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HDR From a Single RAW?

Yes! This is one of the most common questions I get. I usually shoot multiple photos (all RAW) at different exposures. However, often times I just use one of the RAWs to do the processing. It’s best in cases with a lot of movement, like today’s shot.

For specifics, it’s on page three of the HDR Tutorial here on the site.

Daily Photo – Information in Tokyo

I was navigating a complex series of catwalks through a beautiful building in downtown Tokyo. I got so busy looking around at all the amazing structures that I almost forgot to look down. Upon doing so, I saw this, or close to this… after a few minutes of walking around, I found a angle that seemed to make special poetic bits of my brain happy.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Chris

    Very cool… because it looks tilt-shift-miniature but without the blur.

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey – enjoy all your Japan shots – each one is so different!

  • Great shot today Trey, and a great building! I was there a couple of weeks ago and here’s my effort….

  • I’m coming round to the idea of using single RAW exposures for specific HDR’s – it’s just a lot easier than going overboard repairing shots in photoshop that have excessive movement damage. You might not get the full HDR effect but i recommend programs like Topaz Adjust to restore that HDR feel.

  • I’m yet to find a scene that works as a single RAW, but I’ll get there eventually! I might try and get a similar angle that Trey did for that horse with one of our alpacas… If i don’t get thrown up on, haha.

  • Great perspective and angle. I have had some success with single HDR images, but it does seem harder than multiples.

  • Gail in Montana

    Vwey cool information building!!

  • Chris

    I love looking at your work and have been slowly learning how to do this. Now All I have to do is save up money to buy Photomatrix along with a few other things you mention in your tutorial and upgrade PS and LR since I have CS3 and LR1.

  • There is something really pleasing to the eye about this shot. I always take multiple exposures but do sometimes find myself relying on just one when processing. I don’t feel it really has a detrimental effect, especially with the ability to make local enhancements with the Nik software.

  • Trey, this is wonderfull. Thanks for sharing. It’s about the angle and you solved it so perfectly…

  • Thanks everyone — this one is more simple than usual… but glad you dig it

  • Subtle yet pleasing 🙂

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  • Peter

    Hi Trey! Something else for a change. It suits the Japanese atmosphere very well.
    Recognized it immediately, by the way. Was there about 2.5 years ago. Tried out my then recently purchased Fisheye Nikkor. As you can see here: . Didn’t know zilch about HDR at the tiem, otherwise would’ve tried that too, as it is a great location.

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