Icelandic Docks in the Afternoon

Daily Photo – Icelandic Docks in the Afternoon

I arrived in Isafjorder in the middle of one afternoon, and my schedule was all askew. I had driven all night, taking photos along the way.  I usually tried to arrive at the hotel by 11 AM or so, because that was my bedtime.  If I didn’t hit the sack each day at 11 AM and wake up at 6 PM, then it threw everything off for the next cycle!

The skies were so interesting when I arrived, I decided to spend a few extra hours visiting the docks to explore.  This is a famous fishing town in the far northwest part of Iceland, so the docks had a nice sense about them.  I was so dog-tired that I was just kinda going through the motions.  But it did keep me in that sleepy dream-state that helped everything flow easily.

After this, I went to check into another Hotel Edda.  Many of these locations are converted high-schools that are hotels in the summer months. It’s so strange sleeping in a school in the middle of the day.  I happened to arrive at each one on opening day, so I was often the only guest there.  It’s even more eerie, being in a huge school all by myself, sleeping away.

High Dynamic Range Photo
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  • Spectacular, the erosion on the distant mountains looks epic. Love the way the dock is all wonky as well, haha.

  • Wow so sharp for boats moving in water, how about a tutorial on moving objects 🙂 Great image

  • Simon Morris

    Not an easy subject to compose, but you’ve done wonders… like the way in which the jetty’s wood grain flows with the rock structure in the background, excellent!

  • casusan

    Wonderful shot Trey!

  • Simon, yes very good point… Anyone else from NZ feel like iceland is somewhat similar in some respects?

    This shot almost feels lie it’s taken at Kakanui or somewhere on the NZ coast. Possibly even Stewart Island, or maybe its just me, haha…

    Trey, I’m powering through the DVD pleanty of good little tricks I’m picking up along the way!

    Just uploaded a shot of the local river that nearly claimed my life a few years back (sucked downstream, scary as hell):

  • Gail in Montana

    Wonderful photo, Trey. Eden and Simon, you are so right. We have places here where the mountains are so similar to a lot of the photos Trey had taken. Amazing likeness all around the world. Maybe humans are not so different, either.
    Love the story about your adventure there, Trey. I can’t imagine sleeping in a school all by myself, kind of spooky, lol. Thanks for sharing another great photo and story!!!! Happy Sunday. 🙂

  • Dad’s Dad

    I agree with Gail. Way spooky sleeping in a high school during the day alone. Sort of like the “Leaping Viper Cave” in Costa Rica.

  • Great shot and processing!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Wonderful subject and beautifully processed!

  • Thanks everyone… I do like this shot quite a bit… not sure what it’s about… seems to be about a lot of things.

  • Absolutely amazing, Trey. Absolutely amazing. Sure would love an HDR workshop somewhere near New England!

  • Nobody does it better!
    Have an excellent week my friend 🙂

  • I like this one quite a bit. It just seems to set a calm mood. Great composition also.

  • John Vito

    Nice… I like the bolts!

  • Digital Lady Syd

    I think this is a very different type of image than you usually do and I really love the boats and pier. It looks like it could be any place and it is easy to put yourself in the image. Absolutely great shot!

  • Very cool – is it just me or does wood always come out well in the HDR process no matter how the rest of the photo looks?

  • @Andy, yep I think it does. HDR brings nice texture to wood surfaces.

  • Thanks very much… Digital Lady Syd – funny to hear you say that… sometimes I feel like my work is totally predictable… but I’m not objective about such things!

  • @Eden Brackstone Ive been to Iceland.. and aspects are similar.. but on the whole.. Iceland is alot different to NZ!!!.. the feel of iceland is alot more secluded than even the remote south.. and the mosses and terrain is very varied compared to NZ!.. Amazing place, wish i could have spent long here..

  • Frauke

    I see this and instantly want to be back again to Isafjordur. I wish I could spend more time in Iceland.
    Have you been to Hornstrandir? Especially Hornvik? It’s incredible there!

  • If you like mysteries and iceland, try any of the books by Arnaldur Indriason. Most excellent, especially Jar City and Hypothermia.

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