Capital Museum in Beijing

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Daily Photo – The Capital Museum in Beijing

And look – another amazing super-structure in Beijing!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I’ve had a lot of family in town and been showing them all my unpublished stuff from Beijing, including this photo.  They all remark on how impeccably modern and impressive the city has become. From what I understand, they have started bringing in more and more western architects to design innovative structures. I’m not sure who the architect here is… but it’s very well done.

See that giant red velvet wall to the right? It’s hiding a new display that’s currently being built. I’ve never seen such an elaborate “under construction” wall!

High Dynamic Range Photo

  • Spike

    The velvet wall rocks! It is pretty elaborate lol … sure beats the “under construction” walls we have in the mall.

  • I Thought the red velvet is part of the decoration of the wall..nice

  • I really like the processing of this photo – the colors are great and it gives a surreal feel to the photo

  • I like the idea of the velvet wall – everytime I go somewhere I’m looking forward to shooting (Piccadilly Circus & Times Square for example) there’s always hideous coverings for the building work which spoil the scene slightly. The Chinese seem to take a lot of pride in improving the image of the building sites in their cities which is very commendable.

    I’ve woken up to about 2 inches of snow today and will be heading out to do some HDR just before the evening sets in so i’m quite excited. I’ve heard that shooting snow in HDR is as much of a nuisance as shooting foliage but i’d like to find out for myself.

  • casusan

    Fastastic looking museum Trey – the size is giantic! Looking forward to more shots from your travels there.

  • Stunning…
    That velvet shroud reminds me of Apple. Whenever they have a visible front of an Apple Store under construction, they put a massive red shroud on the glass, with a little corner peaking out saying “Coming Soon”. Classic, haha.
    Any idea on that green structure? Looks immense, love that color also. Reminds me of Greenstone or ‘Pounamu’ as its called.

    Watching Trey’s DVD while working on one of my own HDRs while posting on this forum while commenting on this post while installing Photoshop plugins…

    Great fun!

  • Gail in Montana

    That is a neat building, Trey!!!! And the red velvet wall is such a great idea, why don’t our malls here do that? Great capture, interesting shapes, wtg. Thanks for sharing. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving at home.

  • Ray

    Actually, the museum was first planed for in 1953, opened in 1981 and redesigned with reconstruction starting in 2001. It finally re-opened in 2006. The newest version was jointedly designed by Jean-Marie Duthilleul of France and Cui Kai of China.

  • Impresive architecture. Great light and tones ! Waiting to see more, Trey …

  • Cool wall! i like the perspective here.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway, Trey! I left a comment on John P’s blog minutes ago!

    Great processing on this one, very nice colors.

  • Ken Kay

    Extraordinary travel blog! Thanks!

  • Dad’s Dad

    Trey-Can’t wait for your readers to see some of the other stuff you captured. Looks like your best work to date overall.

  • Wow .. That looks truly amazing!

  • Thanks everyone – yes a pretty wild place… I have a few more photos from different parts of this you will like as well!

  • I have to ask – did you use Lucis on this? Its the one plug-in I don’t have 🙁

  • Thanks! No — I used Topaz on this one

  • Home to extensive gardens and ruins of palaces constructed by the Qing emperors, the enchanting Summer Palace lies 20 kilometres northwest of the centre of Beijing. It is the largest imperial garden in existence in China.Forbidden City The whole Summer Palace covers an area of over 290 hectares including more than 3,000 buildings, such as halls, pavilions, towers and so on. See the spots on the west bank and back hill areas where there are some secret ruins, caves, and other fun stuff.

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