The Amazing Airport

China Interview Part 2

Here is Part 1 of the video interview that is continued below!

Daily Photo – The Amazing Airport

I went in and out of this airport in Beijing a few times. Some might argue a few too many times. That some might be me.

It’s an absolutely beautiful airport. It was so amazing in size and scope that I could not figure out what part to present to you first! But we’ll start with this one, at the entrance to the international terminal. This is near the dropoff area for the international departures. It’s the bit where you roll in your bags and try to figure out where the heck to find the counter for Air Sheep.

By the way, I took a ton of photos all over the Beijing airport.  No one ever gave me any grief for using my tripod.  As you might expect, HDR in this place is an absolute blast — and not having to worry about getting in trouble for using a tripod is even better!

HDR Photo

  • casusan

    This is a ‘wow’ airport alright – looks so massive! Awesome interview too Trey – I like text and the video!

  • Great photo. How you manage to get people to hdr photo without ghosting? Did you have very fast shutter speeds so that even bracketing mode did not do any ghosting?

  • You so lucky can use tripod at airport, at my place Malaysia at KLIA airport, sometimes the security won’t let you to use tripod. There will ask you so many question like we a terrorist… 🙁

  • Looks more like a warehouse to me than an airport….

    Hey Trey, if I may, I have some followup questions for your videos. I re-watched pt 1 before watching the one above so I have questions from both. Only three, but I did number them.. Dunno, I like to be neat ^^

    1) Since you never “properly” learned photography, how do you teach? I’m not lucky enough to have gone to any of your talks or workshops, and I haven’t yet bought your hdr video (sorry. a bit out of my price range right now) so I’m curious. You said you developed your own methods as you taught yourself photography, so do you teach these persona methods or do you try to teach more traditional photographic techniques?
    2) I’m curious what style you prefer these days. Most of the stuff you post here has been getting more and more “realistic” rather than the typical more surreal image that most of the web associates with HDR. Is this intentional for the site? That is, do you still process some things in a more unreal way? Personally, I do find myself doing more and more realistic ones for my site, as well, but occasionally one comes along that makes me want to give it some of the more over-tonemapped look (such as, for example, the bib on the monk statue photo I posted today).
    3)You are involved in Nik in some way? Given your reaction to that question, I guess more of just an adviser? In that case, are you using the efex HDR Pro more than Photomatix these days? I’m trying out the demo, but so far I can’t really say I like it very much. (tho part of that is it seems to be too much for my system and slows everything to a crawl)
    Thanks! And I’ll cast my vote that I enjoyed these video interviews. Well, it’s easier to reference text and easier to read… I can just instapaper it. But your personality jumps off more this way, so it’s nice.

  • Simon Morris

    Nice video interview Trey, please keep uploading that format 🙂
    Good angle shot of the airport in Beijing… I like the area of ‘arrivals’ with folk waiting against the barriers in a snake like shape.
    Airports don’t you just luv ’em… my favourite would have to be Changi International in Singapore… incredibly clean, fantastic layout and super helpful staff everywhere you go! In fact going to the toilet is quite an experience at Changi… they even have staff to hand dry… wait for it 😉 the wash basin after you’ve used one, amazing!

  • Thanks all!

    Simon – I will – thx for comments

    David — regarding your follow-up questions… 1) I don’t teach in a traditional way at all. I do know how to teach, and as long as I know what I’m talking about, I can communicate it. Usually, smaller sessions are best… some people learn visually, others by following examples, others via challenges. But… since I know how to teach, it doesn’t matter really, I think, that I came to photography without being taught. In fact, I think it is probably best, because you hear stuff from me you won’t hear from anyone else. 2) I still have a good mix of extreme and subtle-hdr. Hang around and some more heavy ones are coming! 3) No – not really involved with Nik. They are an advertiser and flew me out to check out their new tool before it was released to get some feedback and whatnot. I’m friends with the Nik crew — they are good people.

  • Very cool shot of the airport in Beijing! I enjoyed your videos Part I and Part II answering questions. A lot more fun than just reading them, plus it was fun to watch what was going on in the background, I noticed a lot of mopeds being driven around, a lot like I saw in Southern Japan. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow! That is a big airport. I find it fun to do both extreme and realistic HDR. It depends on the image. I look forward to seeing the next “extreme” image Trey.

  • I was on that very ramp a few weeks ago. The place is enormous and this is not all of it. The gate terminal seemed just as big. When you comprehend the number of people in China it starts to make sense why it is so large.

  • Paul

    The absolute best photographic blog… thank you for your photos and daily inspiration!!!!

  • Dam… “Temple of Heaven” sounds soooooooo… freaking cool!!! I’m jealous.

  • Wonderful picture. I love the architecture of the airports and this is a great composition using the lines and geometry. I have 3 galleries of airports in my photostream and these links are 2 examples : (Madrid T4) (Málaga T3)

  • laura

    This photo is exquisite! I adore the fact that you make my eyes wonder but in a bold fashion if that makes sense. It almost expanded my mind while analyzing this photo. Well done sir!

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  • Tina

    Can’t wait to see the Temple of Heaven pictures. Hopefully you will post that soon!

  • Just great!

  • Juste great!

  • Jeff Egan

    Thank you for the video interview. It appears that you were probably recording the session from a laptop cam. Can you share what type of computer equipment you travel with and what tools you used to prepare your video interview fir recording and publication?

  • I’ve never been, but this looks verrrry similar to the Hong Kong Airport. Which is bigger/more impressive?

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