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Five People List – Thanks Scott!

Scott Bourne made a post yesterday called “Five People Who Made Great Impact on the Photography Industry in 2010“. He must have made mistake there on #4! But thank you very much anyway… even if that was a draft list that you accidentally published!

How to Zoom in to Maximum Size and EXIF

Two regular questions I get revolve around how to see the maximum size, and how to get all the ISO/Aperture/Shutter speed info. I don’t mind repeating the answers from time to time.

To get the maximum (or any) size, simply click on the image below (for example), and then click on the tiny “O” (For Original) at the top.

To get the EXIF photo data, click on the lightbox version (then you see this) over the photo and look for the Blue “i” that appears on the right – click that little thing!

Daily Photo – The Chinese Technopolis

How boring does the “Beijing Planning Museum” sound? Very!

How surprisingly awesome is the “Beijing Planning Museum”? Very!

The museum features a few giant city-models. And I mean GIANT! You can get a sense of the size of this thing by looking at the waist-height red rope around the outside. Not only is this a fully detailed model, but each of the buildings light up individually in a cascade, corresponding to a dreamy Chinese voiceover. The voice describes each sector of the city and what makes it unique. There is music playing in the background that I could have sworn was the same music as “Jurassic Park”, so that was a very strange addition to the scene.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • casusan

    Oh wow . awesome! It does look massive – reminds me of one of your night scenes!

  • Ahhhhh yes, Trey showed me this on his iPad over dinner at Gibbston! He was explaining the detail they went into for city planning, stunning stuff. Was hoping to see this one on the blog, brings back memories. Speaking of Gibbston, here is a cool shot of the same river I uploaded last week:

  • Simon Morris

    WOW, amazing scale and overall display size… just needs our little man to come along with his toy cars and make good use of it all 😉

  • Z


  • This kind of reminds me of the final ‘Death Star’ scenes in Star Wars:Episode IV…..

    I’m very, very impressed – the wicked side of me is thinking about how funny it would be to get one of those moving Godzilla toys, wind it up and let it loose on the city. With this in mind they may have to change the soundtrack to something a little more threatening than the (tremendous) ‘Jurassic Park’ movie score!

  • The whole museum is pretty incredible—and if you’re wondering about the Godzilla question, you can find the answer in my review of the place!

  • Wow!! such a massive city plan!

  • Marc

    Absolutely stunning!

    While I am sure that the exhibits themselves must be quite amazing, your use of HDR gives this picture (and many others) a surrealistic twist that I like very much!

    Last time I was in Beijing was 1995. How the city must have changed since!


  • Gail in Montana

    WOWEE!!!! I guess they take city planning seriously, holy cow, that is an amazing miniature of the city. Reminds me of the lego city and the extreme train scene that was built in Germany, I believe it was. Those were circulating on emails. But this sure tops those!!!! When I saw the photo on the yahoo preview screen, I thought to myself “Was Trey taking a photo from a helicoper or what” lol. I don’t read what you posted until I get to the site. Just awesone!!!!! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend 🙂

  • Looks like something out of Blade Runner or Ghost In The Shell.

  • Thanks y’all ! It was also strange that I was pretty much alone in the museum!

  • Seems Trey always gets great shots without any human bodies present. I guess everyone in Beijing seen this or really think the place is a bore. Absolutely love this shot.

  • I thought my American Flyer Train going around a track in ’55 was quite nice … with a model train station and cattle loader. This is something else …

  • Too blurry

  • That is pretty cool. How awesome would it be if they had moving trains?
    Great shot.

  • I think Thomas needs glasses… It’s 4AM in NZ, I’ve been up 14 hours and they are still clear to me, haha

  • Definitely a clear shot with no blur – if this photo was projected on to a wall at full size it would be HUGE. Even If it was blurry at that resolution then it would still be fine at the size we view it on our monitors or in books, prints etc…..

  • Lim

    I’ve been to that museum and it’s a surprisingly interesting place to visit. Apart from this model it also has a bunch of other very detailed models of historical buildings in Beijing, the Olympic stadiums, a 3D-ish display and some very cool interactive wall displays.

  • I think Scott Bourne’s list is right on target. It was a pleasure meeting both of you in Tampa earlier this year, and I crossed paths with Scott briefly at Photoshop World in Las Vegas. Very glad that both of you share your knowledge and look forward to what you do next year.

  • Great image Trey. Did you play around with any other compositions? Seems like you could have fun with creating some mock aerial photos or birds eye views and see if anyone is the wiser 🙂

  • That is freakin incredible! You are so lucky to have the opportunity to visit these places!

  • Fascinating! You should really visit Madurodam in the Netherlands! I was there as a child and I still have wonderful memories of that miniature city!

  • Cool, what a great photo. Congrats on the list. You certainly have had a big impact on my life and the way I go about doing and seeing things. For that I am forever grateful.

  • EJ

    No offense Trey, but “His book ‘A World in HDR’ is the Bible for serious HDR devotees” is a little far fetch. I’ved read a lot of HDR books and ebooks and I’m going to have to disagree that this is “the Bible” for HDR.

  • EJ – Don’t get huffy with me. I didn’t say it was the Bible. Maybe the Qu’ran… I’d be willing to go that far.

    James – yes I have a few others from the spot too!

  • I love the book, personally. Just wish people would quit borrowing it and buy their own.
    Cool shot Trey. I love the level of detail they put into this model. Pretty cool. See, here in Alabama, they do something similar for planning cities.. But it involves cardboard boxes, John Deere models and GI Joes. Okay. So maybe it’s nothing like this after all.

  • Billy J

    That looks truly amazing!

  • You will soon find this in the Neiman-Marcus Christmas catalog with trains driving around and through it as part of the Ultimate Model Railroad Set. Man would that be fun to play with!

  • Maurice

    I was there last year and nearly blurted “HDR Pano” as soon as i walked into that room. The best part was that no one cared that I took out my tripod. The large city model hanging on the wall was impressive too.

  • Tim

    My Dad just got back from Beijing. I saw this and told him to check it out. He really enjoyed it 🙂

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