much better picture for the risk.

  • Amazing work, inspirational!

  • It’s a scary spot indeed. I remember this spot waiting for a chance to get that perfect picture. You got an amazing one ttrey.

  • iWantNext – it is always different – I think… if it is the 0 exposure, then yes… or if the +1… then it is that… you know…

    Simon – yes – just a bit!

    Filip – sounds good… we will start a new email thread

  • Hi trey, just wondering in order to get that blur of light, do you just have the shutter stay open for a really long time?

  • Yes Will – a long shutter is the key! 🙂

  • Wonderful done! I also had the opportunity to stand on the exact spot this autumn. My HDR turned out like this:

    Like the red/white reflection on the street depending on which way the traffic goes C-:

    Thanks, Martin

  • Love it! that is a crazy spot to stand, I trust the Italians slightly more though, I got a similar shot for the coliseum when there last month, raining too!

  • Nice shot. I’ve checked out some of your other photos, and you have taken some incredible shots. Also like the way you used a long shutter speed to create the streaking lights in the photo, adds another cool element to the shot.

  • Is it just me or is this leaning a bit to the left? I’m hyper-sensitive about horizon lines, so it could just be me. Awesome shot, though.

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