New Video – The Moments Between: Tokyo Dream

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New Video – The Moments Between – Tokyo Dream

I really enjoy making these short movies, and here is my latest release. My goal is to release two more movies in the next two months… I hope you enjoy them!

Wondering how they are made? I used a very affordable Casio Camera, and there is a lot more info on the “Stuck In Motion” page. The music bits here are from the great Patrick O’Hearn – go buy his stuff! The track in this video is “Northwest Passage”.

  • casusan

    Wonderful new video Trey! Everyone seems to be going somewhere….but maybe really nowhere! I loved all this – my fave – the waterfall – so cool! Good job!

  • Awesome videos! The high speed is just killer. My next major purchase will be to upgrade my DSLR to an HD DSLR. Keep up coming and I’ll keep watching!


  • Wow, and all this on the FC-100!! Nice, very nice!!

  • Simon Morris

    Excellent video Trey… like the motion of folk being slowed down and looking chilled out, just how life should be… but in reality, hmmm! Also like the accompanied music, perfect soundtrack… keep rolling them out, good stuff! 🙂

  • Very well edited – it’s something i’d love to have a crack at. At the moment I only have the generic windows movie maker. Maybe I’ve missed it but have you reviewed the editing software you use?

    Also, the names you give your photos/videos are always excellent and relevant. Are the names something you come up with before they are created or are they influenced by your work afterwards? I tend to go both ways on this one but i think that naming your work instantly makes it more appealing and gives it an individual touch…..

  • This is a really nice and flowy capture of time. There were some interesting scenes, such as the rather odd troll like dolls, and also those big high heels!

    Just curious as to how you go about searching for and selecting the music that you have used in these videos?


  • Patrick Ahles

    Really nice, Trey. The movie captures Japan really well, I think. All the school costumes, and cosplay characters, just great!

  • Ken Stead

    Very nicely done, nice flow. Interesting that the the light seemed similar in most all of the footage are maybe the editing was so well done it was glaring obviously when you cut from outside to inside shots. Have to watch again to see how you achieved this. Awesome.

  • Once again greatness! I love “The Grudge” Moment at 1:11. Too cool!

  • charles

    Very very nice. Loved it!

  • Nice video edit 🙂 love how you’ve captured Tokyo’s essense of living 🙂

  • Did you use twixtor for the speed reduction?

  • Thanks all.

    Caleb – no — did not use Twixtor… everything is explained on that page…

    Nathan – I listen to this kind of music all the time… collect it as I travel around, so I am always making mental bookmarks that I should use this music for such and such

    Andy – I don’t know about names… I have to be in the right mood to name things… if I am having trouble, then I stop trying until another time. Also – I used Final Cut Pro and iMovie — but have not reviewed those on the site! 🙂

  • Jeremy Cornwell

    Is there a reason or difference in using a camera that can create the slow-mo effect as opposed to slowing down the speed in Final Cut Pro? I’m not extremely knowledgeable in video, which is why i ask.

  • I”m never sure if I like these videos or not, cool at the lest.

  • I love the Casio. For photos it’s mediocre at best but the slow motion capability really makes up for it. I really need to do more. I was able to pick up the FC100 for dirt dirt cheap but I really haven’t use it since the summer. This has reinspired me to give it another go!

  • okay cool! you should look into the twixtor plug in, it does the same stuff for slo motion but it does it with 24 fps or 30 fps so you could shoot with the d3x and have hi res slowmo footage. check it for sure, there is some amazing twixtor footage on search twixtor

  • Another great piece of cinematology. All that slow-mo made the video feel like if was a 30min. video. TRICKY.

  • honestly, the first movie was much better to me. it almost feels like you used the best material for the first one, and now using what left to create this and upcoming movies. maybe it does not feel as good because novelty of it is gone and it didn’t show anything new or different from the first one.

  • Awesome video Trey! I really want to try this style of videography, its so different and unique. I do have a question on the technique though. I know that you need to be moving the camera 10x faster than necessary, and at times in this video it is obvious that you are moving the camera, but at others (such as the coffee drop) it doesn’t seem as if you’r moving it at all. Is this just hard to see the movement, or are you really just holding it still for these parts?

  • Thanks!

    Well … it records at 300 FPS — so there is handheld camera-shake, but you can’t see it! 🙂

  • Daniele

    I’d like to know the name of the audio track!
    Besides, I loved the video!

  • Thanks — that track is “Northwest Passage” – but if you like that – you’ll like all his music!

  • the green girl @ 1:07 blew my mind. amazing shot.

    also, the policeman at 3:47 touching the man on the ground. wow.

    thanks for the glimpses!

  • Northwest Passage is found on Patrick O’Hearn’s So Flows The Current. I did the art direction on that album. On the back of the cover is a small waterfall scanned from a photo I did years and years ago with a Nikon FM loaded with Velvia. Those were interesting times. Anyhow, Pat’s music is indeed beautiful music and a good fit for Trey’s “moments between” videos.

  • delladolittle

    Hi Trey, I got my Casio as a gift a few months ago and love it! I love your movie, of course you are the reason I wanted this camera!! I love the music too! I know you have used Vangelis before also, have you every used Ennio Morricone? They all make music that is wonderfully full of emotion and perfect for movies.

  • yes yes – I know him too -very good!

  • Andreas

    Thanks for the nice videos, pictures and website in general.

    Just came back from Japan myself and I have no idea how you ever get used to just take pictures and video wherever. Sometimes when I want to take pictures or video I just feel so in the way of everyone even if I’m not. Just have this weird feeling that it’s “wrong” somehow. I guess people are just different as in any other thing in life. Just annoying.

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