The Steampunk Horse

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Daily Photo – The Steampunk Horse

I was in London and found this place just after my wife and I had a lovely dinner with Matt Ridley (have you seen his TED Talk on “When Ideas Have Sex”?) Visit my Best TED Talks page to see it… right there at the top! He’s a great guy and his TED speech did not mention why ideas would come together to make a steampunk horse.

We passed a gallery in a nice part of town that was totally dark and mysterious — except for this wonderful creation inside. I could not resist and had to whip out the tripod to make it happen!

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • art

    The steampunk visual code is so much in this year’s trend,
    seeing it everywhere, with a vintage look (a league of extraordinary en, sherlock holmes) or modern (Ironman)

    As of the shot, nothing to say but admire,
    and ask why did you cut/crop the lower part of the metal stand?

  • casusan

    Awesome Trey!! Love this-how intricate a fellow he is! I know you couldn’t resist this shot!

  • Tremendous – I love his back-mounted machine gun 🙂

    I too would have cropped the stand If I felt it added little to the photo. It’s one of those ones where you know what it is and what it’s going to look like so let the viewer fill that gap in with their imagination.

  • Patrick Ahles

    The artist really did put a lot of detail in this horse. Great find!

  • Trey,

    I see you’re into ‘steampunk’. If you haven’t done so already check out some of the work by the author China Mieville. He’s basically conjured up a new genre of work, which is incredible. If you like dark Sci-fi then you will love it!

    I just noticed that the hardbacks on Amazon are now going for £99 new. Says it all really!



  • A horse with machine guns! How cool is that…

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, Trey, still listening to the show, congrats on being on there. This photo is amazing, like they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!! They sure did a great job putting this horse together. And you took a wonderful photo if it. Thanks for sharing everything!!!!!

  • Thanks all!

    Matt – thanks for the steampunk suggestion!

    Art – 2 reasons.. first, I think it is cool… 2nd, in square compositions, I like to have roughly equal space for these sorts of subjects between the top and bottom of the image and the subject

  • “A horse with machine guns! How cool is that…”

    Almost as cool as a shark with lasers

  • Wowser! This shot looks amazing Trey 🙂

  • Now that is a good looking horse. Wouldn’t mind having one of them in my stable…if I had a stable.

  • F.A.

    Is that a miniature army man battle going on in the base? The horse is an amazingly complex piece! Thanks for sharing!

  • Really cool shot. I love how your HDR process really brought in the tile to compliment the tones of the horse. Bravo BTW for shooting into a reflection without catching yourself in the reflection of the mirror. I always miss that. 🙂

  • BB

    I walked past this a couple of months ago its just off picadilly i think. About 100 yards from the back off Christies Kings St. Great HDR capture though !

  • Wow! The lighting on this is incredible with the shadows and highlights. Incredible image and processing as always.–Dave

  • Simon Morris

    WOW, wonderful detail on this fella… excellent work Trey! Just noticed there’s a spotlight out in the top right hand corner 😉

  • Who else wants this in their living room?
    Facing the door to scare the living crap out of visitors, haha!

  • This is a really neat shot. I need to find some cool stuff like this to shoot.

  • Ok, So thats what a Terminator Horse looks like! Brilliant!

  • Cameron S.

    What an amazing sculpture. Great photo!

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