New Prints!

New Landscape Prints Available!

Since I’ve been busy lately, out in “content-collection-mode” in this 80-day around the world trip, I haven’t been giving regular updates on this topic. But, recently, we’ve had two great landscapes become available.

These are all Limited Edition — each one is numbered and unique. Our printing partner at Really Big Canvas does the paper and canvas versions. If you are looking for something very high-end, we have special prints on high white gloss aluminum in a different series. More about those on the Prints page.

The first print here is called “The Edge of Chile”, and it was taken at the very southern tip of Argentina. This peak, called Fitz Roy, is famous in the mountain-climbing community as one of the most dangerous and remote peaks in the world. After many days of hiking to get here, I believe it! Also, this place is covered in clouds 90% of the time, so this required a bit of patience.

The second is from Glacier National Park and is one of my biggest panoramas ever. It is comprised of 90 different photos. Really Big Canvas can make gigantic prints that are of walk-up detail quality.

HDR Photo

HDR Photo

  • The pano has always been one of my favorites. Absolutely phenomenal!

  • casusan

    me too – the pano is outstanding – but Argentina looks super great too – hopefully we will order one for our office! Have fun in NZ!

  • Z

    Absolutely breathtaking. The dark colors of the first and the vivid of the second are equally appealing.

  • Thank you very much!

    I’ve been meaning to get a HUGE print of that pano…. like 10 feet across or something… I’m just not sure where I would put something so long.

  • WOW… That panorama is stunning. I’d love to know the method used, I have tried splicing photos in the past with little success. Perhaps an idea for your next eBook/Tutorial? Haha.

  • Chris Deller

    Fantastic panorama Trey, stunning reflections with the stones disappearing into the deep waters.

    The Edge of Chile is very “Ansel Adams”. . . . and as compliments go thats a big one!!

  • ha ha, you win Trey! I grumbled yesterday and asked you to blow us away with todays shot and you’ve done that….twice! The panorama really is one of your all time best. Thanks….and sorry for being so harsh yesterday but I know you value honest opinions!
    I also agree with Eden and would be interested in a pano ebook/tutorial – I’ve taken a few on my current round the world trip but always run into problems with the processing. Do you use photoshop for the stitching?

  • love the lake view…:)

  • Simon Morris

    Stunning shot of Glacier National Park… the foreground detail of the stones is excellent and overall composition perfect!

  • Wow! I really love the pano. How much time did it take to stitch 90 photographs? Was well worth the effort obviousely. I love that you can see the rocks in the shallow water of the foreground and still see the reflection. Amazing! Let me know what you think of this HDR.

  • Trey, I’ve just recently found your site and I absolutely love it! Your photography is amazing and inspiring. With 3 trips scheduled overseas in the first half of 2011, my mind is going crazy thinking of all the really awesome images just waiting for me! Maybe just maybe, if you have space in 2012, you might be interested in doing a short program for your local Austin PPA chapter!! I’m booking all talent for that year and I’m keeping you on my radar!! Keep up the awesome work!

  • Shakira

    Absolutely STUNNING!! Love the pano.
    Totally agree with Eden’s idea. I would like to know how these are made too..

  • Gail in Montana

    Very beautiful photo of Glacier Park!!! If I were rich, I buy a huge copy, have it framed and put on one whole wall, lol. But if wishes were fishes, I say that a lot 😉 . I think everyone agrees that one is the prettiest. Thanks for making them available, Trey!!! Hope you are doing well. Busy week for me, so I haven’t been able to post much. But life has a way of going on for all of us. We manage to get it all done somehow. Take care and be safe out there!!

  • grs


    Can you reveal who you use for your aluminum prints? Can ordinary amateur photographers use this service? Is it expensive?

  • Trey,

    It’s probably just me but I don’t quite understand what I’m looking at with the Fitz Roy image. The sky appears mottled — almost like there is a giant rock wall behind the peaks. Between that and the coloration, I’m not sure what I’m looking at. It is a very interesting image. Can you provide some context?

  • Linda Castellani

    What to do with a huge photo? When I had a 12-foot print made of a photo of the cockpit of a 747, I papered a wall with it.

  • Thanks all!

    t.linn – I am using a special texturing technique that I sometimes utilize… there is a texture tutorial here on the website (but that one is not free)

    grs – sure thing – I use Image Wizards for metal prints – they are very good!

    Valerie – thx for the invite -just send a note to business at and we can see if there is room

    Nick & Eden – I used PTGui for the pano. I don’t know if I am enough of an expert at this yet to write an ebook… I’ve only done a few panos and feel like I’m still learning. I’ve done about 20 and thrown 18 of them away for poor quality!

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