Santa Monica Boulevard

Daily Photo – Santa Monica Boulevard

You know those images we all have of Los Angeles, California?  Pretty roads, lined with palm trees, people on roller skates, and convertibles driving by without a care in the world?  Well that is only about 1% of Los Angeles.  The rest, sadly is not terribly exciting.

But, why not go ahead and take photos of the top 1%?  Yes, that’s what we do as photographers.  So, this is one of those pretty bits, right near the beach in Santa Monica, one of the prettier areas of Los Angeles.

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    Beautiful Trey – three’s company?? Have fun moving around in NZ! Where’s Andy Bird?

  • Hi Trey , Very true, The amazing shots from great photographers like u would definitely create a very different perception of the places u shoot 🙂

    p.s: here is one of mine of that of Santa Monica

  • Nice shot. I wouldn’t have minded a couple babes in short jean shorts and roller skates going by though.:P

  • Z

    Beautiful. I love coming here.

  • Wow!! Amazing. Wish i could be relaxing on that beach right now.

  • Hey Trey,
    Next time you are in Los Angeles, ring me up. I can show you the remaining 99% and you’ll see how it is very exciting. You just have to know where to look. That’s where us locals come in.

  • Thanks all! Matthew – yes I need to work on that for sure…

    and where is that wily Andy Bird?

  • What a Combo!!! Great!

  • It really has a Three’s Company good-times kinda vibe. I can see Jack Tripper falling off his bike now. Ahh, takes me back to my childhood 🙂

  • Nice shot, it’s funny how we end up seeking that 1% of the world that is photo-worthy… Mind you I live in an area that is (in my opinion) 99% perfect most of the time:[email protected]/5142160591/

  • I live in the midwest…no mountains or beaches. Therefore it seems like more work to get beautiful shots. On the other hand, we get all four seasons. So, I can take shots of the same place four times a year, with different effect. Let me know what you think I really enjoy this forum, thanks Trey!

  • nice beach view in well process HDR photography

  • Johnny

    For taking shots directly in the sun like this one, is it best to have more exposure shots? What is a good amount for taking shots directly in the sun?

  • Hey Trey, at what point did you upgrade to the D3X from the D70 (i believe this is what you started with) and what were the determining factors?

  • Simon Morris

    Nice shot Trey… especially like the cloud detail and subtle rays of light peeping from behind that cloud, excellent!
    Eden… couldn’t agree more, Queenstown is stunning and is on the calendar for visiting this autumn 🙂

  • Gail in Montana

    Beautiful photo, Trey. Thanks for sharing!!

  • ty

    trey – you are such a world traveler! japan, new zealand, now los angeles. what a great life!! good for you!

  • You know, the last time I was here I was talking about your last photo you took near this location. Just braggin’ and braggin’ about how Trey Ratcliff is amazing. 😉 But no really, thats pretty much how it went down.

  • Thelonious Gonzo


    you are so gifted my man.
    I don’t think most people even realize how difficult it is to capture so much date and make it all come out so crisp like this. At first blush some of your stuff seems normal. But the more you really look at the detail the more you realize how hard it is to get all this detail. You are amazing my friend. It’s a true testament to how gifted you are that even this shot made me stop and drop praise on you. I don’t comment as much as I used to, but I am always truly in awe and humbled by your work.


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  • LA is not a beautiful city. I often drive through town wondering why I’m still living here. It’s crowded, ugly and everyone and their mom is trying to do the same thing I am. However, for every negative aspect there usually is something amazing too. It’s easy to find that top 1% of great photo opportunities. The key is using the other 99% and trying to shoot something that hasn’t been shot 10 times already.

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