New Video – On Eden’s Farm

New Video – On Eden’s Farm

I had a wonderful evening with Eden Brackstone, even though he uses a Canon. I can overlook these trifle matters, but I do not forget them lightly.

We were in Gibbston, New Zealand, about 20 minutes from Queenstown. After a wonderful dinner with his delightful family, I popped out onto his farm to shoot some HDR. He started recording video on his aforementioned Canon-thing, and put together the little dealio below. Enjoy!

Daily Photo – The Pond and the Sunset Stormclouds

Here is the final photo that was taken just before we started recording the video above.

Nikon 28-300 Review

  • casusan

    Awesome video Trey! My fav one of yours ever! Tell Eden he did a super job! His place looks so lovely! All these shots of NZ are beautiful – love them! ps to Andy – we’re glad you’re back from NY – missed you here on the site!

  • Wow this is truly beautiful Trey! So you got any extra room in that house over there? lol.

  • Deepak

    Really nice video there Trey. Thanks for sharing it. The place looks really beautiful. No wonder you are thinking of moving to NZ. πŸ™‚

    A quick question here. Is that a Gitzo tripod? I am planning to upgrade my tripod to a bit more stable one for landscape photography. Any suggestions on a decent one? I understand it can go crazy in the $$ range. Not planning to spend huge amount. Thanks

  • Z

    I cannot put the beauty you captured into words.

  • Ohhh… ahhh. Some pretty fancy pants video productions values you have going on now. Really enjoyed the video. I first thought you had saturated the blues in this photo too much, but after hearing your explanation of sunsets in NZ, I now know you were spot on this whole time. Please forgive me!

  • Dan

    This is an absolutely stunning image – Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the video as well πŸ™‚

  • Trevor Driscoll

    Wow this one is truly breath taking. You continue to brighten my day good work!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Stunning picture! So much detail.

  • Thanks Susan it’s good to be back – the trip was tremendous but very draining. I’ll put a link to my NYC pics up soon.

    Trey – if HDR ever makes it into the dictionary, this photo should be next to the entry.

  • Thanks for all the kind comments guys, and a special thanks to Trey for spending that time with us! Having a final catch up with him tomorrow morning before he leaves town, its been an absolute joy getting to know Trey and his family πŸ™‚

    To anyone else traversing the South Island, flick me a tweet @EdenBrackstone and I’d be happy to catch up with you.
    Putting up some HDRs we took tonight shortly (click my name, its linked to my Flickr).

    If Trey gives me permission, I might print that and display it next to the real thing!

  • It’s also worth noting that Trey was very kind and signed my Camera before he left for the night, how cool is that? πŸ˜€
    (Pic’s on Flickr)

  • nice reflection….its looks like two different world..

  • Trey this is simply breath taking! I love the way you effortlessly compose these shots. The use of the reflective pond water to create symmetry in the frame really strikes me.

  • Simon Morris

    Absolutely stunning, great effort guys! Can’t quite believe the master is leaving town tomorrow… where has the time gone? Safe onward journey guys… enjoy!
    Eden… we’re visiting Queenstown this autumn with a view to capturing those gorgeous colours in and around Wanaka… I’ll flick you a tweet nearer the time, it’ll be great to meet up with you!

  • Jason, you mentioned the refections and that reminded me… Here is a shot I took years ago of the same location, but looking backwards towards the house. It was a rare day where the pond was dead flat, take a look its pretty cool:

  • Jim

    Trey, what a wide range of colors and tones….. that is the Trey I know. One of your best in a few days. Listen, I just wanted to thank you for pointing out Smugmug to us. They are amazing folks and provide a great venue. Moving all my stuff over there. Check this one out.

  • Very cool, Trey. Another video treat! New Zealand right now sounds nice.

  • Beautiful image! Love the sky and reflection. Are those sheep in the distance? Here are a few HDR images, let me know what you think.

  • Gail in Montana

    Congratulations, Eden, on a job well done. The video is wonderful. I went to Utube and found I already had an account, lol. Anyway, I finally found this video and saved it in my favorites(first one), and subscribed so I get notified of all of Eden’s videos. Looking forward to seeing more.
    Trey, great video of you and Eden’s beautiful farm!!!! The photo is just stunning and is now on my desktop. I replaced the photo of my brother’s beautiful church in Sweden(but I have that saved in My Pictures and can get it back any time)!! If you want to view his Sweden photos, just click on my profile and then my friends list, my brother is Timothy David Stayton. He’s a Swedish Lutheran Priest and goes to beautiful churches in his parish. Plus he has photos of their first snowfall, yikes. It’s only been in the mountains in our valley. Sorry for the long post. So much to explain, lol, and probably boring. I shared the video from Utube on facebook so, hopefully, Trey and Eden will get some more fans. Guess that’s enough for now ;-). Have a wonderful week and weekend, all πŸ™‚ .

