Horse in Window

Daily Photo – Horse in Window

I can never decide if I enjoy naming photos or not!

I think I enjoy it when I come up with a good name, and I don’t like when I come up with a boring name. Let’s take this one for example: “Horse in Window.” I mean, how uncreative can I be? What’s wrong with me?

When I am editing photos, and the muse visits, I am like a man possessed. I can rip through a bunch of photos and make some nice little creations. But then I click “Save As…”, and I just blank out on a name. I think the creative part of my brain for making photos is different than the part for naming things.

I do enjoy writing, and I often find that the words flow easily. This bit of me seems disconnected from the photo-editing bit, though.

There is a small slice of solace, I think, in considering the names of some of the great paintings from my impressionist heroes. They have names like “Girl in Field” and “Sun on Water.” Not too exciting, but they do stand the test of time. But “Horse in Window”? I think not!

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    I like this shot Trey – and the name is not bad either – I think someone said once ‘it is what it is’!

  • It’s not the name…it’s the image that counts Trey! Nice composition – I’ve recently been experimenting with composing shots through windows – if you find the right view then most of the hard work is done for you!

  • Hi Trey,
    sorry if i said the wrong thing the other day,but if one does not know one, things that are said can create an impression of something different. Anyway the pics name is good only I see horses not horse but it will do. There is a saying by a Leigh Hunt,there are two worlds; the world that we can measure with line and rule, and the world that we feel with our hearts and imaginations. So a name given to any thing aways has some meaning to the person giving it. I have an old saying which i still use today;If I don’t see you through the week I’ll see you through the window. Enjoying your work and learning.
    Cheers from this old feller from down under.

  • Amazing creativity!! The effect of making i look like tiles put togther is very ineresting. 1th time I saw someone do this type of photo.

  • Looking at this picture as at 2D instead of 3D image (such as it would be a picture or puzzle that hangs on the wall) makes me think that this window is the mosaic consist from tiles. :)Maybe the name should be not about the horse but about the window?

  • The name sucks, but the humor that goes along with it is what counts! Hd you titled the post “Horse in Window” and left it at that, people would have been thinking “WTF?” – But the fact that you went over the imperfections of such a bland name, and then posted it anyway is fantastic, hahah…

  • Nice framing and selective focus on the horses adds to the effect. Quite different to your normal photos but a really good shot none the less.

  • Almost looks like the cross hairs are aimed at the horse : / I have a friend who makes music, and he just seems to have this amazing ability to think of really solid and clever names that just work for the music. Combination’s of words that I would never even think of putting together! Alas, your photos make up for it.

  • Gail in Montana

    Hey, Trey, you just needed to add at Yellowstone, that’s all. This would make a wonderful jigsaw puzzle!! I can just picture me putting together the pieces 😉 ! What’s in a name, anyway. Look at Whisler’s Mother, Monalisa(spelling ?) and some great art works. They don’t have fancy names. I love this photo of the horse with the other horses in the back taken through a window!!! Thanks for sharing. I think we have all covered the naming part pretty well, lol. Have a great Sunday!!

  • Matt

    If it wasn’t titled “Horse in Window”, I would have assumed it was a fancy coaster set.

  • marc in calgary

    “Lunch Time for Appaloosa”

  • Thanks everyone… glad you aren’t so concerned with the names of things! I think it would look cool on the wall… if you could make the tiles and the borders kind of “fuzzy” or bokeh… and have a sharp inside. It would be an interesting effect!

  • Sometimes a capture through a window not only provides a nice framing device, but it also transports the viewer to that special place as if you are really there.

  • Fiona Murphy

    As the old saying goes, “A fine perfume does not announce itself but rather waits to be discovered.” It’s the substance, not the name, that counts. ; )

  • Errr how about “horses outside window”. There I feel much better now.

  • Gorgeous picture! How do you set the camera so that the window frame is not underexposed and the outside (horse) is not over exposed?

  • Interesting shot. It seams that foreground should have better focus, but at the same time it works nicely this way too. While visiting Minneapolis I tried to frame very different subject, thorugh an ‘art’ frame

  • Equine view ?? LOL Sometimes you just need to go with the obvious!

  • How about picture window?

  • How about “Horse Pane” or “Help! I’m trapped in the barn”…?

  • Andrea Boyle

    Close to what I would have named it (“Appy thru window”). I think we’e all on the same page…!

  • Has this horse been in a previous photo or am i making things up? Another fine shot!

  • I kind of like the title “Horse in a Window!” Great shot. I think your photo is very self-explanatory.

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