Balloons at Disney

Daily Photo – Balloons at Disney

I’ve been trying to capture a shot of balloons at Disney forever… it took a while before I found something with which I was happy!

Do you know these balloons cost $10?  TEN DOLLARS!  A ten dollar balloon…  but they do light up.  So that’s kinda cool.  What isn’t cool is that you have to buy one for every single kid in your retinue.

One other cool thing (kinda secret) is that if it ever goes flat or pops, you can bring it back to get a free one.  Technically, you could even bring it back the next year and still get a new one.  This might go against the spirit of the deal, but it is a ten dollar balloon for the love of Disney-god.

HDR Photo

  • 10 bucks! No wonder my folks never took me to DisneyWorld when I was a kid…

  • casusan

    Cool balloons Trey – wow! Ten dollars seems like alot alright – but like that commercial says – what would you pay for the memory? ‘Priceless’!

  • Hahah… That is a little steep, but on the plus side they are unique…

  • Great shot! And thanks for the balloon replacement tip.

  • That’s balloon extorsion! So my guess this is a Single RAW Pseudo HDR? Again like the horse photo from earlier in the week, this is a great example of blurriness being our friend. On a side note i liked your use of the word ‘retinue’ – takes me back to my Warhammer 40,000 days! 🙂

  • Love the DOF on this shot Trey, the colours and reflections are awesome, However! 10 Dollars for a single Balloon is not….

  • Gail in Montana

    LOL, Trey, I guess if folks can afford to go to Disney World, they can pay $10 for at least one balloon. With that guarantee, I guess you can’t go wrong. But I think one would be my limit and the kids would have to share, do kids do that nowadays, ha. I like your story, you make up to best words!!! Nice capture of the Disney balloons. Thanks for sharing!!!! Where in this big old world are you now, ;-). Where ever, stay safe!!!

  • Gail in Montana

    P.S. If you ever want to buy me one as I’m a kid at heart, I’ll take a purple one, hehehe

  • Richard (oldhickory)

    Love the color and sheen on those balloons. Really cool!

  • The reflections of Main street in the balloons is cool. I really like the way you composed the shot.

  • You probably know there’s a story behind everything. The man who held the balloon concession at Disney parks – Jess Rubio – recently passed away. He was an artists who was primarily responsible for the caricatures since 1962. He trained the artists himself, since he wanted a consistent product.,0,2984847.story

  • jim

    This is an incredible image, the only thing that I can’t get past is the camera tilt. It just doesn’t work for me. With as dark as the background is, it seems you could easily do some masking to straighten the background up so the image is more pleasing to the sub conscious.

  • Darrin

    I have to agree with Jim, the angle of the castle is a bit disconcerting.


    not earth shattering or anything beautiful but regardless, i quite liked these balloons. not to purchase, just for a looksie.


  • Now you wouldn’t want to be a bad parent and deprive your child of a balloon while at Disney, would you? Bad, bad parent…

    Yup. Using a little of the ol’ guilt trip psychology to get a parent to pony up on the accessories. Ah, the American way.

    Love the shot, great composition and color capture.

  • Nice shot Trey. Wondering if you have any specifics on the setting for this one. I am still working on my skills in low light. Thanks.

  • Thanks!

    Jose – you can always go through to the smugmug then click info to see all the exif !

  • S.K.

    No doubt that $10 for a balloon is steep, but on my recent trip to Disney, wish I had waiting until darkness hit to realize that there were balloons that lit up. I ended up buying one of these very same balloons, for my 2 y/o daughter, during the day, no lights, and still had to pay the $10! However, the balloon was very durable, stayed well inflated during our entire week across all the parks, and at the airport, untied the knot to deflate and kept it as a souvenir. Heck, no way I was throwing it away! 😉

    By the way, Trey, happened upon your site while searching for HDR inspiration…you’re work is simply remarkable!

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