  • Would absolutely _love_ to know you put together the animated travel path at the start of the video — many travel bloggers out there would love such a thing.

  • Great vid Trey, but your speech at google is still the BEST! BTW, I am finished with the translation so share it again ([email protected]) , i hope it will be okay now. Take care!

  • Dan Henderson

    Hi Trey, another amazing shot. Have you found that moving the focus point selection is a reliable position of phi? If my cross eyed counting was right you had moved up and left one from centre? (for that particular shot) Would be an excellent cheat for Nikon users if you’ve found it works!! (I’d *also* love to know how you did the animated travel path at the start of the video- that was awesome!)

  • this picture is mind blowing! My first words were oh my god lol
    I believe your photography has moved to the next level hah

  • Lovely shot! Was it on a hillside? The horizon in the photo seems to make me want to lean to the left.

    NEK Photography Blog

  • Really amazing as usual. I really enjoy the videos. If a picture is worth 1000 words than video worth much more!

    I really can’t wait to get down to NZ. It’s on my list after Thailand, Japan and Australia.

  • Thanks guys… Just came back from Breakfast with Trey. He’s heading back up north to Christchurch and then back to the US. Again it’s been an absolute joy, cant wait till he moves here for real. Just to clarify, it’s my parents farm, not ‘mine’, hahah…

    Simon – Sure thing mate, look forward to hearing from you πŸ™‚

    Gail – Thanks, for the feedback!

    Keith – Those are Alpacas, I’m actually amazed they stood still for the whole shot, lol…

    Craig – That travel animation is a feature of iMovie, comes on every Mac πŸ˜‰

    Save travels Trey, until we meet again…

    All the best!

  • Ash

    Amazing photo, and also really loved the video, very informative – Question regarding the video, what software is used to create the spinning globe with all the locations you visited? Thanks.

  • What a beautiful scene, great shot! Thanks for sharing how you took this image, that’s what makes this blog so great! Thanks Trey!

  • Ash, iMovie has this as one of the title screens… Works well with Trey’s website theme doesn’t it? πŸ™‚

  • Thanks all! I’ll try to do more videos…

    Deepak – That is a Really Right Stuff tripod & head !!!

  • Ash

    @Eden: “Works well with Trey’s website theme doesn’t it?”

    works perfect, same color scheme… well done!

  • Kerry

    Hey all Kerry here in NZ…. Eden’s Mum and owner of the farm pond and alpacas in Treys shot- regular watcher of amazing sunsets in our pond- thank you all for lovely comments. Yes the colors and views are really this amazing. For anyone with plans to travel we have a farm stay accommodation ( Bed and Breakfast) unit on or farm amongst the vineyards and mountains, get in touch! I also run a print and design company and print on canvas, photographic media ect. We have a webite loading soon. Thanks Trey we hope to see you back in NZ soon πŸ™‚

  • Wow play, Camera enthusiast “in training,” and mac geek. Sound just like me! haha.

    Except that I shoot with Sony. *gasp*

  • Trey, this shot is amazing! This would be a fantastic print, however, the chromatic aberration in the top left and right corners of the mountains kind of drew my attention. Hope you just processed this one quickly b/c your work is amazing!

  • I will definitely go to New Zealand in the very near future. Love the movie and the globe showing all the locations. What was used to create this? Thanks!

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  • Having lived in NZ many years it brings tears to my eyes to see images of the place that got under my skin like no other. Thanks

  • ExTexan

    “…even though he uses a Canon. I can overlook these trifle matters, but I do not forget them lightly.” Now you are starting to piss me off Trey! Why this juvenile comment? The hardware is just a tool; the artist is what makes the photo.

  • Hey Trey… I see you also get a bit of fringing at certain edges. I’m curious if you cover how to take care of HDR-tifact fringing in any of your tutorials or publications? Thanks!

  • John Richardson

    Awesome video, I caught this while WoW was down for 4.0.3.a. Your final shot is awe inspiring!!

    The Rusty Fist
    Khagdar Alliance

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