Horses Aloof

Review in Germany

There’s a nice review of the HDR Video Tutorial on a German site called Fotografr. Of course, it helps if you read German. Danke!

New Video Tomorrow!

I’ll release the next Stuck In Motion video tomorrow… get ready! Tell your friends! 🙂

Daily Photo – Horses Aloof

Speaking of the HDR Workshop, I believe I edited this photo during the London Workshop. There is a portion of time when I select a RAW photo to convert into an HDR image, and this was the one I chose. I had never processed it before, and I really like doing these live in front of people. I talk out loud so that people can hear my thought processes. Inevitably, there are problems, but this is what I like about this format. I know that photography and post-processing is basically just navigating around one problem to the next. Maybe people think I don’t have problems when I work on these… but I do! And it’s good to see, maybe, how I get around them.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • I really like the dof. Great timing on the shot also. Very nice.

  • Jeanine

    You do make it look easy. Knowing that you have problems too helps us mere mortals realize what we can achieve. Thanks for all you do!

  • casusan

    Love this one Trey – these horses in Iceland are wonderful! Super – can’t wait for the video tomorrow!

  • very cute, and love the shot timing too!

  • Lovely shot

  • Animals make such great subjects – you never know what they’re going to get up to.

    A tip for my friends here – I’ve never really got the time to go out and get shots of wild animals so most of my animal shots are taken in zoos or country parks. While this may not be as exciting as tracking down exotic beasties in the wild it can still be rewarding enough. The challenge is trying to make the scene look as close to your subject’s natural habitat as you can. Most zoos etc have great compounds for their various beasties so it is possible. All you need to do is find some interesting critters, get the right angles and try not to include anything that shouldn’t be there such as tourists, machinery etc.

    Here’s some of my efforts (the butterfly shot WAS taken in the wild but this is a rarity for me)

  • Thats a really cool shot Trey, they almost look like incredibly realistic toys. Fantstic!
    And yes the post processing is all about working around problems, haha…

  • awesome moment

  • Just stunning, I do a lot of equine photography but this is awesome. Well done.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Great moment you captured there, Trey!

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo of the horses, Trey!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Thanks all –

    Andy – yes that is a fun challenge…I try that stuff too but usually it’s so hard!

  • Was this a single exposure? If so, I am a little confused. I thought the HDR process was to take multiple exposures and merge them into a single image. How is it HDR from one shot?

  • Peter, RAW files contain light information which can be manipulated in post processing to get that extra dynamic range of detail, darkness and light. Although multiple exposures offer even more light and shadow information you can still get great results from a single HDR.

  • Hey Trey — Beautiful Shot. Is this done with multi-exposure pulled from a single RAW or an example of some brilliant masking like your Christmas tree/Family shot?

  • SoCal Mike

    I’m kinda new to HDR, been looking at your daily photos and portfolio for a little while now – very cool stuff! Is there any place I can see the pre-processed photo you used for this? This photo doesn’t look “very HDR” to me, I was wondering what the original looked like?

  • Thanks!

    Peter – Yes a single exposure… but like Andy said – you can do a single shot… see my !

    Bill – no no.. just a single RAW

    SoCalMike – sorry it is just logistically challenging… I put up 365 new photos a year, write a bunch, as well as do my best to respond to countless threads all over the site, plus the clubhouse, plus do video and other new projects… not to mention shooting… so, it’s hard for me to get all the information you request up on a daily basis.

  • SoCal Mike

    Wow, thanks for the reply, I didn’t know I would get one, especially that quickly! I guess I got lucky with the timing of my first post here. Hopefully it’s OK if I ask this here, but would anyone else have a before and after posted somewhere of a single shot HDR?

  • Trey, I do enjoy your work. What a wonderful shot! Thank you for sharing your work and expertise.

  • OOOoooooo Smoochie Smoochie! 😉

  • You have done a beautiful job of capturing Iceland. We lived there for two years when Holly was little and her dad was in the Air Force – I had forgotten how clean and beautiful it was there.
    P. S. that’s Holly Poz I’m talking about here. Thanks for the twitter updates to tell us what you are working on each day.

  • david houston

    Brilliant photo. Maybe you could explain in detail,how you HDR processed this kind of photo

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