The Lake in Queenstown

Daily Photo – The Lake in Queenstown

We are having a wonderful time in Queenstown and the surrounding area. We just can’t find a place with a bad view! Thanks again for all the suggestions and info on the various neighborhoods that people have suggested via email, twitter, and the blog comments!

Gordon from Camera Labs, who lives here, made a good point that living in Queenstown is a bit like living inside of a national park. There are beautiful national parks around the world, but you can’t actually live inside of them… so this is really a remarkable place. Even better, the main mountain range here is called “The Remarkables”!

HDR Photo

  • looks like it’s still cloudy there, same as a couple of months ago when i visited. my best pictures are from queenstown so i shouldn’t complain. good job trey ๐Ÿ™‚

  • casusan

    Sooo gorgeous – that teal color in the water and the mountains – and your clouds are awesome! Looks like a beautiful place to live!

  • Simon Morris

    It truly is a great place to live… really looking forward to our visit there in autumn, a must for capturing the stunning colours, especially in Wanaka ๐Ÿ™‚
    As always, a great shot Trey… with surrounding scenery like Queentown’s (and similar for that matter) I always find it a real challenge when working with subject matter and composition. In every direction you have these huge vistas with stunning scenery to match… deciding on ‘the’ shot is always fun, all part of the game I guess ๐Ÿ™‚
    Keep those photos rolling!

  • I must admit it’s quite surreal seeing my backyard on an international blog. Reminds me just how lucky I am to live in this region… If the lake were flat in this shot, you would probably see a boat towing a water-skier in the distance, and that would be us!

  • If you get a chance, go sky dive over The Remarkables. It’s a beautiful sight (the best way to see them) and might still be some snow at the top to view on the way down. And yes, Queenstown is a fantastic place to be.

  • Amazing photograph.
    I have been following you blog now for about a month and loving it. I have chosen to use your HDR techniques for my photography work for my final year at school. I have uploaded some of the work on flickr, tell me what you think[email protected]/5142131631/lightbox/
    Thanks again for the awesome photos !!!

  • James, if I may make a friendly suggestion?
    Don’t underestimate the difference 5 minutes in Photoshop makes. I know when I first started this HDR stuff, I thought the effort was not worth the result. But looking back, I wish I had put that 10% more in, it really brings out the best. Especially noiseware, that plugin is priceless.

  • Thanks for the suggestions

  • Gail in Montana

    OK, now I have another new desktop photo on my laptop, lol. Trey, you keep putting on such pretty photos, I love them. This definately looks like the place where you would live. I would love to live there if I didn’t already live in this beautiful valley. But that’s up to you and your family. I can just picture you all in a lovely log home resting near the lake, gorgeous!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  • Shakira

    It’s amazing! You always find spectacular clouds to “decorate” your photographs.. Don’t you take photos when there’s not a single cloud in the sky??

  • Hey Tray,
    Just a quick note…

    Last Friday, after months of deliberation (I lost my job in Feb, and had to wait until I found another Job to Justify the expense) I broke down and finally bough your book “A World In HDR”…

    I started reading it last night while listening to some ambient music and it was something that I can only compare with what people say happens when you listen to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of The Moon” while under the influence, if you know what I mean! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Your words and your images spoke to me in a way that no other author has ever done before and forever I’ll be thankful and in your debt…

    Your newest fan.

  • Michael

    Hey Trey,
    I’ve been looking at taking a trip to NZ for some time and I was wondering if you could perhaps share some tips you’ve learned for navigating the country since you’ve traveled there a number of times (cheapest flights, rental cars vs buses/trains, must-see places and places to avoid, etc).

  • Thanks all!

    Michael – I get those requests a lot – sorry it just takes too long to do a recommended trip route for every country I visit — sure you understand…. I have over 20K unread messages…ppl always ask for customized responses – I just don’t have the time… apologies

  • Great shot. I really like the contrast of the sun hitting the lake.

  • Hi Trey…sounds like you are having a great time in NZ. Hoping you have good luck in finding a home there that is big enough for all your fans to come visit!

    Take care and safe travels.

  • This is a stunning photo!!

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