Bright Morning, Stone Hut, Grass Roof

Go Visit Tim Wilson!

When I was in Queenstown, I popped into an art gallery… I do this all the time, of course… And I’m usually kinda “ho-hum” about it… wondering, “Why does THIS GUY have a gallery?” That sounds horribly elitist, yes? Yes, it does… but I think many of us do this, yes? Yes, we do.

Anyway, I did NOT have those thoughts when I saw Tim Wilson’s gallery! This guy is great! You have to go visit his website at No doubt, you’ll see what I mean. After I was staring into his paintings for a while, it turned out he was right behind me, lurking, watching me enjoy his work! We ended up having a few chats over several days… what a cool guy. I’m always happy when I meet an artist who is as cool as I imagine he might be!

Tim has lived in New Zealand his whole life, and only recently moved down to Queenstown… It’s all about the light and the landscapes down there… maybe I’m starting to sound like a broken record about this, yes?

And if you make it to Queenstown, be sure to come into his gallery to see these things in person. No doubt you’ll be impressed with his website… and everything looks even more amazing in person.

Daily Photo – Bright Morning, Stone Hut, Grass Roof

It’s so hard for me to imagine how these Icelanders used to sleep in these stone huts in the olden days. I don’t care how many stones you put into the walls, I don’t see how it can possibly keep out that Icelandic wind! Those must have been some tough people back in the day. The grass roof is always a nice touch, but I can’t imagine that’s helps a lot either.

This was taken around 2 in the morning, just as the sun was starting to rise off the horizon again. I found this place by happy accident. About 3 hours earlier, I took a gamble and drove up a random dirt road that spiraled up a mountain. I was doing my best to follow the sun by navigating around the topology, as best I could remember it. I had spent the last week or so driving around, up, down, and through mountains, so I was getting to know the area pretty well. I finally felt good enough to begin instinctively navigating around the landscape.

HDR Photo

  • Z

    2am? Sunrise happens that early in NZ? Whoa.
    Gorgeously warm

  • Z

    Oh nvm. Read the Iceland part later.

  • casusan

    What a beautiful sunrise! Or am not sure as it’s 2am? Anyway beautiful Trey as always! You always follow the sun!

  • Those skies are tremendous – great work! I live in a stone house built in the 1900’s and there’s always a permanent coolness in them which is great in the summer but NOT in the winter. Those Icelandic dudes are indeed tougher than $2 steaks!

  • Simon Morris

    Nice dreamy shot… I like those rays of light in the foreground 🙂

  • Patrick Ahles

    Those golden tones really are amazing. Beautiful shot of a beautiful place!

  • Thanks!

    hehe… yes this is in Iceland – not NZ…. I don’t think the solstice sun comes up that early at 45 degrees. My bet is around 5:45 AM? I think that part of Iceland was at about 66 or 67 degrees north…

  • Love this shot, yes Tim Wilson’s gallery is indeed awesome!

  • Cruzing

    Hi Trey,

    What can I say Tim’s work is amazing and beautiful.

    As Tim Wilson is one of New Zealand’s (if not the worlds) leading landscape artists and you are one of the worlds leading landscape photographers have you thought about doing a collaborate?

    I also admire your love and passion of the arts, not many artist would use their brand and platform (web site) to market other artist. Next time I’m in Queenstown I’ll defiantly popped into his art gallery.


  • Ed

    Trey, that’s a beautiful image, the hut looks so haunting in the early morning light.
    Regards Tim Wilson you are very generous with your exposure of other artists and sometimes you find a real gem, like Tim. his work did indeed impress me, a lot, on his website – especially the video of him composing a painting. I can’t imagine what it’s like in person. Thanks again.

  • Gail in Montana

    Thanks for sharing the link to Tim Wilson’s site, just beautiful. Love the photo of the Bright Morning, Stone Hut, Grass Roof in Iceland!!! Thanks for sharing all of the above, all are beautiful!!!!! Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone. God bless. 🙂

  • Richard (oldhickory)

    Wow… I’d say that’s getting away from it all. Beautiful!

  • Up to 30 layers of paint goes into his paintings. This always amazes me, how they can look at emtpy white canvas and start applying different layers, building it up to the final painting, all along knowing where they want to be. I stick with photography. In CS5, usually not going more than 3-4 layers, ;-).

  • Wow…thanks for sharing the Tim Wilson site. Breathtaking paintings. Looked as if you could step into them.

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Tim Wilson’s paintings are AMAZING!! Wow such talent and no formal art training – thanks for sending us there!

  • Lisa

    Palmy boy doing great work!

  • Bruce

    Tim Wilson’s paintings are fabulous! Your photo is nice too!

  • Thank you everyone… yeah.. when I see a good painter like Tim… I feel like such a hack !

  • Simon Morris

    Thanks for the link to Tim Wilson’s site… incredible, don’t think I’ve ever seen such intricate detail on a painting and the way he portrays light is amazing. The guy is a genius and a complete natural… will definitely call in at his gallery when we next visit Queenstown 🙂

  • wow tim is ridonkulous

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