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Have you heard of the Solo Traveler website? They’re having a photo contest… I think there are some good prizes! I did not enter… not even sure if they are taking more entries this year. But keep it on your calendar for next year. One of my friends, Griffin Stewart, told me about it… showed me his Rice Farmer Photo on Solo Traveler. Go in there and give him a good vote!

Daily Photo – Inside The Egg

This is sort of the opposite of rice-farming in China.

This building, lovingly called “The Egg” by locals, is the National Centre for the Performing Arts. It’s a gigantic and wonderful opera house that you have to see to believe.

Thanks to my contacts there, I had full access to go anywhere and shoot everything. There was a big entourage with me this day. I had my assistant (The great Jacky Woo) and translator. Also following me was a reporter from Reuters, someone from the “People’s Daily”, which is their local paper. There was as a delightful gentleman from the Office of Official Communication or something like this. I forget all the names… but he was a really cool guy. I never know if I am supposed to say people’s names or not…

This place was designed by French architect Paul Andreu. It’s one of a variety of internationally-designed structures in Beijing. Being a lover of wild architecture, I’m glad China has brought in so many different creative forces to work on these things… It’s always a joy to capture them the in a way that would make the architect proud.

You can probably get a sense of the sheer size of this thing by looking off into the distance on the right. It’s big enough inside to have it’s own weather system! You can kind of see some clouds and water vapor forming there in the upper reaches…

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • casusan

    Oh wow! This looks so intricate and endless – what a huge and wonderful place – I like the name too!Love those blues too! I still have ‘the remarkables’ on my desktop – those blues are heavenly too!

  • Alex

    Awesome awesome awesome ! Love all your picture! You have shown me that there is more then one way to look at things. Picture the hdr in everything ! I just finished processing my first hdr, thanks for all the help ![email protected]/5082621362/

  • Super cool, love this image and love the architecture of this building and blue colors! Were there people there or was it this empty?

  • Simon Morris

    WOW, amazing interior detail… fantastic!

  • GREAT angle!

  • Gail in Montana

    Amazing architecture in “The Egg”, wow!! Looks endless. Great place and wonderful colors. Great job capturing the building!!! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  • Right now my mouth is open and there are no words coming out….
    Have an excellent weekend Trey 🙂

  • Really awesome! This is a great shot. The color and detail (and composition) are perfect.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Great HDR, Trey! One of your finest.

  • My goodness look at the detail in the floor – this is HDR!

    Was just looking through the TV listings Trey and noticed a TV show called ‘Men Of Rock’ which is a documentary about the geological history of Scotland – it looked right up your street. Might be worth trying to catch on BBC I-player (if you can get it) or on youtube.

  • Amazing capture of this impressive architecture. Great use of curves leading lines in the composition. Well done, Trey!


  • Stunning building, and that floor is amazing. Great shot!
    I’m completely incapacitated with chronic hay fever today as a result of my HDR shoot at 12 Mile Delta yesterday, lol… Never mind, I’ll just stay inside and edit 😉

  • Thanks so much for the mention Trey! I really appreciate it so much and hope more of your readers can take part in the contest next year;-) We ended up coming in second place and are excited about our hotel vouchers. Thanks for all your help.

  • Trey, first of all, great shot. On a day when my beloved Longhorns lose their HCIW, this helps ease the sting. In a big way. Again, great shot. Thanks for reminding me of one of my favorite movies, “So I Married An Axe Murderer” with that weather system quote. Just fabulous. Great lines, great reflection, and thanks for sharing! Jim

  • What an amazing place to photograph and great shot!

  • This is really cool. Just by chance I came across a really nice exterior of the Egg today:

  • This shot looks so ethereal. Very cool 🙂

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