Natalia on the Farm

Daily Photo – Natalia on the Farm

After getting back from one of those long hikes in Patagonia, I stayed with my Russian friends at a small hotel in El Chalten. It was a little family-run operation and the daughter Natalia helped out by running errands and these sorts of things. I took her around with me to take some photos in the little town, and she was happy to pose! It was plenty easy to find all kinds of interesting backgrounds, since El Chalten is a picturesque little town with old buildings, horses in fields, and mountainous backdrops.

HDR Photo

  • Hi Trey – would have loved it more, if her face/eyes was more sharp. Did u intend to have the glow with the processing ?!!!

  • I agree with Sathya, this one is a little soft compared with some of your other great portraits….nice composition though!

  • casusan

    Ahh yes I remember Natalia-would be interested to know what she’s doing since your original post – gosh you are on your way back to Austin and already thinking about Argentina? 🙂

  • Avaviel

    Sathya and Nick: It seems the focus was slight off the face, and on the right side of the parka. Heh, low fstop I’m assuming!

  • Simon Morris

    Hmmm, I’m going to sit on the fence with this one 😉 However, what are the 3 tiny dots to the left of Natalia’s hood?

  • Sharp or not, she is pretty darn hot. But of course she is Russian.

  • Gail in Montana

    Natalia lived in Patagonia, right. She helped with the family run small hotel. Anyway, it is a nice photo of her, and nice of her to pose. Safe travels, Trey, have a wonderful weekend!!

  • Interesting shot.

  • I love the glow this photo has!

  • Thanks for feedback — sorry for slow response… travel day. Yes the edge of the backlit fur is what caught the little focus square! But at smaller rez, the whole face is more or less in focus.

  • pelao

    Avaviel is rigth !

  • I think adding a bit of contrast to her would do the trick. Vinyette on her some would also help.
    Great capture.

  • Ray

    What? You can’t manually focus? An out of focus subject is an out of focus subject no matter what size it is.

  • Ray – she was walking at full speed — this wasn’t like a proper setup in a controlled situation where you can do things like manual focus.

  • Lennyd

    Is she tall enough to be a model ? If so a modeling agency in NYC should be looking for her. She wouldn’t have to spend her life on a farm. Didn’t this cross your mind Trey ?

  • Softly, softly catchee monkey.
    I like it!

  • Paris

    What I see here is an out of focus portrait with a weird background, are we sure that HDR works on that kind of shots?

  • This is sharp enough for me not to reject it at a glance – If I took this I’d be happy with it – another fine portrait. And yes she is Hot!

  • Natalia is gorgeous.

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