Arles and Van Gogh

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Daily Photo – Arles and Van Gogh

We rented a tiny car in Montpellier and decided to spend a while randomly driving around the south of France. Regular visitors know that I’m enamored with the impressionists of the late 19th century. Even though I have yet to embark on the full tour of the homes of my favorites, I did make a point to stop in the hometown of Vincent Van Gogh for a quick look.

This is Arles, which is only a short drive from Montpellier and less than an hour from the Côte d’Azur. The streets are quaint and quiet. There are a few tourist areas, but after a few steps in a random direction, you’re back in the old streets. I needed to stay for longer for more exploration (!), but I did my best to make use of the short time I was there.

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Wow …So beautiful street picture. I love the light and the colors. The textures and lighting treatment are fantastic. Great use of tonal contrast between warm orange tones and blues. Very well seen, Trey. Congratulations for your HDR tutorial. I will review it again.

    I post a street view from my second home place, I need to desaturate some tones in this pic, but …



  • i love walking around old streets of europe. so much charm and history. gotta make that my next stop 🙂

  • casusan

    I say ‘oh wow’ too! Really this is an instant fav – the textures of the steps and walkways and buildings – make me want to live on that street! Awesome Trey!

  • Mark Herring

    Brilliant this is just how I remember lots of street scenes in the south of France look. We really enjoyed our time ther and this photo really captures the feeling.

  • Simon Morris

    Wonderful shot Trey, really like this one… you’ve got everything spot on regarding composition. I’m a stickler for angles/detail and can’t fault anything with this particular image… for example the roof tiles in the background are perfectly distanced from the shutter opposite, even down to the leading edge of the first step in the foreground and the way in which it tapers off to the right… just love the subtle glow from the bicycle, excellent! It’s also the classic composition of wondering what’s just around the corner in the distance, with just the right amount of sunlight pushing through… perfect!
    To be honest, this photo touched a wee heart string… having previously lived in France (Vosges region) the architecture brought home some great memories… New Zealand is an amazing country to live in and bring up a young family, but I (we) sure do miss Europe and it’s steeped history… that’s about all though! 😉

  • Z

    Love the warmth the picture portrays

  • This is photo is like a time-machine – brilliant! I love the bike 🙂

  • Patrick Ahles

    Great composition and beautiful tones. The sporadic use of color on the houses gives the otherwise dull street just that little bit extra! Great find.

  • Well.. too cartoonish this time, in my opinion. The use of HDR fills the narrow street with false light and space and so produces an overall flat lighting on the image, which I kinda dislike.

  • Dave

    I have to agree with Terje Myller statement.

  • Gail in Montana

    I have to agree with Patrick. Love all the colors, and the bike adds a personal touch! The flowers, the light, colorful shutters, all add a lot to the photo. Thanks for sharing, Trey!!

  • I cannot disagree with Terje and Dave more…look around Flickr and other HDR sites and you will see lots of “over processed” images(which works sometimes in my opinion).

    This is a great example of HDR without that…great picture.

  • beautiful. I love how the lighting came out, very well done.

  • I’m with Keith – HDR captures what the eye can see but what the camera cannot. Some HDR’s an Flickr would give you a headache as they are so overcooked. This one is definite eye-candy…..

  • Wow, look at those colors.

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  • This is fantastic! Looks like a painting. The bike really makes it for me. Would be great printed on canvas! Great job!

  • WOW!!! When I opened the page it took my breath away. The colors are stunning and the image draws you deep into it.

  • wow! love the tone especially!

  • Anthony

    How much cropping and perspective correction did you need to do? The verticals on this look great.

  • Incroyable!

  • Whenever I hear Arles, I don’t think about Van Gogh, but instead I remember Robert De Niro. This is where they filmed the movie “Ronin”.

    Great photo. I love the bike.

  • Absolutely gorgeous Trey! The tones of this are so nice and give it a “homey” feeling. Im impressed every day by your work. And im prayin that I get chosen for the free video lol 😀

  • Thanks very much!

    Derek – good luck to you !

    Rafael – Ronin… cool movie… good car chase scenes !

    Anthony – I set up the 14-24 straight up and down… had to crop off the bottom, but it was part of the plan.

  • That is a very lovely image Trey.

  • what a perfect picture

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