Horse in Field


Do you enjoy taking photos while making use of compression?  It’s sort of a geeky photography technique that involves zoom levels beyond what the eye can do on its own.  These end up having a bit of an “interesting” look, just because these view cones are impossible to the naked eye.  Personally, I don’t do a lot of it because my wide-angle lens is usually on… but I do enjoy the look.

I have this photo included in the full Nikon 200-400 Review.

Daily Photo – Horse in Field

In the afternoon, the horses at the ranch where I was staying are let out of the corral to graze in the meadow.  The sun gets low, and just before sunset, everything is lit with a very strong light at a low level of incidence.

  • beautiful greens… nice horse photo, Trey. Love the light on the horse.

  • casusan

    Beautiful strong horse Trey – I am sure it was lovely there in the evenings. ps-the giants won!!

  • speaking of the giants, their rookie catcher Buster Posey really reminds me of you. you guys do look alike!

  • Is this a HDR?? btw great shot, love the skintone of the horse

  • Simon Morris

    WOW… spot on focusing, sharp as sharp with excellent DOF… what’s the aperture value?
    How’s the house hunting going Trey? You’ve had glorious weather since arriving in Queenstown… much the same over here in Christchurch 🙂

  • Thanks!

    Arup – no HDR on this one…

    Simon – you can always check the ap yourself (can’t remember) by clicking through then clicking the “I” for info on smugmug

  • Simon Morris

    That’s some shot Trey… 1/2000, f/4, ISO 800 @ 330mm, excellent 🙂

  • Jim Payne

    Sorry but I’m confused. I’m not seeing it. Beautiful shot, but the image I’m seeing looks more like mid-day not sunset. What am I missing?

  • Great Shot! I have to agree with Simon, the focus is awesome.

  • Gail in Montana

    Love this photo, Trey. I always wanted a horse, so I’ll settle for a photo of this one, beautiful animal!!! And I agree with Simon, too!!! Thanks for sharing. How’s the house hunting in New Zealand going??

  • Barbara

    I am intrigued by your phrase: strong llghtat low level of incidence. Can you explain that? I love your work it is joyful.

  • My favored style. I don’t know if I’d call it geeky though…

    That light right before sunset is the best time of day! Is “strong light at a low level of incidence” the same thing all us other mortal photographers have called always called “sweet light”?

  • Great frame and DOF control ! Congratulations , Trey ! And thank you, I have the signed copy of your HDR book. It has just arrived this evening.

  • anonymous

    Before anyone takes this the wrong way, I’m a huge fan, but this photo is simply not up to Trey’s standards. It’s just a photo of a horse eating grass. The background is really boring, and the colors are just kind of drab. If I were Trey I would want to hear the good feedback along with the bad, and this photo is just not interesting – let’s face it, the reason we all come to this website daily is to see an incredible HDR photo and the story behind it. Perhaps Trey is playing a trick on everyone to see what kind of comments a totally uninteresting photo will generate.

  • Simon Morris

    I completely disagree anonymous (funny that)… just one of the reasons why I log onto Trey’s “Stuck in Customs” website is to admire his varying talent for taking photos, let it HDR or other. Let’s face it, the photo of the horse is of the horse itself… we’re not interested with the field that it’s grazing in, I’m just impressed with the photo quality when taken from 330mm focal length… have a go yourself, think you’ll appreciate how difficult it is to come up with the quality of Trey’s photo… I’ll get off my soap box now, thank you kindly 🙂

  • Simon Morris

    Jennifer, the info on ‘Geometry of sun angle’ makes good reading…

  • anonymous you are missing the point of the shot. It demonstrates the shallow depth of field that the 300-400mm lens has. The blurring background is what you want. We want the eye to see the subject, the horse, not the background. This lens allows you to separate your subject from just about everything else in the frame. I happen to like Trey’s horse images! Thanks Trey!

  • Thanks all… active discussion around horse-in-focus !!! hehe…

    Gail – it’s going very well!!

    Barbara – Hmmm… well… if you think about the earth as a ball of gas… or even a sphere or glass… the angle at which the sun hits the glass changes the way the light bounces around inside. If it hits at a direct, 90 degree, orthogonal angle, the light is clean and pure… otherwise, it scatters into new formations… the same way light goes crazy through water when it hits at strange angles.

    Jim – This was just before the sun got low enough to change colors… it was intense around 5:45 or so… definitely not the middle of the day.

  • Salah


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