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I have so many photos from Burning Man that I am excited to post!  A lot of them are using a special style that I experimented with while there, even though the one below is one of my standard HDR jobs.

Daily Photo – Burning Man Art

I keep thinking about how much fun I had at Burning Man!

Before I went, I was really wondering…  I’m usually good at imagining what a new experience might be like by comparing it to others and intuitively filling in the gaps.  But, since I am quite open to new experiences, everything flowed very easily there and it was a good artistic shock to my system.

People spend all year creating fabulous works of art that they display on the playa.  At night, everything amps up to a whole new level…  just wandering aimlessly for hours will be stimulating to dark corners of your right brain.

This statue below, by Marco Cochrane, is called “Bliss Dance”.  It’s a 40′ structure made out of an intricate mesh of steel.  The lights around it would cycle through various color mixes every few seconds.

Even though I took many photos of this great piece, this one is my favorite. I felt like to really show the scale and relevence of the piece that I needed to include regular sized humans and the expanse of the playa at the perfect time of the evening. Usually, as you know, I don’t talk about all the elements that go into the photo… I feel like talking too much about the artistic creation of the photo takes away from it a bit… But then again, I’m just not objective about it… what do you think?


  • Love the perspective in that photo. Personally, I like to hear a little bit about what the photographer thought or felt about a photo. It gives an interesting insight to what was going on around the photo and in their head at the time they pressed the shutter. Its also interesting to see what the photographer wanted to convey and whether or not that is congruent with my own thoughts provoked by the image.

    NEK Photography Blog

  • Excellent shot and awesome piece of art. Looks like a photographic paradise, minus the dust.

  • Z


  • Burning Man, this place is defiantly on my list! I’ve head so much about it, yet know so little…
    Trey, I’ve finally processed my version of that HDR we shot at Gibbston last month:

  • Amazing how they can plonk these amazing works into the middle of the Nevada desert for the festival – i would certainly have a good time at burning man! Are there any more portraits of the crazy attendees to come Trey? The Steampunk girl is still one of my faves from here.

  • Jim

    That is a great shot… People to get it perspective and the looming mountains in the background. You put a little thought into this bad boy, I mean Girl….. Great. Here is my shot just after sunset… Milky Way from atop Arches National Park. 30 second exposure. http://www.wowphotoshdr.com/Landscapes/Southwest-Workshop/14389070_3vHci#1066366249_4HHC6

  • Gail in Montana

    Great Capture, Trey!!!! What an amazing statue, and it’s my favorite color, PURPLE, lol. Thanks so much for sharing a very beautiful scene all around!
    P.S. Where’s your Mom this morning, hope she is well!!

  • Jim, that shot of the Milky Way is quite stunning! I must read up on the tricks used for this type of photography, its something I’m dead keen to peruse!

  • casusan

    Love this shot there Trey – the name is perfect too – wow! She is big!

  • Gail in Montana

    Ah, there you are, Susan, my dear friend. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love, Gail

  • I like to here the photographers perspective. I enjoy hearing how the shot was setup and why.
    Great photo!

  • Thanks all!

    Andy – yes I have a lot more burning man stuff coming up soon! 🙂

  • Roger

    It’s not very often I scroll down and say oh wow out loud. I also thought it would be a while before I replaced the Chinese fisherman as my wallpaper. This is the one. Thanks, Trey great capture and I enjoy hearing a bit about how you took the picture.

  • wyseur

    amazing, keep them coming! 🙂

  • Great shot. This is on my list of events to go with a camera… Hopefully next year!

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  • Great work, and great information on how you set up the shot, thanks.

  • Audrey

    Hi there – I’ve been following your blog for a few years now, but hadn’t checked back in a few months. As I’ve been to Burning Man for 5 years now, I’m so excited to see that you went, had a great time, and brought your unique art there – and back again – to share with everyone.

  • Hey thanks so much Audrey !

  • I can’t believe I just “discovered” you! I not only feel connected to your images but also to your words. When I read your articles and posts I feel I could be having a conversation with you right then, sometimes I actually do. I think the elements of this photo are perfect and some shots do not need, but deserve a few words. Genius!

  • Just Brilliant ! First the beauty of the place and then your perfection in capturing it in explainable words.

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