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Daily Photo – The Gentle Oxbow

Do perfect little places like this really exist?


But they are a little hard to find… They’re not in guidebooks or written about on [most] travel photography websites. In fact, they’re all over the place. This was taken in an area of southern Iceland, on the road not too far from Hvolsvollur and Vik. If you just turn off the main road and meander down a few dirt paths, places like this are everywhere.

One of the most unusual places about this, which is missing from the photograph, are the bird sounds. They were extremely unusual, high-pitched, and made small siren-sounds when diving to and fro. The strange-nature sounds made me feel even more like I was on some strange Star Trek away mission.

HDR Photo

  • Wow!!! So beautiful!!

  • casusan

    Yes Trey! Sooo beautiful – and pristine – know you could have spent hours here!

  • Wow, this is really awesome. Love the light on the rolling hills and the reflections on the water. One thing that I would have liked to have seen (I know it is never easy or usually very practical) would be a human element, to show scale. A person, maybe yourself hiking, or even better would be someone canoeing! Probably not very many canoes available in Iceland. lol Great capture of the light.

  • What a great find a very peaceful image.

  • Great photo! What a beautiful place…

  • Gail in Montana

    I agree with all the above comments, peaceful, beautiful, rolling hills, reflections, stunning photo. It’s on my desktop now!!! Thanks for sharing, Trey!! Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone.

  • Fantastic, this reminds me of an application I use called Terragen. When you generate a terrain using random settings, after rendering you can quite often end up with something like this… The reason it is so similar to me is the lack of larger plant life (Terragen only handles the mapping of terrain, not additional content), I guess a lot of iceland is quite like this. Quite a surreal place I imagine… If it were a few thousand degrees warmer at that latitude I’d love to go swimming there 😉

  • Lovely simple scene. And you’re right… photos like that are EVERYWHERE. You just have to go off the beaten path and find them. Personally I think that is more fun to do anyway 🙂

    NEK Photography Blog

  • Marc

    Even if those birds were obviously not albatros(ses?), Pink Floyd’s Echoes came immediately to my mind when reading your comment.

    Great photo by the way, beautiful light!


  • I love the light and the reflection. Beautiful!

  • Thanks!

    Jen – and thanks of the link — I like it when people link in the comments ! 🙂

    Marc – they were very very tiny birds… I had trouble even seeing them… was wondering for a while if they were rods !

  • This is just incredible Trey!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Super realistic HDR, Trey! It is HDR, isn’t it?

  • Beautiful! One of those places … that you just want to TAKE IN … Just stay a bit … Perhaps a bit more … Love your work.

    “If you just turn off the main road and meander down a few dirt paths, places like this are everywhere”. Do you have guides that kind of know where to stop … me I would never be so lucky … no matter how many dirt paths I meandered on.

  • Andrea Boyle

    What a gorgeous shot! Your photos from there have convinced me that I need to be planning a trip there someday.

  • I love that water, so still, so perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  • Linda Castellani

    My apologies if this has already been mentioned, but I was wondering, Trey, if you have submitted any of your images to the National Geographic Photo Contest:

  • I wonder how its look like from the google map…sure its like eye..

  • Simon Morris

    Wonderful shot, especially like the textures and colours, and as for the reflections… WOW 🙂
    Picking up on Richard’s comments… is it a case of networking once arriving at your destination, or do ‘Team SIC’ provide you with these ‘hidden’ details/areas?

  • Jim

    That almost looks like it is a 3D rendered game map… so cool. Here is mother natures 3D rendering.

  • Thanks every one ! 🙂

    Linda, no I did not enter…

  • Stunning mood and light, Trey. This seems always a place from another world !

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